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 Welcome to OWA!

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Keelan Callihan


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PostSubject: Welcome to OWA!    4/30/2018, 9:35 pm

Welcome, and thank you for registering for our efed! We appreciate you coming in and checking us out and we hope that you will signup and join the fun! This thread here is a guide to hopefully help you out with some major details about our forums, our site, our weekly show, promos, etc. so that you can feel more at ease about everything. But first, here is a little bit about our fed:

Omega Wrestling Alliance is a federation created by three individuals who had the idea of bringing in a unique and different type of style to the efedding world. These three individuals started on very different paths in their journey through this crazy world known as efedding but over several years they all eventually met and became close friends. After some time, the small idea they had to begin an efed soon became a reality. They wanted the fed to be more about the community instead of just themselves. After spending some time bringing in a couple of other individuals to assist in this creation and building the forums that you are visiting today, OWA has grown to have over 65+ registered members in just under two months time. With the intent of putting on the BEST possible shows every single week and giving back to the community, these three individuals want to try their best to make everybody as happy as possible while at the same time giving everybody the competitive promoing atmosphere that makes us the talented writers that we all aspire to be. 

Listed below is our board and what their roles are just so you are aware. This will make things easier so you know who to contact if you have a specific query:
CASPIAN - Founder/GFX Team/General assistance.
Keelan Callihan - Founder/Head writer for the Goddess division.
Scott Oasis - Founder/Head writer for Kingdom.
CM Nas - Head writer for Olympus. 
Tarah Nova - Head of the GFX Team/Website Manager.
Finnegan Wakefield - Head of our wikia/General assistance.

Now, with all that out of the way, below are some important details to assist you with what to do, where to go and how you can have the best possible experience here in Omega Wrestling Alliance! 

This is more commonly known around the efedding world as roleplaying. Much like any other efed, if you are booked to compete in a match you are inclined to promo for it. OWA features a very unique promoing system. There is a promo limit of two promos for our weekly shows and three for our major events. If everybody involved in a match would like to extend or shorten the promo limit due to personal circumstances or preference, then these individuals have two days at the start of a new promo week to confirm with a member of the writing team the agreed upon limit for the match. If not, it will remain the default standard limit. Linked above is where you can post promos. All you have to do after you've signed up is hit, "Add Reply" and then write away! When you're finished, post that bad boy and it will be displayed! 

This one is a very, very important point. Our website features a FAQ, a list of our entire roster, a news center and most importantly it is where our weekly shows are posted. Upon clicking through to our site, you are free to browse the site and read our weekly shows and our major events! The site gets updated weekly as our shows get posted. Alternatively, you may go to our website at the top of our forums on the navbar where it reads, "WEBSITE".

Our fed has its own Discord server! We encourage every single member signed up to our fed to join our Discord server and chat around with everybody! It is the absolute EASIEST way to keep up to date with what's going on in OWA. In our server, we present our major events and supershows LIVE in the chat! It's an incredible atmosphere with our community and a very amazing experience to be apart of. It often gets everybody on the edges of their seats during matches and segments so we do encourage you greatly to join in on the fun! Our Discord server is also the easiest way to get a hold of a member of the board as well. If you are interested in joining it, please PM one of the admins of the site and we'll give you a link right away! 

As a little bit of extra fun for our community, Alphas and Goddesses are allowed to freely use the OWA Feed to post in character. The OWA Feed is a social outlet where people can talk about their day, an upcoming match, a current feud they may be in, or would just like to start some feed beef with somebody just because. All of this is IN CHARACTER too so please remember that! 

These points are probably the most important things to mention in this guide but if you happen to have any other questions about anything at all, please feel free to contact an administrator in a PM message on the forums or hit one of us up in our Discord server! We'll be happy to help! We hope we can give you the best experience in OWA as possible! Thank you for reading, and good luck in your journey to becoming a great in Omega Wrestling Alliance!

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Welcome to OWA!
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