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 OWA Statement 08/12/2018

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Finnegan Wakefield

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PostSubject: OWA Statement 08/12/2018   8/12/2018, 1:07 am

Greetings and Salutations, Alphas and Goddesses of the Omega Wrestling Alliance!

Today, I on behalf of the OWA Council am making a public statement concerning some changes that will be occurring that will ultimately change the OWA going forward, hopefully for the better. The subject that will be announced today has been a long topic of debate in the council but, after weeks of putting it off and coming back to it, the majority vote has been in favor of the change. Although this won't be taking effect immediately after this post, I have decided to write this out and release it at the earliest possible convenience so as to not drop it on peoples heads when it does come into effect.

As of August 19th, 2018, OWA will be operating with a 2,000 word limit per promo for our weekly programs (Kingdom, Olympus and Odyssey) and a 3,000 word limit per promo for our Pay-Per-Views. This will coincide our already existing 2 promo limit for weekly shows and 3 for Pay-Per-Views.

With that now out in the open, I understand that there might be a few people who aren't too fond of this change, however, as the person that spearheaded this idea, I feel like I should lay out all the reasons we're putting this word limit into place.

- The first and the most vital reason is the mentality that OWA has had since our inception; quality over quantity. We are not a try-hards promotion that expects nor encourages people to write books for promos with the idea that it's what we're looking for. We would rather reward a great 1,000-word promo over a decent 5,000-word promo, and with this new rule in place, we will avoid situations where the person with the higher word count would feel cheated for losing a match with the idea that he worked harder because his word count was significantly higher. It has yet to be an issue, but future proofing has never been a bad thing. With this, we are making it crystal clear that match outcomes are judged by how well someone writes out their promo, not how long someone writes out their promo.

- The second reason attains to the subject of cinematics. By no means are we suggesting that cinematics are a bad thing in a promo, they are a solid window-dressing to put extra life into your character and we respect the usage of them. However, we want to avoid large chunks of the promo being pure cinematics. We are transparent in saying that we care more about the verbal mentality your characters express towards their on-coming match than we care about the room they're sitting in. By putting this limiter on the promos, it will at least chisel cinematics down to the bare essentials of storytelling that shouldn't force you to change your style of promo, but should require you to be smarter about how you use them.

- The last reason that I will address is the subject of deadline bombing; a very big reason we're bringing this rule to the forefront. We allow for more than one promo for each show because we like the idea of a back and forth to spark a real investment into the match that follows. With that being said, we also acknowledge that time is a factor everyone has to take into account and dropping promos in the last hour of the deadline is an unavoidable event. In that instance, we also acknowledge there is a way to ultimately cheat the system to assure victory, by holding onto a lengthy promo until just before the deadline before posting it. Since we have a rule in place that forbids promoing twice before their opponent promos, this means if someone posts earlier in the week they're at the mercy of their opponents time schedule. Now, we're taking that cheat out of the system by giving each participant some peace of mind knowing the maximum someone can write before posting at the deadline.

There are other factors that came into this decision, including participation in other promotions such as our sister fed Strong Style Wrestling or having an alternative character active within OWA but I will not bore you with more details.

In conclusion, we in the council find this to be the best way to ensure our mentality stays true and optimize promo performance. Of course, we will allow leeway to promos that go slightly beyond the word limits, however, if it goes significantly beyond the council will go about judging those promos differently, something that we have yet to discuss. Like our preexisting promo limit, you and your opponent(s) can agree to extend the word limit and report it to the council if you should choose at all participants discretion. We tend to find people can and have produced quality promos beneath these limits and can't see any immediate issues with this change. With a maximum of 4,000 words for promos weekly and 9,000 words every PPV, we believe if you have the aspiration to write more you will not be hindered.

If you have any qualms about this new ruling, please don't hesitate to message me on discord or on here to be discussed with the rest of the council members. Ultimately, we will have this rule in full effect from August 19th (the week before Burning Sky) until our Civil War event, after which we will assess the pros and cons of this rule and assess any damages or gains before cementing it as a permanent rule for the fed.

Thank you all for reading and have a nice day!

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CM Nas


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PostSubject: Re: OWA Statement 08/12/2018   8/12/2018, 1:22 am


We believe 4000 words maximum between 2 promos a week for weekly shows should be more than enough for you to talk about everything necessary that pertains to your matches and storylines during any particular time frame.

Ofc this is increased to 6000 words between 3 promos for fpvs because you generally should have more to say on a bigger stage where you have stipulation matches and championships/other prizes on the line.

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Finnegan Wakefield

Posts : 386
Join date : 2018-03-26
Age : 22
Location : Bury St. Edmond, Suffolk, England

PostSubject: Re: OWA Statement 08/12/2018   8/12/2018, 2:16 am

Added statement from a point raised in the discord; Character Development promos doesn't apply to this rule because they don't count towards match results.

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PostSubject: Re: OWA Statement 08/12/2018   

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OWA Statement 08/12/2018
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