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 Classic Movies I've Never Seen

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PostSubject: Classic Movies I've Never Seen   5/9/2018, 11:45 pm

So, instead of actually doing what we're SUPPOSED to do here (Promo) because of HORRIBLE writer's block (because I'm bad at it), I've decided to waste time and do this topic. Pretty much, list classic movies that you're supposed to have seen, but you never have. 

I've never seen Rocky. Any of them. Which is weird, cos my dad was a boxer when he was younger and shit, and he fuckin' LOVES Rocky. 

Never seen Rambo. I kinda don't have to at this point; I get the idea. 

Never really seen most Stallone movies, really...

Never seen Shawshank Redemption. THAT one is weird even to me, cos it's ALWAYS on and it's always playing SOMEWHERE, but I've just...never seen it. Do I really NEED to, though? Is it THAT good? At this point, I don't give a shit about how amazing performances are; I'm burnt out on that shit. I just watch to veg out and not think about work. So, like, Thor Ragnarok is my FAVORITE movie of the last five years. 

You know what's supposed to be amazing, but fuck me if I've ever seen it? Exorcist. Like, WHEN is a good FUCKIN time for me to put on the GOD DAMN Exorcist? That'd be like "I have twenty minutes before the baby wakes up, and I'm gonna watch a young girl projectile vomit (oh, I've seen THAT fuckin part) and I THINK masturbate with a crucifix? OH GOOD!"

And most recently, Avatar. I couldn't have given a shit then, couldn't give a shit now, but APPARENTLY, I just HAVE TO SEE IT! Oh, well is it good on DVD? Cos my TV isn't that big. Oh NO, you HAVE to see it on the BIG SCREEN! AND IN 3D. WELL I CAN'T FUCKIN DO THAT NOW, CAN I, MONICA?!? I'M KINDA STUCK WITH A DUSTY PS4 AND A FUCKIN HAND-ME-DOWN TV FROM MY SISTER. SO FUCK AVATAR. 

So, what're you needing to watch?
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PostSubject: Re: Classic Movies I've Never Seen   5/10/2018, 12:02 am

Avatar is great, I'd highly recommend getting the DVD.

Shawshank is fantastic, and the Exorcist is solid.
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PostSubject: Re: Classic Movies I've Never Seen   5/10/2018, 12:22 am

Name any movie and I've likely never seen it. I've always been addicted and obsessed with wrestling, rarely watch anything else honestly.
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PostSubject: Re: Classic Movies I've Never Seen   

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Classic Movies I've Never Seen
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