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 What's the hardest L you've ever taken?

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PostSubject: Re: What's the hardest L you've ever taken?   6/24/2018, 2:38 pm

My credit score was tarnished by my mother using my identity to put thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt in my name...but that was easily fixed.  She also said she'd "file my taxes" for me so I gave her money I earned to do so.  Turns out she just used it for her own private rendezvous and I got charged with an M1 for failure to file city taxes.
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TyAnna Jupiter


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PostSubject: Re: What's the hardest L you've ever taken?   6/24/2018, 8:03 pm

Something I just remembered. In middle school I lived about a block away from this one girl who was one of the most popular girls in our class because everyone wanted to bang her, or whatever middle schoolers do with girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.? I dunno, I never had any of that in middle school. Point is she was popular and pretty attractive from the perspective of a middle school aged boy.

In middle school I was just kinda the weird kid who was sometimes funny but also talked about pro wrestling a lot and was growing a beard at 12 so I didn't have any type of experience in the world of finessin cuz I just assumed girls weren't into me. I learned later most of them had some interest in me but just didn't know how to approach me cuz I was a fucking weirdo. However one girl was shooting her shot, and it was the popular girl who lived a block away from me. I would always walk/run around my neighborhood (I still do because I like being outside) and any time I would walk by her house or even down her street she would try to flag me down and get me to talk to her. Problem was, despite being a hormonal teenage boy I was also a bit of an edge-lord in middle school so I was all like "Ew, she's popular. I'm not gonna pay attention to her. I'm gonna go watch wrestling and listen to The Cure and David Bowie!" 

Now in hindsight I look back on that and get mad at the fact that had I stopped being an edge-lord for five minutes maybe I would have realized "Oh shit, maybe there's more to life than sitting in your room all day playing SvR 2008 and pretending you're cooler than everyone else for not being mainstream." Instead I didn't realize that until high school long after I already moved out of that neighborhood and she moved out of the district. 

But I didn't realize it before pretty much the same thing happened AGAIN in my freshman/sophomore year of high school, with another girl that was into me who was actually really quiet but her best friend was kinda with the in crowd so my same elitist attitude fucked me over in that situation too. Then around end of my sophomore year I finally broke that mindset, but she had already moved a few cities over so it was too late. I have her on facebook now and she Glo'd the fuck up so I'm just reminded of that L every time I see her pop up on my feed. 

So there you go. Two L's in one.
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PostSubject: Re: What's the hardest L you've ever taken?   6/26/2018, 6:02 am

Sitting on my ass wondering why I'm hungry, go look for food, only find a jug of milk and a can of fruit. The kicker is when there were no cups for milk, and no can opener, so after hours of being hungry, I try to pry the can open with a knife, only to end up stabbing myself in the most painful, yet the least dangerous stab wound of my life.
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PostSubject: Re: What's the hardest L you've ever taken?   

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What's the hardest L you've ever taken?
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