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 Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread

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Gareth Cason

Gareth Cason

Posts : 305
Join date : 2018-04-11
Age : 19
Location : West Coventry

PostSubject: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/22/2018, 10:37 pm

Give a big congrats to the new TV Champion, Christopher Sabertooth!
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Aria Jaxon

Aria Jaxon

Posts : 291
Join date : 2018-03-26
Age : 23
Location : Best Coast.

PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/22/2018, 11:55 pm

So, all I can hope is the match I wound up writing was fitting of someone notching a monumental victory in their "career". In short order, you've proven yourself to be one of the best we've got as a promoer and you're rapidly proving your worth as a writer, too. This title win couldn't have come to a nicer guy. It'll be amazing to see what you're able to do with your time as champ. Congrats, friend!

"It's not my fault, my responsibility, nor my burden that my existence causes you 
to feel insecure, inferior, intimidated, or threatened."
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Posts : 480
Join date : 2018-03-27
Age : 33
Location : God’s Land

PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/22/2018, 11:57 pm

You magnificent motherfucker you! Brilliant work, as usual! You earned this win! Congratulations!
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Christopher Sabertooth

Christopher Sabertooth

Posts : 123
Join date : 2018-04-26
Age : 22
Location : Aberdeen, Washington

PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/23/2018, 12:15 am

Thank you guys! Also.... Thank you Gareth. Your run as Champion was fucking incredible. I hope I can do justice to what you have built. I see much bigger things coming your way so I'm excited for what's next.
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Bull Connors

Bull Connors

Posts : 53
Join date : 2018-04-11
Age : 20

PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/23/2018, 1:06 am

If anyone deserves to have beaten Gareth for the TV Championship, it's you. An absolutely stellar promoer. A hard worker. A great writer. Fuck, is there anything you CAN'T do? A well-deserved victory!
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Azumi Goto

Azumi Goto

Posts : 197
Join date : 2018-05-07
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/23/2018, 1:16 am

Congrats Chris! You've done an amazing job with your character and it shows with this big win, I hope for an amazing reign!

And much love goes to Gareth who had an amazing reign as Champ, I can't wait to see how your character overcomes this loss and becomes something much greatest!
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Posts : 45
Join date : 2018-07-10

PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    10/23/2018, 7:30 am

Big congrats Chris. Gareth had a fantastic reign and I couldn't think of anyone better to dethrone him. Big ups to both of you.
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PostSubject: Re: Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread    

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Christopher Sabertooth Appreciation Thread
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