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 Moongoose McQueen

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PostSubject: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 1:13 am

Wrestling Name: Moongoose McQueen
Real Name: Moongoose Michael McQueen
Picture Base: Tetsuya Naito
Current Nicknames: The Disaster Artist, Big Boss, Shiroyasha, King of the Night Time World
Height: 6’, 0’’
Weight: 236 lbs
Hometown:  Austin, TX

(‘L's Theme' Composed by Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi plays as the arena goes dark and haze fill the ramp way. Moongoose McQueen steps out in an oni mask and struts to the ring. Moongoose raises one fist in the air as he makes his way down the ramp, almost as if already celebrating a victory)

Ring Announcer: And making his way to the ring, from Austin, TX, weighing in at 236lbs.... He is the Disaster Artist...... Moongoose McQueeeeeeeen!!

Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options:
Pure Babyface | Face | Anti-Hero | Tweener | Cowardly Heel | Ruthless Heel | Monster Heel 
Gimmick: Explain your gimmick here.
A return to the original form of Moongoose McQueen.

Theme Music: ‘L's Theme' Composed by Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi
What are your character’s motivations for competing?
Activity for the whole family.

Tendency to Cheat: Choose from these options:
 Always | Often | Sometimes | Rarely | Never | If Needed 
Wrestling Debut [Optional]:  2008
Favorite Match Types : Iron-Man Match
Least Favorite Match Types : Over the Top Rope matches
Favorite Weapon: Kendo Stick

In-Ring Achievements:
- 1x AWL World Heavyweight Champion
- ‘2012 AWL Ascension’ Winner
- 1x AWL Tag Team Champion
- 1x AWL Wild Card Champion
- 1x DRW World Champion
- 1x EAW New Breed Champion
- 1x EAW Interwire Champion
Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Rolling Wheel Kick
2. Neckbreaker (Rope Hung Variation
3. Dead-lift German Suplex
4. Flying Forearm Smash
5. Somersault Senton
6. Swinging leg hook Samoan drop
7. Tornado DDT
8. Dragon Suplex
9. Missile Dropkick
10. Super Hurricanranra 
11. Reverse Frankensteiner
12. Running Dropkick to the corner, leg sweep into a slingshot corner dropkick
13. Enziguri 
14. Indian Deathlock
15. Spinning Toe-Hold
Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. ‘Oni Giri’ (Running Knee to the Face)
2. ‘El Thor’ (Half nelson lifted and dropped into a bridging Olympic slam / Whale Hunt)
3. ‘Dyna-MITE’ (Steep Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex drop on head)
4. ‘Blackout’ (Lifting hammerlock cradle hold dropped into a sitout side powerslam)
5. ‘Lion's Song’ (Springboard Moonsault)
Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. ‘Sanzen Sekai’ (Somersault reverse DDT)
2. ‘Tatsu Maki' (Corkscrew moonsault)
3. ‘último Rito’ (Inverted Cloverleaf, sometimes with a body scissors)

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Keelan Callihan

Keelan Callihan

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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 1:22 am

If this isn't the greatest signup of all time I don't know what is.

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Keelan Callihan

Keelan Callihan

Posts : 321
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Age : 21
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 1:23 am

You have been sorted to the KINGDOM brand! Your head writer will be Scott Oasis so feel free to contact him if you have any questions or concerns. Your promo deadlines will be Saturday 11:59pm EST (if you are booked for a match). Be sure to promo regularly and most of all, have fun!

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Scott Oasis

Scott Oasis

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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 1:27 am

This is the greatest sign up of all time.
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Gareth Cason

Gareth Cason

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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 8:04 am

Welcome to OWA dude!
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Senza Fàccia

Senza Fàccia

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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 8:07 am

Welcome !
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Tarah Nova

Tarah Nova

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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/3/2018, 7:06 pm


"You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry...hell you're all gonna be doing that!""
-- Negan
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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   7/4/2018, 5:55 pm

Welcome to OWA, friend!

1x Pokemon Champ (Beat Azumi)
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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   11/23/2018, 10:00 pm

New look, new attitude, new profile
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Azumi Goto

Azumi Goto

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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   11/24/2018, 1:49 am


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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   11/24/2018, 2:06 am

get out, weeb!
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PostSubject: Re: Moongoose McQueen   

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Moongoose McQueen
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