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 OWA Senior Superlatives.

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Aria Jaxon


Posts : 275
Join date : 2018-03-26
Age : 23
Location : Best Coast.

PostSubject: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/11/2018, 4:31 pm

Basically those things you saw in the yearbook when you were younger. Pick a guy and a girl for each category. Have fun!

Class Clown
Most Likely to Succeed
Best Dressed
Most Athletic
Most Popular
Most Talkative
Life of the Party
Most Dramatic
Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality/Friendliest
Most School Company Spirit
Most Likely to Survive The Hunger Games
Most Likely to Fight Aliens...and WIN
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Posts : 199
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Age : 18
Location : Chiraq, Baghdaddy

PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/11/2018, 4:49 pm

Class Clown - Stark

Most Likely To Succeed - Finn (fuckin try hard)

Best Dressed - Kenny

Most Athletic - Oasis

Most Popular - Nas

Most Talkative - Tbroom

Life of the party - why the glorious Aria Jaxon <3

Most Dramatic - Chase Vedder (Gronk Wrestlefucked him into retirement)

Mr. Congeniality - Gareth 
Mrs. Congeniality - Tarah

Most likely to Survive The Hunger Games - Sav (won the original)

Most likely to fight Aliens.... And Win - Caspian (to be aliens, it helps to already be an illegal alien)
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Posts : 446
Join date : 2018-03-27
Age : 33
Location : God’s Land

PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/11/2018, 5:00 pm

Class Clown - Stark and Savannah
Most Likely to Succeed - Nate Cage and Azumi
Best Dressed - Rev (handsome ass mofo) and Tarah
Most Athletic - Oasis and Aria
Most Popular - Finn and Tarah
Most Talkative - Moongoose (and we LOVE you for it!) and Savannah
Life Of The Party - Nate Cage and Aria
Most Dramatic - Me and Savannah
Mr. Congeniality - Gareth
Mrs. Congeniality - Tarah or Aria will have to fight for this.
Most Likely To Survive The Hunger Games - Nate Cage (obvs) and Tarah (cos Tarah gets GNAR)
Most Likely to Fight The Aliens...and Win - Nate Cage has already tracked their movements, infiltrated their TerraHQ, planted explosives, and had a burger. He’s just waiting for his chips, then he’ll push the button.
...and Sav. Cos she backs down from NO ONE.
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Posts : 266
Join date : 2018-04-20
Age : 23
Location : London, England

PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/11/2018, 7:06 pm

Class Clown - Oasis
Most Likely to Succeed - Monolith
Best Dressed - Kenny Drake (those fur coats tho)
Most Athletic -  Heart & Seoul!
Most Talkative - Stark and Kenny when weed is brought up
Life of the Party - Rae
Most Dramatic - Vernon Tressler the fucking pussy
Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality/Friendliest - Mr. is a tie between Kenny and Gareth, Mrs. is Sav
Most School Company Spirit - Finn fucking bleeds OWA
Most Likely to Survive The Hunger Games - Come on, it's me (ignore the actual OWA Hunger Games plz)
Most Likely to Fight Aliens...and WIN - Rev because he hates aliens
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Christopher Sabertooth


Posts : 99
Join date : 2018-04-26
Age : 22
Location : Aberdeen, Washington

PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/11/2018, 7:33 pm

Class Clown: Stark and Oasis. Cheeky cunts

Most Likely to Succeed: Aria and Finn.

Best Dressed: Man like Kenny Drake. Or Rev

Most Athletic: Oasis. 

Most Popular: Scotty Adams because who doesn't love Scotty.

Most Talkative: Probably, Nate Cage.

Life of the Party: Tina

Most Dramatic: Chet Kensington... LEARN TO COUNT FASTER.

Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality/Friendliest: Kenny, Sav and Scotty

Most  Company Spirit:  Probably Finn

Most Likely to Survive The Hunger Games: Nate Cage. Mans got guns.

Most Likely to Fight Aliens...and WIN: Scotty Adams because he'll wreck them in promo battles. Also, Nate Cage because he gots some guns.
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Dustin Duke


Posts : 25
Join date : 2018-06-19

PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/12/2018, 3:57 pm

Most likely to bust nuts: Axl Willow.
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CM Nas


Posts : 192
Join date : 2018-03-27
Age : 22
Location : Godly Realm

PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   7/22/2018, 12:49 am

Class Clown - Stark and HENDRIX
Most Likely to Succeed - Finn and Roxy
Best Dressed - Caspian and Mia
Most Athletic - Oasis and Diantha
Most Popular - Scotty and Azumi
Most Talkative - Moongoose and Megan
Life of the Party - Nas (Totally not vain at all for saying this) and Aria
Most Dramatic - Senn and Savannah
Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality/Friendliest - Kenny and Tarah
Most School Company Spirit - Keelan and Jessica
Most Likely to Survive The Hunger Games - Nobi (H) and Dulce
Most Likely to Fight Aliens...and WIN - Miltiades and TyAnna

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PostSubject: Re: OWA Senior Superlatives.   

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OWA Senior Superlatives.
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