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 Jeff X - Contract

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Jeff X

Jeff X

Posts : 85
Join date : 2018-07-22
Age : 29
Location : Havelock, North Carolina

PostSubject: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 6:45 am


Wrestling Name:  Jeff X

Picture Base: Randy Orton

Current Nicknames:  N/A

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 237 lbs

Hometown: Askin, North Carolina


Disposition/Alignment: Anti-hero

Gimmick: Southern Redneck/Biker type character with temper issues and a drinking problem


Theme Music: “Kick It In The Sticks” by Brantley Gilbert

Entrance: “Kick It In The Sticks” by Brantley Gilbert starts blaring over the PA system and the audience erupts in a chorus of cheers.  Jeff X appears on the stage and he spends a moment smiling at the reception the crowd's given him.  He makes his way down to ring with a purpose and slides in under the bottom rope.  He goes to each turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air crossed over each other to make an ‘X’ symbol, saluting the fans who cheer him even more loudly.  He removes his hat and biker's cut and tosses them aside awaiting the ringing of the bell.


What are your character’s motivations for competing?  As a lifelong wrestling fan, it’s been Jeff X’s dream to be World Champion his entire life.  A desire to constantly prove himself to everyone and a sheer love of violence keep him going in this business.

Tendency to Cheat: Sometimes


Wrestling Debut:  2003

Favorite Match Types:  Street Fight/No DQ and Over The Top Rope Battle Royales

Least Favorite Match Types:  N/A

Favorite Weapon: Pool Stick and Beer Bottles

OWA Weekly Award History:
Rising Star of the Week - Week XII
Match of the Week (Three Times) - Week XV (vs. Aria Jaxon), Week XXII (War Games), XXXIII (Men's Clash of Titans)
Promo Battle of the Week (Four Times) - Week XVIII (Six Pack Challenge), Week XIX (vs. Nate Cage), Week XXXII (vs. Isaac Thornton), Week XXXIII (Men's Clash of Titans)
Promoer of the Week (Two Times) - Week XXII, Week XXVII
Moment of the Week (Two Times) - Week XXIX (with Nate Cage), Week XXXI (with Nate Cage)

Common Moves:
1. Knife Edge Chops
2. Snap Suplex
3. Dropkick
4. German Suplex
5. Belly 2 Belly Suplex
6. Powerslam
7. Spinebuster
8. Lou Thesz Press
9. Diving Elbow Drop
10. Sharpshooter

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Southern Mayhem (Sit-Out X-Plex)
2.  Hair of the Dog (Lionsault)
3.  Hurricane Winds (Triple German Suplex)
4.  The Deadzone (Fisherman’s Suplex)

Finishing Moves:
1. X-Crusher (Stone Cold Stunner)

Born in the backwoods of NC, Jeff X is a lifelong wrestling fan.  He made his professional debut in 2003 and quickly established himself as one of the hottest young talents in the world.  He competed in several prominent promotions in both North America and Australia.  His relatable personality, southern charm, and in—ring skills quickly endeared him to fans all around the world.  It didn’t take him long to rise the ranks in the wrestling business as he was widely considered to be among the top superstars in the world during the mid-2000s.  However, as fast as he rose to the top, it was all suddenly taken away from him.  A barroom incident in 2007 landed him in prison for ten long years, essentially ending his fast-rising career.  OWA recruited and signed Jeff to a contract in mid-2018 and since then he's been a rock solid contribution to the Kingdom brand, having already participated in many extremely memorable moments in OWA's brief history.  He look to continue to climb the ranks knowing that OWA could be his last chance to live out his dream

Last edited by Jeff X on 2/6/2019, 12:31 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated bio, weekly award info, and tweaked moveset a bit)
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Keelan Callihan

Keelan Callihan

Posts : 321
Join date : 2018-03-25
Age : 21
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 6:48 am

Love the bio for this! Welcome to OWA, pal!

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Hans Olsen

Hans Olsen

Posts : 171
Join date : 2018-07-19
Age : 25
Location : Indonesia

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 8:30 am

Welcome, have fun.
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Dustin Duke

Dustin Duke

Posts : 25
Join date : 2018-06-19

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 8:59 am

Well god damn, about time a good ol' country boy came to join the fight. Welcome aboard, let's git-r-done.
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Tarah Nova

Tarah Nova

Posts : 191
Join date : 2018-03-27
Age : 24
Location : House Of Moore

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 12:23 pm

Welcome dude! Nice sign up and bless the base! Can't wait to see what you can do on the promo page! Cheers :]

"You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry...hell you're all gonna be doing that!""
-- Negan
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CM Nas

CM Nas

Posts : 243
Join date : 2018-03-27
Age : 22
Location : Moore House

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 2:15 pm

Welcome to the best in the game my friend. Looking forward to seeing what you produce!

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Gareth Cason

Gareth Cason

Posts : 317
Join date : 2018-04-11
Age : 19
Location : West Coventry

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 2:25 pm

Welcome, hope you're better than the last Randy Orton we had.
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Jeff X

Jeff X

Posts : 85
Join date : 2018-07-22
Age : 29
Location : Havelock, North Carolina

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 3:04 pm

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.  It's been a while since I've played, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and getting the chance to work with all of you.
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Keelan Callihan

Keelan Callihan

Posts : 321
Join date : 2018-03-25
Age : 21
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/22/2018, 7:43 pm

You have been sorted to the KINGDOM brand! Your head writer will be Scott Oasis so feel free to contact him if you have any questions or concerns. Your promo deadlines will be Saturday 11:59pm EST (if you are booked for a match). Be sure to promo regularly and most of all, have fun!

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J.D. Damon

J.D. Damon

Posts : 66
Join date : 2018-07-12
Age : 31
Location : L.A.

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   7/23/2018, 3:10 pm

Welcome to the best!
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Jeff X

Jeff X

Posts : 85
Join date : 2018-07-22
Age : 29
Location : Havelock, North Carolina

PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   8/30/2018, 9:25 pm

EDIT:  Changed the name of one of my signature moves
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PostSubject: Re: Jeff X - Contract   

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Jeff X - Contract
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