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 OWA Promos!

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PostOWA Promos!

Here is where you can post your work for upcoming matches on weekly shows or major events, or just put up a piece for character development. Before you get started here are the rules of the page!

-There is a TWO promo limit for our regular weekly shows and THREE for our major events!

-If everyone involved in a match would like to extend or shorten the promo limit due to personal circumstances or preference, you have two days at the start of the new promo week to confirm with a member of the writing team the agreed upon limit for your match, if not it will remain the standard limit set for weeklies and major shows.

-NO DOUBLE POSTING! If your opponent has not responded there is no need to follow up with extra responses.

-The page is not a place to make challenges or try to book matches!

-Do not break kayfabe! Remember that everything is entirely storyline based and there is no reason to either take things personally, or make it personal for someone else.

-Have fun! Enjoy writing your work and feel free to hit up the chat for feedback!
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OWA Promos! :: Comments

Hans Olsen
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/3/2019, 10:14 am by Hans Olsen
Knowing what I did to Aria Jaxon, I realized of something: that I’m capable to win The OWA World Championship one day. Yes, Aria Jaxon beat me but I was able to push her to the limits. She knew that I was able to break her ankle hence why she gave me a fight for her life. In the end, it is Aria that will challenge Scott Oasis for his belt at Final Destination and I wish her nothing but the best.

Speaking of Final Destination, I have something to announce but I’ll just wait until Kingdom for it.

Truthfully, I can’t wait until Kingdom this week, not just because I want to announce something, but I’m facing off against The Killer himself: Keelan Callihan. Look Keelan, I saw what you did to Jon McAdams after he announced his retirement two week ago and I expected better than that. I mean, you’re a great in-ring performer and if you truly want to face-off against McAdams, why didn’t you say it to him 2 weeks ago instead of attacking him from behind? You both could have one hell of a match you know? But instead, you decided to go with a coward move and apparently you’re proud of it. It makes me sick what a pathetic human being you really are. Someone clearly needs to give you a lesson and I’m more than willing to give it to you by breaking your ankle, Keelan. 

Sure, you’re so dangerous in the ring with or without weapons when you beat Kevin Maverick a few weeks ago and when you demolished Nathan Fiora in that brutal Extreme Rules Match but if you think for one second I’d back down from you then you’re mistaken. I never back down from anyone in my life. Sure, I got my ass kicked most of time here but you can ask those people how much fighting spirit I have in myself. I always pushed them all to their limits and they always had a fear thoughts everytime I grabbed their ankle. 

But it never worked out, at least not yet.

I’ve shown a fighting spirit, but I haven’t showed myself as a much of a winner. I’m an Olympic Gold Medalist and I remember when one of the veterans in this business, Carlos Rosso who was your old buddy by the way called me legendary. But honestly I’m nothing more than a loser in this sport. My first attempted to try for Professional Wrestling quickly became a joke and was turned into a simple tool for other wrestlers. They used me as either a trampoline or a punching body-bag. I’m upset of course, but I don’t want to back down. I want to accomplish so many things in this sport just like how I did it with my Amateur Wrestling Career and I know I have a long and tough journey to do so but I dare you, Keelan, I will never quit and I will never surrender. 

I’m stubborn and I have a strong mentality to back it up. Do you remember Isaac Thornton? He was my first opponent when I debuted here and he gave me my first lost. He was a great wrestler but the moment he failed to win The Clash of Titans match, he’s nowhere to be seen anymore, just like you were for 8 months after you suffered a defeated at Game Over. Not to mention, you tapped-out anyway. I never tapped out in both my Amateur and Professional Wrestling career. Hell, I had a broken frickin neck and I had to face a Swedish Wrestler in Olympics and I refused to give up both physically and mentally and brought the Gold Medal to USA. It goes without saying that you can always meet me in the ring anytime you want and I have much better fighting spirit in myself than you will ever have. 

You can mock me all you want, Keelan but the fact and truth is you are similar like me in the past 2 years in a way. Yes, I’ve known you since you started your wrestling career. What I noticed is the fact that you haven’t won any single championship since 2016. Don’t get me wrong, Keelan. You’re always a good wrestler but for some reasons, you always failed to win a championship everytime you had a chance to win it since 2016. What happened, Keelan? Is it because you’re a bitch that will always tap-out everytime someone hit a submission move to you? If it’s really the case then you better prepared for your fucking nightmare. Consider this as a karma for what you did to McAdams 2 weeks ago.  I’m the worst guy that you’ll ever meet because I can make you tap-out with my Ankle Lock. You can beg for some fucking mercy when I do that to you this week. I’m ready to snap your ankle and dragging you away to another hiatus. You can apologize to Jon McAdams when I turn my statements into a reality. Unlike Nathan Fiora, I don’t need a weapon to inflict you some pains. I’m my own weapon. I’m ready to destroy you with my own hands. You have to prepare for it, Keelan, because I’m not jooking around. For the first time ever in my professional wrestling career, I’m going to make a bitch tap-out in the middle of the ring.

Oh It’s True! It’s Damn True!
The Udy
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/2/2019, 6:31 am by The Udy
The camera shows an empty chair.   A huge dog like creature is sitting beside the chair, all black and fierce eyes. 
Udy saunters into the frame with a bottle of beer in hand and sits down on the chair.  He hands out something to the dog who bites it and walks out of the frame.

“Reginald Dampshaw III, last week’s kingdom I kept my promise and almost replaced you. Infact I did replace you as at end of the bout, when you were just a micro second away from being obliterated, I could see the fear in your eyes. I could feel the chill in your bones and the pestilence in your blood as you came up and close against your ultimate fate.  Did you hear it too Reggie? The howl in your ears?  The fear inducing, blood curling howl that resonated through every fiber of your vile self?”,  Udy scoffs and takes a sip from the bottle.Are you still cowering under the cover and warmth of your bed?”

“But Reggie boy this Kingdom, you will have the opportunity of teaming up with ‘The Real Alpha’.  This week you will stand beside your fate and get a first hand look again at what happens when fate puts you across the constant that is me.” , Udy puts the bottle down and pulls his hair back. “I will keep your date with your fate for a later day.  Because this week you and me, Reggie, we  have a task in hand”

“You see I don’t know the reason and frankly I don’t care for a reason, but some reason you and me are teaming up to face Mongoose and Fiora.  Everytime I think of Mongoose, he seems more and more to be delusional wanna be comic book villain.  Somehow it’s actually cute Mongi.  I mean, I can feel it and I get it.  All your life growing up you wanted to be the hero of your story till you realize there’s no story.  There is no story because you are just not that good enough warranting your story.  So the hidden pre-pubert inside you knocks over and comes out screaming.  And the Mongoose McQueen that we know is born. A mask wearing leader of Shin-SEKAI full of meat heads running around a false prophet.”, The Demon Wolf sighs as the Dog like creature enters the frame again and sits at his feet.

“Mongoose you will feel the wrath of the Demon Wolf at Kingdom come.  I will rip open your mask and show the world your reality.  Not the fearsome leader or the ruthless villain but an emotionally and psychologically traumatized manling with a brain and balls of a emo kid having IQ of room temperature.” , Udy smirks and pets the Dog.

“My second opponent…our second opponent is none other than  ‘The SoundCloud Savior’.  And honestly Fiora, I would actually want you to save the the sound, the music, the symphony as nowadays it has turned into a cacophony of shit noises.  But since you will be standing in the opposite corner, I will have to fight you and put you down.  Ask my partner Reggie boy, what the wrath of Udy is like.  He felt and almost fell before his instinctive vile blood came to his rescue. Nathan Fiora I admire your music and will to fight.  But unfortunately in the wild, music wont help you and your fighting spirit won’t be enough to outdo the Real Alpha.  And unfortunately you will be replaced as well.”  , Udy stands and stretches as Dog stands up as well. 
“Reggie you and me will have our day but this week, either we work as a team or I put you out of the misery for good before I face off the Emo-manchild and the Musical prodigy. Because Reggie its either me or YOUR END! Choose wisely!” , Udy smirks and has a sinister smile on his face.

He then turns around and starts walking off with Dog by his side. 
Nate Cage
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/1/2019, 10:09 pm by Nate Cage
[Nate Cage]
[The Road to End All Roads]
[Ground Zero Compound]
[April 1, 2019]
[A new challenger has arrived]
[There is nothing but a wooden chair in a black room, a single light hanging above it. Nate Cage enters, turns the chair backwards and sits down facing the camera. He has a cocksure expression on his face]
There will always be bumps in the road, no path is ever as smooth as it seems. I’ve learned that if you have a goal in mind, trouble will always get in the way. I’ve finally got the one thing I wanted, a title opportunity, my first one in what feels like fucking forever. The Spartan Championship is once again within my grasp, but a rather…unexpected individual has decided to try and be an unwitting blockade. Mr. Diakos, sir, allow me to officially welcome you to Kingdom…my Kingdom. You see, you’ve drawn the very shortest of straws I’m afraid. Most newcomers get to test their mettle against someone of equal standing, someone who is trying to fight for their place. You, on the other hand, must have done something to anger the gods. I don’t know why you were selected as a ritual sacrifice before I go on to claim the gold I deserve, but here we are. Between where I sit right now and the sweet taste of championship glory is some meathead Greek cunt, with shit for brains and the personality of the cardboard side of a jigsaw piece.
It’s a funny old world, isn’t it? Now, you’re new here, so let me fill you in on just exactly who I am and why you’re royally fucked. My name is Nate Cage. I have a reputation here for not being particularly nice. No, what I do is cripple people, what I do is get in the faces of those who believe themselves to be worthy of anything other than a merciless beatdown by my hand. Look all up and down the Final Destination card, and you’ll see my list of victims. Fuck, just look at two of the world title contenders, the fucking winners of the Alphas and Goddesses Clash of the Titans matches. Aria Jaxon and my dear little sister Natalie, both have lost to me. Even one of my opponents, Jeff X, can never claim to having beat me. I’ve proven to be superior between the ropes than the elite of this company. So, tell me, why the fuck are you going to be that silver bullet, Constantine? What gives you the right to walk into my domain and believe you have even a slither of a chance at leaving with anything other than broken bones?
I hate people like you, people who think they’re owed everything right off the bat. You’ve done nothing, accomplished fuck all. You’re looking at a man who has already established themselves as one of OWA’s most valuable assets. Without me to keep cunts like you in line, there’s no order, no uniformity. Everything would become chaos. I serve as a living reminder to people that there is always someone willing to go further in the name of achievement. What are your achievements, Constantine? Do you bench press a lot? Do you wear tight vest because they make you feel like a real man? I’ll tell you what you’re not; you’re not the first ever OWA Tag Team Champion, you’re not the man who brought down the most dominant faction in all of OWA in one night, and you’re not going to beat me. This isn’t a case of me underestimating you, because I know what you’re coming with. You’re coming with hope and nothing more. You hope that you can somehow, someway extract a victory from OWA’s Devil, but hope is for fucking fools, let me tell you.
In the last year or so, I’ve been through punishment and pain that would drive a normal man to the brink of insanity. I’ve faced giants of this industry and took everything they had, coming out of the other side with a smile on my face. I snapped my own sister’s arm in half before slipping into a coma, powered only by the will to hurt the woman who wronged me. I introduced Donny Dragon to the fold, my greatest student. A man who is yet to be pinned or submitted in OWA, who just won back-to-back matches on Kingdom and Olympus in the same week – the first person to do that, by the way. I established a group that stands to be draped in gold by the time Final Destination is in the rearview mirror. You? If you even make it onto the card, I’ll be flabbergasted. What are they gonna do? Send your bicycle pump body up a ladder to grab a briefcase? Throw you into a ludicrously crowded TV Title match? It must hurt, knowing that your debut’s inevitably going to end in a loss. Not that I can relate, because I don’t fucking lose. I’ve been pinned three times in my entire OWA career, Constantine. Three fucking times in almost a year. And the men who pinned me were actual fucking men. They weren’t Greece’s answer to Brax.
Also, unfortunately for you, you’ve caught me in a good mood that you’ve inadvertently disrupted. I’m supposed to be preparing for a title match, and now I have to warm up by putting your head under my boot and applying pressure until I hear your skull pop. Inconveniencing me is a cardinal sin, Constantine, one that you’re going to learn to pay for the hard way. I don’t know what the future holds for you, dear boy. Maybe one day, you’ll ascend up the ranks and face me when you’re actually credible. Maybe I’ll even let you have a pop at my Spartan Title after I win at Final Destination. Sadly, your fate for this week is sealed and assured: you will try so, so hard to destroy me, and you will realise that you might as well be fighting a shadow. Because Nate Cage bends to the will of no man, and you…you are no man. I look forward to getting to know you more intimately, I hope your family are watching, because daddy’s going to be leaving on a gurney.
Gareth Cason
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/30/2019, 11:34 pm by Gareth Cason
Olympus Promo #1: “Can’t Earn 'Em All”

(Word Count: 1,428)

March 22nd, 2019

*Gareth Cason stumbles into the backstage area following his match with Monolith. Both having damaged each other considerably. Gareth sat near a monitor, observing a pacing Bull Connors*

*Bull notices Gareth staring at him, his expression immediately sours and he begins making eye contact with him. For a moment, they don’t say a single word to each other, allowing the silence to fill the air and the tension between them to rise*

Gareth: You feelin good after that loss, big guy? You must have taken a few hard hits back there, and yet, you're right back on your feet huh? If only you could have been this spry when you were actually in the match, then you might have been going to Final Destination. Sadly, that just ain't the case. Sadly for you, that is.

Bull: Shut...your fucking mouth, Cason. I really don’t want to hear another fuckin’ word come out of that fat fucking mouth of yours. I am not in the mood for it. I might be willing to tolerate your shit-talking tomorrow, or the day after that. Right now? No. If you keep running your mouth like this, then I really will have to beat the living shit out of you.

*Gareth lets out an audible chuckle in response to this. He reaches up and cracks his neck before speaking*

Gareth: You'd have to take me on like this to beat me, chap. What was your record against me again? Zero and two, was it? Sounds like the record of a winner don't it? I don't think so. Now you're actin’ like a big baby hm? How low can the great former collegiate wrestler fall?

Bull: You motherfucker. You’ve always got some fuckin’ smart-ass reply, don’t you? You always feel the need to get on my fucking nerves and rub the salt into my wounds. You think that you’re still fuckin’ invincible, when just a few weeks ago, you lost to Tarah Nova. You couldn’t beat Sabertooth decisively, and now, you think that you’re hot shit after beating Monolith. Which sounds impressive, except that I’ve beaten him before and in decisive fashion, unlike you. Oh, and aren’t you the guy who was runner-up in Clash of the Titans?

Gareth: We can sit here and throw jabs at each other all night if you want. I promise, I have more on you than you have on me. But I'll be honest. I got some sleep to get and a flight to catch tomorrow morning.

*Gareth rises from his chair and takes a deep breath. He holds his stomach for a moment in pain, but shrugs it off as he makes his way toward the arena’s exit*

*Bull watches him as he walks off, quietly mouthing the following words...*

Bull: That son of a bitch.

March 27th, 2019

*Bull checks his phone after waking up that morning and notices that he’s gotten a text from Gareth Cason*

Gareth's Text: Oi, I heard that you're located in the general Philadelphia area. Well you're in luck. We got a tag team match to train for and my gym is in Philly. The address is [redacted]. Hope to see ya there. Cunt.

*Bull shakes his head in disbelief, he can’t believe that of all the people that he could possibly be tag-teaming with… he’s got to deal with this limey dickhead again*

Bull’s Text: Seriously? Are you sure? This better not be a fucking joke or something.

Gareth’s Text: Nah, dead serious mate. If you ain't there, then I'mma buy all the Rolling Rocks that I can find until there ain't none left for your fat arse.

Bull’s Text: Fine. Just calm your “arse” down, I’ll be there in a little bit.

*Bull drops his phone, lays down and begins to stare at the ceiling, wondering what he’d done to deserve this*

March 30th, 2019

*Gareth hands Bull a Monster Energy T-shirt as they finish another training session in each other's company. Gareth sits down on a bench and begins to prepare a protein shake for himself*

*Bull catches the T-shirt, looks at it, and then throws it off to the side*

Gareth: Nah, I was just sliding into the ring when the ref’s count hit ten. I almost beat Sabertooth. I swear, that cunt was trying to fuck on me. I was obviously in the ring when it happened mate. It should’ve been my win, my victory.

Bull: Sure, whatever you say. You can go ahead and make all of the excuses that you want, but a draw is essentially still a loss. I know that a lot of people use that word to try and make it sound better, make it sound like it’s not as bad as losing, but… do you get anything when a match ends in a draw? Do you get a “congratulations” for getting a draw? Didn’t think so.

*Gareth nods in acknowledgement to Bull’s words before taking a sip of his protein shake. He hands the package of protein powder to Bull and then smiles*

Gareth: You're sure right about that. Now that I think about it, you get more in European Football than you do in wrestling for a draw. In football, a draw nets you a point. In wrestling, it nets you an uncertainty of what exactly led to not being able to put your opponent away and a general unrest in confidence. But hey, you know what? I haven't built a mean streak off of not having confidence when I lose or draw. When I win, and I sure as fuck win a damn lot. It's sweeter because I know that I've earned it. When I lose it's more honorable because I know the other person earned it. Someone like Tarah earned their victory against me. Someone like Miltiades… well, he pinned me while a distraction from you came up. You can't earn ‘em all I suppose. Point is, I can beat Sabertooth. I'm confident in that, I just hope that my tag team partner doesn't  hold me back or weigh me down.

Bull: Look, as much as we may not like each other. As much as I may hate your fuckin’ guts. I’m willing to put that aside and focus on what’s most important. I don’t plan on “holding you back” or “weighing you down”, but what I do plan on doing is getting my hands on Sabertooth. He may have beaten me at Scorched Earth, but the next time that we’ll be stepping in the ring together? I’m going to be leaving the arena with my arms raised. I congratulate him on earning a spot in the Ascension to the Heavens match, but he should know that I don’t plan to “go easy” on him. I will kick his motherfuckin’ ass and prove that I can beat him.

*Gareth smiles at his partner’s enthusiasm then leans his head back a bit before cracking his neck*

Gareth: As for Monolith, I'd really hate to underestimate you. But the fact of the matter is that both of us have pinned you one, two, three in the middle of a wrestling ring before. So, I wouldn't doubt either of our abilities to accomplish the same thing again. To put it bluntly, I know that you're much bigger than me, but you’re still nothing but absolute shite… cunt.

Bull: I have to agree, for all of the big talk that constantly surrounds you. Everyone constantly acts like you’re this formidable force of nature, that just can’t be put down, without your opponents having to unleash every single weapon in their arsenal. Like you’re some foreboding titan that wreaks havoc everywhere that he goes, and yet, you’re not much more invincible-looking than Gareth is. Gareth: What's that supposed to mean? Bull: It means exactly what you think it means. Anyways, the point that I’m trying to make is this: you’re beatable. You’re not an invincible monster. You’re just another man. A man that I’ve beaten and a man that Gareth’s beaten. Nothing more.

Gareth: I really, honestly, think that’s enough talking from the both of us. We’ve said all that we’ve needed to say. As for Sabertooth and Monolith, just know that you won't be stepping into the ring with any normal man tomorrow night...

You'll be facing someone that is…


And Bull Connors.

*Gareth begins laughing hysterically as the camera zooms out on Bull giving him a murderous glare. The feed fades to black*
Christopher Sabertooth
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/30/2019, 8:30 pm by Christopher Sabertooth

The scene opens up at a gym as Sabertooth is seen practicing his strikes with conviction. He throws a variety of strikes in quick succession before finally walking away from the punching bag as he grabs a towel to wipe off some of the sweat.

“Despite the popular belief that most of my opponents tend to have, I have had to earn every single opportunity in my life. I am tired talking about my same ol’ sad story because I don’t want anybody to think that I want their pity. Rather, I’d hope I am able to set an example for the people who have thought about giving up. At a lot of points in my life, I just wanted everything to end. Life had become a chore in itself that I barely managed to pull through on a daily basis. But I did... I didn’t give up and I thank my younger self for being as strong willed as he was. Because my life could easily have been a completely different story. “ Said Chris before wiping his face with the towel.

“Though I have a problem… I set goals for myself that seem unattainable at first glance, but I have learnt that nothing in life is unattainable with some hard-work and dedication. Yes, this is probably coming off as a Tumblr post but there are some things that even they get right. Giving up was not an option for me which is why I kept trying… and trying... and trying, until I finally got what I wanted. And not surprisingly, the same goes for Wrestling. I was never handed an opportunity… No. After all that I have been through, cheating my way to the top will seem unfair to myself. When I did decide to return to wrestling, I set some goals for myself that I wished to complete within a years time. And for the part, I DID achieve what I wanted to achieve. For the most part… Because, there’s one thing that still eludes me. The Omega Heavyweight Championship. Clash of the Titans wasn’t enough… The Eight Pack Challenge failed me. That’s when I realised that I had my back against the wall and there was no way to go but forward. And with all the force pushing me back, I knew I had to figure out a way to get back to where I want to be. And last week, I did EXACTLY that. I BEAT Bull Connors to EARN an opportunity at Final Destination. Now, this opportunity doesn’t seem to be as straight forward than I would have liked it to be. But it wouldn’t be Christopher Sabertooth’s story if it were that easy. Ascension to the Heaven’s Briefcase Match… It was a mouthful just to say that. A Briefcase suspended high up in the air as the competitors tear each other apart to pull it out of its clasp and raise it in all its glory. It sure sounds like a tough outing, but I have my sights set on what it holds. An opportunity… A way to redemption. Time after time, I have failed to capture the Omega Heavyweight Championship… But that briefcase is almost like a guarantee to get the job done.And at the end of  the day, that’s what we are all going for. We want to be at the very top, but just like a pyramid, it gets narrower with every step you climb. There’s only one place at the peak and I want to be the one to reach it. I want to accomplish what I set out for myself and it is closer to reality now that I have qualified to what could be my career defining moment.” Said Chris as he heads out through the door, stopping by for a picture with a fan on his way.

“The funny thing is… I have been talking a lot about last shots. But truth be told, I certainly believe that this might be one of the last chances I get to win the title that has eluded me for far too long. At least for the foreseeable future. That briefcase is my ticket to glory and I don’t plan on losing it. It’s still unclear on who will be joining me in this match from other brands. But i know of one competitor who has been a constant thorn in my path to greatness here in the OWA… And that man is none other than Gareth Cason. It is fair to say that Cason and I have quite a bit of history backing us up. From the day I beat Cason for the OWA Television Championship to our match not too long ago which ended in a double countout. And our paths always seem to cross each other, and this coming week is no different. Now, I don’t have the best relationship with my tag team partner, Monolith. We faced each other in the ring quite recently and I had trouble putting down that behemoth for the three count. So, I am glad that we could be on the same team for a change. And we face the more likely pairing of Gareth Cason and Bull Connors. Now, I can go with the standard, don’t come in my way and I won’t come in yours, kind of deal with Monolith but Bull and Gareth are two highly capable wrestlers so we might have to work together to get the job done. So, we have to put all our grudges aside and concentrate on giving our best. I need this and I don’t know if I have made it clear enough to Monolith and the two competitors involved. I did not join this company to be second place or third place. I go in to every match thinking that I have no choice but to win, regardless of what the odds are. And I WILL win at Final Destination.” Said Chris as he enters his chauffeur driven car.

Later on, Hollywood Mansion.

The scene begins with Sabertooth sitting in a meeting room blankly staring at the walls, looking lost in thought, as Rocky bursts through the door and startles the distracted, Sabertooth.

“What's the matter, Chris? Everything good?” Asked Rocky.

“Yeah… Yeah. For the most part. I think you heard about me qualifying for the Ascension to the Heaven’s briefcase match at Final Destination.” Said Chris looking worse for wear.

“Are you sure? You don’t seem alright. Is something bothering you?” Inquired Rocky, inquisitively.

“I guess you could say that. I don’t let things get to my head but there were some points made last week that made me think about my success here in the OWA. Everybody loves talking about what they have achieved in their lives and I am no different. I make sure to mention that I did what nobody else, at that time, could do. I beat Gareth Cason to become the OWA TV Champion… Only for me to lose it in my second defense. I had promised to elevate the title to the next level and I couldn’t do it. Heck, the champion after me didn’t fare any better. And I feel responsible for that. People credit me for my success but I have not been able to maintain my position in the totem pole. I lost all my opportunities to be at the top. How do I convince myself that this… my last shot… will be enough? Will it?” Questioned Chris as he gets lost in a train of thought.

“Is that it? What are we doing? I don’t want to make it a weekly affair trying to raise your confidence back to what it was so that you can do well at these shows. I know, you are not that good at handling losses. Heck, some might even call you a sore loser and I don’t blame them. You don’t handle loss that well, which is why with every new development, you keep on reading what other people think about it… Think about you… Who do they think might win… You know, the usual. And you are smart enough to know that these things don’t mean jack, in the long term. So, you can either sulk in your own personal corner or try to be better. And I promise you, that I will help you out at every step of the way. But you need to get your act together. Final Destination is getting closer by the minute and the last thing you’d want to do is to screw up your opportunity to pursue the Omega Heavyweight Championship.” Said Rocky trying to cheer up his friend.

“You… I know you are right but I have been feeling a little weird off late. Like I am being watched… Or judged at a constant basis and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. There’s something wrong with me because I know that this isn’t like my true self. I know that I am capable of being the face of this company, but I feel… I feel like I am losing my mind again.” Said Chris as Rocky is startled by the last statement.

“Losing your mind? I am not sure what you are implying here, but you said it yourself… Havoc is no more. There is nothing to worry about. You… Christopher Sabertooth… WILL beat Gareth and Bull this weekend. And then, you WILL win the Heaven’s Briefcase match and make you way back to the top. I believe in you!” Said Rocky as Chris calms down. He doesn’t look as anxious as he was before.

“Thanks… Rocky. I know how capable Monolith is, so I know I don’t have much to worry about. As for Gareth Cason and Bull Connors, I already beat one of them last week. And Gareth is still a mortal, unlike what the media will have you believe. Just because a guy is on a good streak, doesn’t mean that he will STAY with a good streak. All good things have to come to an end and I found it the hard way. Bull and Gareth are as dysfunctional as Monolith and I might be…So, I need to make sure I take full advantage of the situation. Monolith is more than welcome to do the same, but I’d prefer that he does not get in the way. Because I am the LAST REAL WRESTLER left in this world and I… I AM GOING TO KICK THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF!” Said Chris, passionately as the screen fades to black.
Dax Staley
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[+]Block by bleak block was the most retched place in all of the country. It’s morning and the streets of downtown Los Angeles are empty; the inhabitants are just beginning to rise from their slumber. A sign on the corner reads “Sixth Street”, trash blows in the gutters while a few dogs roam for scraps. The sky is brown from wildfires miles away, the weather to be a cool 75 degrees, a welcoming comfort considering we’re living in a time of unpredictable climate.[+]
C’mon. Come a little closer…don’t be scared.
[+]It’s not long before the street comes alive. The hum of this community is stickled with a post-apocalyptic vibe. Weary, drawn out residents appear from sides of buildings. Other’s appear from underneath boxes and emerging from tarp covered garbage. Some wander around, others huddle around laughing, but they are mostly oblivious to anything else. Why should they consider themselves with passing cars or three-piece suits? This is their home.
Sporting a pair of dark shades, bandana wrapped around his head with hair tied up, Dax Staley finds a spot that is not occupied. He sits on a crate observing the area with no disrespect, placing a black duffle bag down by his feet. A few feet away there is a  couple who rigs it’s tarp back up against a store front gate, a man in a wheelchair comes rolling past him. His ears are bandaged up and leg wrapped in what could best be identified as a bed sheet. It’s stained, dirty, and unkempt.[+]
My earliest memories are not of anything specific, they’re more like memories of feelings as opposed to events. Feelings of abandonment, feelings of loneliness, feelings of sadness. They say our destiny is formed in these earliest moments. That our fate is determined at this critical juncture. The chosen begin their path towards greatness, the ill-fated are doomed from the beginning. 
{Dax wipes his face with the sleeve of his jacket.}
Which way are you going, Jake Keeton? Are you on a path to greatness, or are you doomed? Maybe you’re on your way back to greatness. A multi-time world champion in our little bubble of the independents. A man with much adulation and, what’s the word? Clout. Heh. You mistake me for something I am not, but rest assured, what you see isn’t exactly what you’re going to get. 
[+]More people begin to fill the street. Some give side-eye to this person whom they have never seen before. The entire district is filled with over 2,000 people, yet, they know who belongs and who doesn’t. A child covered with dirt kicks a tattered soccer ball while a woman, presumably his mother, saunters slowly behind. She flashes a kind, yellow smile.[+]
Before finding myself here at OWA, I resided in a global federation, then ending up in a land of extreme brutality. While you wallow away over your time in the spotlight - I was the spotlight, Keeton. But that was never good enough for me. A house was built by the hands of a mentor that my father never could be. I had a friend who found his existence best to be hid behind a mask. With them, Dax Staley was a champion who was plucked straight from the floors of the St. John’s Rectories, given a new lease on life. I should be happy, you’d say! You would think that my self-loathing and my frowning is really unnecessary. I wish you could feel my burdens, Jake.
[+]A pair of blackened, diseased feet tucked into small sandals scrape into Dax’s vision. He raises his head to look at a withered man staring off into space. Boils scab around one side of his face, his hair frayed and eyes sunken into his skull. Only a shawl covers his shoulders, his trousers almost loin cloth. The man’s body odor makes even Dax gag.[+]
{Waving him off}
Ugh. Leave me. 
[+]The leper man lingers for another moment or so before taking his zombie walk elsewhere. Removing his glasses, Dax rubs his eyes as if he was cleaning dust from them. He hangs the shades on the front collar of his shirt.[+]
Take a long, hard look in the mirror, Keeton. What is it that you see? The vibrant, spunky, young athlete throwing crisp arm-drags and wrenching in the tightest headlocks? Or, are you the sloth of a human who wishes he was stilll a well-oiled ‘machine’? You’re so hard on yourself. Why don’t you take a moment, sit back, and marvel at your life. Instead, you dwell in places where desperation is for sale.
[+]Dax stands up. He picks up the duffle bag, placing it on the crate. He turns his back and unzips the bag. All you can see is Dax’s back as he nods to himself.[+]
Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. We’ll always be connected now, Jake. When you’re lying in a hospital bed, looking up at the ceiling, you’re going to wonder what just hit you. There’s something about kindred spirits – you meet them and for a moment this world, no matter how ugly, makes sense. They bring a sense of freedom and clarity to one conversation; just enough to remind you of who you are.
[+]Turning around, the duffle bag is revealed to be filled with cash. Using a free hand, Dax removes the glasses from his collar and places them back over his eyes. The street is alive. A woman washes her hair at a fire hydrant. A couple of men huddled in a corner pass around a syringe. Some are at a table where fruit and water is being handed out.
Walking towards the middle of the street, Dax digs in the bag and throws dollar bills in the air. It takes only a moment before some of the residents realize what is being blown in the wind. People break from whatever they are doing. Not having thought about this, Dax is bum-rushed by a group of men and women. Before things get too out of hand, he tosses what we can then throws the duffle bag behind him. Throwing chum into the water.[+]

I don’t think you can paint me! There is no color for all the shades of chaos in me! There’s something you ought to know…I’ll tell ya’ Park Avenue leads to Skid Row. See you at Olympus.
Jake Keeton
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She’d seen better days.  

While she danced on the stage in front of Jake, he couldn’t help but notice that the woman, introduced five minutes ago as ‘Harmony’, had probably been a top level dancer a decade ago.  The wrinkles on her face, the faded colour of her bikini bottom and the fact she only had one stick on eyelash left was proof positive that her heart really wasn’t in it anymore. As he took another swig of beer and plopped five dollars down on the stage, he couldn’t help but chuckle in the irony of his judgement.  Maybe when he looked at 'Harmony', he was looking at himself.

“Can I get ya another beer there, gorgeous?”

The waitress, wearing just enough underwear to keep herself mildly decent, put on the best smile she could while she held a silver tray in her hand.  

“Yeah, you can” Jake grunts in response.  “Pop a shot of vodka on there too.”

Jake holds up a $20 dollar note and the waitress snatches it out of his hand without a word.  As she heads over to the bar, where seedy looking men chat up even seedier looking women, the music picks up pace and ‘Harmony’ begins to gyrate on the stage a little faster.

But for Jake, it’s a moment to reflect.  Since sending in his video to the OWA executives and getting the tick of approval, he had been drinking a little harder than usual.  With a match in only a few days time, he knew that he should be back in the gym working out, or trying to iron out the ring rust. Instead, he was looking for solace in the bottom of a bottle, and he wasn’t sure why.  

He had seen the response from Dax, but had lost interest in it quickly.  It was full of big words and self indulgence, which is what you get from young wrestlers these days.  They try to be clever and instead, they look like a douche. Dax was no different.

As the DJ tried to talk up the ‘sultry ways’ of the aging Harmony, Jake takes a long pull from his drink bottle and pulls out his phone.  Somehow over the last two days he had cracked the screen, but thankfully it hadn’t impacted on his ability to take a video.

“Hey, Dax.  It was good to hear from you.  I must admit that I lost interest half way through, but I think I got the gist of what you had to say.  I heard you say something about living with mental anguish. I’ll show you what mental anguish looks like.”

Jake turns the phone around and begins to film ‘Harmony’.  She sees Jake filming and tries to dance over in his direction, but all she can do is wobble on her feet and grab on to the nearest pole.  She smiles apologetically and begins to dance again.

“That, Dax" Jake says as he turns the phone back on himself “is mental anguish.  The anguish of a woman past her prime still trying to make a buck to put food on the table.  A woman who hasn’t been told that she can do better for herself. A woman who has hit rock bottom and doesn’t have the skills to climb out.”

“Mental anguish for you, Dax, is nothing more than realising your phone is flat.  Or that Insta-snap-book or whatever the bloody hell it is, has gone down for an hour.  Mental anguish is having to take a shower and wash that mangy thing you call hair.”

Jake pauses for a moment as he takes another drink from his bottle.  As he does so, the waitress brings over his next beer and the shot of vodka.

“Hey, pal, you can’t do any filming in here” she blabbers as she places the drinks down on the small take next to Jake.

“No?  Who is going to stop me?”

The waitress glances in the direction of the one security guard who is standing by a grimy door that is the entrance the stripper’s change rooms.  The security guard, watching them, simply shrugs and starts picking at the nails on his left hand. The waitress pouts, but does nothing, and wanders off the find the next punter she can take some money from.

“A few moments ago I was asking myself… what am I doing?  Why am I here, throwing my money away for no good reason, when I should be in the gym getting ready?  And then, it hit me. I don’t need to be in the gym. I don’t need to be in a ring, running the ropes and putting a few sleeper holds on some hack from the local independent scene.  I know that, deep down, I’ve still got that skill… that drive… that talent… to step inside the squared circle and go toe to toe with anybody that OWA has to offer. They didn’t call me the ‘Machine’ for nothing.”

Jake then reaches over and grabs the shot glass.  He holds it up in front of him and smiles down the camera.

“So, Dax, as you write poetry for your blog and frown for every selfie that you take, you can feel safe in the knowledge that, come Sunday, I’ll be able to show you what real mental anguish is all about.”

Jake then finishes off the shot and slams the glass down on the table.  He fumbles with the phone and goes to shut off the recording, but his attention is disturbed by a shout from behind him.

“Jake… Jake Keeton... “

Jake places the phone down, face up and still recording, on the table and looks behind him.  Stumbling towards him, like a massive elephant that doesn’t know it’s size, is a man wearing an ill fitting button shirt, old jeans and a grimy truckers hat.  He’s got a beer in his hand and what could only be described as a shit eating grin plastered all over his face.

Jake had never seen the man before in his life.

“Yo, pal… you Jake Keeton?”

Jake just slowly nods at him as he plonks himself down on a chair at the table.

“Do I know you, friend?”

“Nah, nah, hell nah” the man slurs.  “I knew it was you though. You still look in decent nick for a man in his 50s!”

“40s, friend, but sometimes it does feel like I’m in my 50s”

The man guffaws loudly and slaps him on the back, sloshing some of his beer on to the table in the process.

“Man, I used to watch you all the time when you wrestled.  What happened to you, man?”

Jake just shrugs at him.  “I didn’t want to do it anymore.  So I stopped.”

“Ah, damn, that’s a damn shame” the man says as he takes a wobbly drink.  “You ever consider making, you know… comeback?”

The man burps loudly and then wipes his mouth on the arm of his shirt.  Jake glances at him with a smirk and decides that it would be no harm to share his ‘news’ with him.

“As it happens, I’m wrestling for the first time in a decade this weekend.”

“Seriously?  Aw, man, that’s amazing.  I bet it’s some jacked up punk who thinks he’s God’s gift to wrestling, am I right?  Am I right?”

He’s shouting now and gesturing wildly with his hands.  Jake smiles lightly, almost taken in by this man who has sailed in like a boat in the night.

“That sounds like a fair summation of the fella I’m wrestling this weekend.  Young, brash, ugly, dirty… you know the type. Does poetry. Tries to look brooding and menacing all the time.  That sort of thing.”

“Yeah, yeah I do… I….”

The man trails off and burps a few times.  He grimaces slightly to himself as he begins to rub his belly.  Little beads of sweat begin to form across the dirt on his forehead.  Jake knows what’s coming, but he’s too late.

The man turns to the table and chunders up the contents of hell all over it.  It hits the floor, it splashes on Jake’s phone and, worst of all, he gets some on the only clean pair of jeans he has left.  Jake stands up and goes to berate the man, but he never gets the chance. He has already passed out and slumped in his chair, the beer bottle falling out of his hand and rolling across the floor.

Jake sighs and begins to clean his jeans.  He picks up a napkin and wipes his phone, only then realising it’s still recording.  He shuts it off and chuckles to himself. It was going to be one hell of a video.

As 'Harmony' finishes for the night and the waitress smirks at him from the bar, Jake heads for the exit.  Maybe hitting up the gym wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Wild Boys
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Wild Boys Omega Episode 5: “Triple Threat”

Los Angeles, CA.

Globe Theater Men’s Locker Room.

Scorched Earth Show - Minutes after the Openweight Tag Match.

(Billy and Jimmy Wild stumble into the locker room, each beaten and bruised from their match and the attack from Ground Zero, which cost them the match, but not the tag titles.)

Jimmy Wild: WHAT the hell was that!?

Billy Wild: I don’t know man, I don’t know! I have to be honest lil bro - I didn’t see that one coming!

(Jimmy angrily superkicks a locker)

Jimmy Wild: DAMN IT! We had them Billy, we had those teeny boppers DEAD. TO. RIGHTS. You hear me Billy!?

Billy Wild: (pacing) I know, I know! Listen Jimmy...we still have the titles right?

Jimmy Wild: Yeah?

Billy Wild: So that gives us one less thing to worry about.

Jimmy Wild: But, we found ourselves on Ground Zero’s radar.

Billy Wild: (nods) I know, bro. We’re going to have to take that in account. But, we have a failsafe for that don’t we?

(Billy smiles and pats his brother on the back. Jimmy’s eyes go wide with realization.)

Jimmy Wild: Oh yeah! Right, they won’t be a major problem. Just a road bump on the road to success.

Billy Wild: On the road?

(Billy holds up his title belt)

Billy Wild: We’re already at the destination! In fact, whoever wants a piece will be coming to US at Final Destination!

Jimmy Wild: (nods) Right, right. We already established ourselves as the Mighty Ducks of OWA. The movie team not the NHL team of course.

Billy Wild: And what does ducks do!?


Billy Wild: That’s right! When everyone says it can’t be done...

(Billy and Jimmy raise their belts)


(The Boys of Wild hit their titles together, feeling a renewed sense of determination)


“After such a grueling match…

After putting our blood, sweat, and tears into that canvas….

The Wild Boys remain…


Hey, everyone, Jimmy here!”

(An IG live stream opens to Jimmy Wild walking down the street. Oddly enough, he’s not with his brother Billy.)

“So, you may have already notice that my brother Billy isn’t here with me. We both agreed that I needed to voice my feelings on my own. Though my brother and I are a team, sometimes a Wild One has to stand his own ground. That’s what this live stream is about - stating my case as my own man.”


“I have to give it to you DiVa - you and Roxy came into the match swinging. Your attempts to cut us off at every turn had my brother and I second guessing. Despite acting like a couple of bimbos, you and Roxy are the real deal. But being the real deal doesn’t make you champion. That’s something Billy and I have shown that night. Just like with Bull and Aunt Tarah, we exceeded expectations and managed to retain our undefeated streak. That is, until Puff the Magic Dragon and that other guy rained on our parade. Because of their crap, WE were disqualified! WE now have an L under our column - and we didn’t even do anything! Is this how OWA treat their champions!? My brother and I were undefeated for over a month and now that streak is ruined because Ground Zero doesn’t know how to stand in line and wait their turn. Well if it’s me you want Donny, then I’m right here. Let’s see how you do when you’re not sneaking up on someone from behind. My brother and I prefer to fight face-to-face which may be something you’re not used to. Don’t worry - we all have to start somewhere, right? Welll let me be the first to say this: Welcome to the OWA Tag Team Division! Home of the ‘technically speaking’ UNDEFEATED OPENWEIGHT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD! THE WILD BOYS!”

(Jimmy grins)

“You like that? I did. But, it’s the truth Donatello. You encroached on the territory of The Wild Boys in an attempt to get our attention. Well, congratulations on a job well done boys. You have our attention and now we’re laser-focused on driving you out of the physical conversation we were having with Aly & AJ last weekend. I don’t care what kind of Far Cry 5 hijinks you and Nate Cage are planning, but stay out of our way, and perhaps just maybe perhaps we’ll stay out of yours. As for you DiVa, I get that you have your head so far up your pooper that you think you and your twit of a partner has already won the belts. Let me provide a quick fact check for you - those belts you wear are fake. Billy and I are the ones with the keys to the kingdom, DiVa. We’re the ones sitting pretty on Mount Olympus. Maybe that’s a little difficult for you to process. Maybe nobody has never denied you anything. Maybe you feel out of sorts because the one thing you and Roxy want - OUR tag team belts - is something you can’t have. For the first time in your life there’s something in your way. Allow me to offer some words of advice - get over yourself. Not everyone can get what they want “sweets”. You and the rest of OWA are just gonna have to get used to the Wild Boys running everything. We don’t need special names to be the best - we prefer actions over words. And from where I’m standing, our actions represent us well.”

(Jimmy looks around before continuing)

“I have a feeling our business isn’t finished yet, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if you make it to the grand stage huh? So keep updating your social media and hosting your little web shows DiVa. Keep hiding from the fact that my brother and I outperformed you and Claudia's daughter. And Donny? Let’s see how well you can fight when my attention is on you. Not every Olympus episode happens on a Sunday, so feel blessed that the two of you are losing to da G.O.A.T. on the Lord’s day. Maybe just maybe I can exorcise each of your demons with a well placed superkick.”

(Jimmy smiles at the camera)

“You speak of lessons to be taught, but in a few days you’re going to learn the biggest lesson of all - how to lose with grace and integrity. That is, if either of you have any left to spare.”
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After such a grueling match…

After putting our blood, sweat, and tears into that canvas….

The Dollhouse was…


Hey, everyone, DiVa here!

OWA Promos! - Page 6 Mhs6B6MKly47B6rCw6XLohCYClKCi_wa7hODigXFsfJJVlWowMsl85nSzKTgi6_aTqGeIuqKQqWVR6wVZxO40E1OwiGeCDGkpG2yrf_Ae4aPwRDO2_WHqhzIxixEgxlpjoPrcbna
OWA Promos! - Page 6 K7z--HbLLVLb-4LiDD4hHlvXvqcMZq41b_cyvVC12-NNkT0QAm1BdLhn-F34F5FE_2NC_oicq1xvBaA7EwyGxaPysBxEg_1e_K_4RS_uFXO1bxcfG_KQVApNnSGAlhVnHrNsUjGw

Thank you, thank you, thank you! DiVa is SO thankful to everyone who congratulated her and The Dollhouse on their hard earned victory! We worked so hard for this! Remmy and Bully doubted us and the power that we have with the help of all of DiVa’s amazing fans! They believed that they were going to make The Dollhouse’s existence as pointless as Taya Nova and Bob Connors’ time as a team, but your heroes prevailed! Your idols were victorious! DiVa told everyone that there wasn’t any need for a match to happen! All that needed to happen was for The Dollhouse so show up and be handed their victory, and look what happened! Exactly that! DiVa is so happy! The World was on the edge of their seat and SO desperate to see The Dollhouse win that a new team that idolizes us showed up just to make sure we won! Isn’t that wonderful? DiVa is so overjoyed that these new fans wanted to show their love for her and The Dollhouse in the biggest way they could, and DiVa is so appreciative of how determined they were to make sure The Dollhouse won, BUT… DiVa knows that your minds are still developing. You’re very young and impressionable children, and sometimes children act before they think. That’s why DiVa - as your idol - wants to make sure you learn now what’s right and what’s wrong. While it’s right and even honorable to make sure The Dollhouse wins, it is very wrong to do it in the way they you did, silly! You have to make sure The Dollhouse wins the Openweight Tag Team Championships and that can’t be done by disqualification, but that’s okay! DiVa knows that the next chance you get, you’ll definitely be the reason The Dollhouse walks out as the Champions. Whether you like it or not.

But that’s in the future, and that feels SO far away! Maybe even at Final Designation! That’s what everyone is so excited for, right? Well DiVa cannot wait either! She wants The Dollhouse to show everyone a nice time at the company’s biggest event of the season! But before DiVa can get there, she gets to make history in a different way by competing for the first time ever on Olympus! Wow! So exciting! DiVa is so nervous! And why wouldn’t she be? DiVa is told that she’s going to be in a “TRIPLE THREAT”! So scary! That sounds dangerous! I hope DiVa’s little heart can take it… I know that all of my precious fans will be calling in and sending emails and letters and tweets begging for DiVa not to be placed in such a threatening situation, but worry not! DiVa puts her body on the line every single day! She strains every muscle she has, whether it’s her vocal cords from singing another song that you’re sure to love and can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play, but ALSO every muscle in her legs and arms and all around her body when she puts it through super tough wrestling matches! So don’t fret, my loves! This “Triple Threat” is just scary in name!

And sometimes names are just smoke and mirrors! Sometimes they just want to spook you! Sometimes a little boy comes into the World already at a disadvantage in life, plagued with mental deficiencies somewhere in his time as a fetus that he’s been burdened by his whole life! Sometimes that little boy grows bigger and bigger, but his mind just doesn’t want to follow along for the ride! Sometimes that little boy watches too much television because they’re easier to understand than a book, and he gets an idea to become a professional wrestler, believing it doesn’t require thinking! And sometimes that little boy… With so much going against him in life… So many reasons that he shouldn’t be allowed to socialize with the rest of society, let alone be a member of it and hold a job… SOMETIMES that little boy makes his dream a reality, and calls himself “Dragon” because he thinks it sounds super cool and dangerous! And it does, right? DiVa is so scared when she sees this little boy with his pasty white skin talk about how cool and awesome he is! DiVa is shaking right now, my loves! DiVa is absolutely terrified that this little boy, Denny Dragon, will take all of that potential he had to be a school shooter and turn it into a super fierce wrestler! DiVa just… Just… Just wants to pinch his cute little cheeks, give him an autograph, and send him on his way! He’s so adorable! Just look at those bags under his eyes! Look at that haircut his mommy gave him! You are just the cutest little thing, Denzel Dragon! It’s like watching a child put on a cape and mask! DiVa will happily play pretend with you! You’re so tough! So cool! Don’t worry what everyone else, including your friend, really thinks of you! DiVa always teaches her fans to be who they are! Be the best you that you can be!

Speaking of tough guys, oh my gosh, how could DiVa forget about two boys that thought calling themselves “Wild” would cover up being scrawny teenagers who dress like they were spit out by the 80’s! Don’t worry! DiVa LOVES the 80’s! You two are just adorable, especially you… The one DiVa is facing… The blond one? I think? Oh well! It’s okay! You know which one you are! You don’t have to worry about DiVa remembering you, because nobody else will either! No biggie! You don’t have to worry your cute little heads about it one bit! Pop quiz: How many people remember the last Openweight Tag Team Champions? How many remember the ones before that? The ones before that? See! You’re in familiar company! You’re where you’re most comfortable! You get to do what you and those other little boys did and make a living off of winning such big amazing matches in places nobody cares about! Congratulations to the both of you! Don’t let anyone tell you that everything you’ve done up until two weeks ago didn’t matter, no matter how truthful it is! Don’t let anyone tell you that all the hard work and effort and sacrifice you went through to get here was one second away from being ripped away and shattered last week, no matter how factual that is! You’re still wonderful in DiVa’s eyes!

Dragons and Wilds and Triple Threats! Oh my! DiVa is so nervous with all these scary names involved, but all of DiVa’s fans get to learn lessons that only she can teach them, and this week DiVa is going to teach all of her loves that names are just silly little letters that don’t really mean anything! Especially when you’re really just a bunch of no-name wrestlers scraped up from the bottom of the barrel of the indy scene! But no matter how inevitable it is that they fail against real stars with real skills and real pedigrees, you can always admire how determined they all are! How much they wanted to be something they could never hope to be! Their names mean so much more than just trying to look cool! Their names are going to mean everything to them! Because when The Dollhouse is done, their names are gonna be all they have left. Good luck, boys!

OWA Promos! - Page 6 UbWyaTIsereGKAzggE-w3AYkvNQJuGhpHlZJ9txEvTXt3tJ9zbTs-ZEUxWTs7e58QauZifR7M-AzZAAdJ5GviIL9izzEIbvMSXoKFjF1IdxL_oecCHeJefZ79xxRl2kxHiDiOEGB
Dax Staley
Re: OWA Promos!
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{+}Change of speed, a change of style,
a change of scene, with no regrets,
a chance to watch, admire the distance,
Still occupied, though you forget{+}
[::The sun begins to shine down over the day. Wind is whistling an off-beat tune through the sky, lashing the working class with cold chills as they finish for the day. In a crowd of people, a man clad in a leather jacket, blue jeans, and a large tuft of hair glides through them. He pays no mind to them as much as they to him. Everyone is so wrapped up, tied in, and plugged in on handheld devices while on the move. So, he goes through his pocket digging out his phone. Stopping in the middle of the rush hour dash, the message he received brought him warmth.
“Dax,OWA accepts. 3/31-Globe Theatre-Los Angeles CA”
This figure breaks out of the wave, turning off onto a quiet street. His jeans are tucked into his boots as he walks without a purpose. His profile is shadowed by dark brown hair falling over onto his shoulders, in front of his face. On this walk, he pulls out a white, paper rolled smoke then lights it with a brass zippo. Dax finds an empty stoop to sit on as billows of smoke push away from his face. Flipping through his phone, he reads outlet reports of his signing to Omega Wrestling Alliance. With the modicum success he garnered previously, this is nothing too new to him. Right now, it’s a name.
”You’ve been matched against Jake Keeton. Had plenty of success in your world, the underground. 9 years ago. Take that for what you will”
Dax chuckles, placing his phone back in his pocket. The name sure does ring a bell. Jake Keeton was a household name in the mid-west to the West Coast. A pure technician of the craft, he was known to have been on top of many promoters list of wants for their circuses.  He’s got the hardware to back it up, the folk tales being told around the beer coolers in VFW halls and high school gymnasiums. Many of the old timers have said he was the best to work with but was also in over his head and never will be on top of this industry. Dax couldn’t weigh in on any of it. He was just beginning his journey in the pro wrestling world.::]
Different colors, different shades, 
Over each mistakes were made, I took the blame, 
Directionless, so plain to see, 
A loaded gun won't set you free, so you say{+}
[::Twiddling his fingers, Dax looks about his surroundings. Then, he slowly turns his head, facing forward. His facial features include brown eyes with a piercing clipped onto his right eyebrow. The hair on his face is unkempt, rather rugged. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out his phone. He records.::]
~+~Nice to meet you. They say everyone has lost something, loved someone, and is afraid of something. I’ve lost. I’ve loved. I’ve been afraid. The scars that have impacted your life, Jake Keeton, are nothing compared to the mental anguish I live with everyday. Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act, follows me. Between conception and creation, between emotion and response, follows me. History is a pattern of timeless moments and Jake Keeton, we’re going to make it. Or…maybe we just become a footnote in the binds of OWA lore.~+~
We'll share a drink and step outside,
An angry voice and one who cried,

We'll give you everything and more,
The strain is too much, can't take much more

[::He turns off the recording, bounces the phone in his hand, and puts it back. Standing up, Dax keeps walking on up the street to a bus stop. An old homeless man sits inside the bus stand talking toi himself. This is what being drawn into the bright lights of Hollywood can do to you, Dax thought. He nodded to the homeless man who laughed, talked, and laughed some more. Laughing is contagious. A bus pulls up. Dax gets up to leave, but the homeless man reaches over to him, yanking on the sleeve of his jacket. Dax looks down at this man whose face is beat up from the years of wear and tear on the streets. It’s lined with abuse and mouth blackened out from rotted teeth.::]
Hey, hey son…welcome to the jungle! You’re gonna die!
{+}Oh, I've walked on water, run through fire,
Can't seem to feel it anymore,
It was me, waiting for me,
Hoping for something more,
Me, seeing me this time, 
Hoping for something else 
Joy Division “New Dawn Fades”{+}

[::The homeless man lets go, slapping his knees at his doomsday joke. Dax turns, gets onto the bus, and walks in. The laughing homeless man bellies over onto the bench as the brakes from the bus release and rides off onto the strip.::]
Donny Dragon
Re: OWA Promos!
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Donny and James are doing some stretching exercises after a sparring session. There’s a small amount of blood over Donny’s left eye, and James has some minor swelling on his right ear.
Donny: Man, if that’s how hard we take it to each other, I feel sorry for whoever our opponents are next week.
James: You mean this week?
Donny: Huh?
James: You’ve got a match this week, Donny. You’re gonna be on Olympus.
Donny: Woah now, two shows in one week? That can’t be right, can they do that?
James: Well, the tag division’s interbranded so…I guess they can.
Donny: I’m gonna be on Olympus this week. Wow, talk about making moves! Has anybody ever wrestled on Kingdom and Olympus in the same week?
James: I’m pretty sure you’re the first one.
Donny: Who are my opponents?
James: Uhh Jimmy Wild and DiVa? I’m not sure, I get the Wild Boys and the Dollhouse mixed up with which is which because they all look the same.
Donny: That’s racist! Anyway, man, a triple threat match against those losers? Looks like Bob Taylor really wants my undefeated streak to continue, otherwise he’d have given me an actual challenge!
You know what, guys? We’re not sorry for breaking up whatever that “match” was at Burned Planet, because any tag title match that doesn’t involve us ain’t worth a damn. You’ve got the Wild Boys, two dudes who only got a title shot because Bull Connors was dumb enough to give em one, and the Dollhouse, who got a tag title match because…because…help me out here, James.
James: I don’t actually know how those two got a title match. I mean, they lost at Clash…then they lost again at Pluto’s Gate, are…are they supposed to be involved? Was it an admin mistake? Because I don’t understand where they fit in. I mean, they made themselves some fake belts that look like Rainbow Dash puked on some leather and metal, they cut a few promos from Barbie’s Dream House and now they’re here. What a wild ride, wrestling’s fucking weird, man.
Donny: I can’t believe we’re in a situation where both the champs and the challengers have done zero to get where they are right now. Is Olympus the land of handouts? We had to forcibly insert ourselves into proceedings because we were sick of seeing the division being made a mockery of. Those belts deserve a home where they’ll be taken seriously and not be a fashion accessory or a chance to talk in memes. That’s where Ground Zero come in. I’ve STILL not been pinned or submitted, and the people at the top finally realised that maybe, just maybe, a title shot should be sent my way. Obviously, there are certain requirements that must be met before we take the gold, like this little triple threat this week. I’m not worried about stepping into the ring with either of you, because you’re practically non-entities. I mean, as a pair you’re OK, I suppose. I mean, you’ve got nothing on me and James, obviously, but you’re above average, barely.
The same can’t be said for you as individuals, I mean Jimmy, you and your brother are practically the same person, it’s worrying. Sure, there was that upset win over Alejandro D-Von, but that dude spends more time worrying about coining new catchphrases than wrestling. Congratulations, you beat Killer Alpha Squad, a random ass pairing that was doomed to lose the belts early. Anybody could have been in that same spot. The BWO could have won the titles off those two. Bull and Tarah were never gonna last and you knew that. The moment you had an actual team to take on, you almost lost. Me and James did you guys a favour, because we’d rather see the belts on you guys than Rockso and DeDeVa. That tag match was just the battle of mediocrity, where the winners would be the best tag team in the company on the back of a pure technicality. What a sad state of affairs it would be to see the gold standard represented by two Temptation Island rejects.
Speaking of, DeDe, what have you done in your time here? You hitched yourself onto the wagon of the worst women’s champ ever - yes, I’m including HENDRIX in that - and figured it’d be your ticket to success? Fair enough, you had a decent start, somehow managing to get a women’s title shot. Clearly, management knew you were a joke, because your match for the OWA Women’s WORLD Championship didn’t even main event the Odyssey episode it was on. So few people gave a shit about you that you straight up dragged that belt’s place on the card down, that’s gotta sting. So, after getting embarrassed on just about every level over on Odyssey, you figured you could run away from your responsibilities and stink up Olympus a little? When was the last time you guys even wrestled on Odyssey? No, losing to a bunch of old, washed-up hags at Pluto’s Gate doesn’t count. I’m surprised they haven’t voided your contracts yet. It’s took two dudes from Kingdom to class the joint up a bit, remind the people what true wrestling excellence looks like.
Hey, you guys aren’t TERRIBLE. You throw some neato superkicks and both have enviable hair, if the coke-addicted 80s rockstar look is what you’re going for.
James: Wait, which team are you talking about right now?
Donny: Uhh, both of them?
James: Proceed.
Donny: Sunday night is not gonna be pretty for you guys, because it’ll be the first time you’ve actually had to work for anything in your lives. You’re not facing your mentors, who you already know every trick that they have. You’re not facing hasbeens who make me question Odyssey’s recruitment policy. You’re facing two guys who have broke into this industry with nothing to lose and everything to gain. James is gonna be right with me at ringside this week, scouting the competition. I’m sure you guys will bring the benign tumours you call tag partners with you as well. And I’m glad, because they all deserve a front row seat to the decimation of their allies. I’m not coming over to Olympus, taking time out of MY schedule, stepping away from MY brand just so I can lose to two groups who are singlehandedly responsible for the downfall of tag team wrestling. I’m coming over there to rip the arms off one team and use them to slap the shit out of the other team. I’m coming to knock you all the fuck out just for inconveniencing me. Ground Zero isn’t about compromise, it isn’t about empty promises, it’s about resolve, it’s about exacting punishment on people who stand idly by while the entire goddamn world moves on. You’re both stuck in your little bubble and don’t even realise that those belts you’re fighting over are looked upon with disdain by everyone who’s burdened with them. That changes when they come to us. Step one: beat the both of you jokes this week and show the world that you can’t measure up to somebody who has actually done something with their talent. Step two: relieve you all of the straps and begin to make them mean something again.
Go ahead and talk. Let’s see the Wild Boys talk in one-liners and crack jokes about how great they are. Let’s see the Dollhouse call everyone ugly, despite the fact they look like the genetic crossbreed of Steven Tyler and Jackie Stallone. Your words and actions have consequences, and this week, those consequences will come in the form of an ass whooping.
Donny and James bumps fists and leave.
Jake Keeton
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/27/2019, 7:42 am by Jake Keeton
“Ah, Mr. Keeton!  So good to see that you’re still alive.  We were beginning to worry about you!”

Marcus, the manager of what could only be described as the dingiest hotel in town, smiled smugly as Jake Keeton stumbled in to the reception area.  The best word to describe Jake would be dishevelled - his mop of black hair was everywhere, his white shirt had what he hoped were ketchup stains on it, and he was missing a shoe.  He frowned to himself as he wondered where it went. Had he lost it in the scuffle with the stripper, or had he traded it to the bartender for one last beer?

Shaking off the fuzzy feeling that seemed to hang over his head, Keeton glances towards Marcus, who is still smiling smugly behind the desk.

“You got my keycard, comedian?”

“Of course!” replies Marcus, as he slides the faded, yellow keycard across the chipped and cracked brown desk that sits before.

Jake grunts, picks up the keycard and stumbles towards the elevator.  

“You might want to take this with you, Mr. Keeton.”

Jake turns to see Marcus holding a yellow, manilla folder in his hand, which is outstretched in his direction.

“Why the hell did you wait for me to get to the elevator before you told me about it?”

“It’s more fun that way” Marcus says with a smile as Jake takes the folder out of his hand.

A few minutes later, Jake swipes the keycard in the machine at his door and steps inside.  The stench of stale beer hits him like a freight train, and he can do nothing but wrinkle his nose at it.  He would keep better hygiene habits if he could, but it simply wasn’t high on his priority list.

Sitting down at a table covered in beer bottles and a half eaten piece of pepperoni pizza, Jake examines the manila folder in his hands.  On the front it says “OWA - Olympus”, and inside is information about his first match for the company. First match for the company? What the hell was he thinking?  It had been almost a decade since his last match, and almost a decade since he had lost Michelle. And in that time he hadn’t even bothered to step inside the squared circle.   Sure, he had kept himself fit, as lifting weights or running through his local neighbourhood had been the only thing that kept him sane for a time, but wrestling? He hated the thought of it.

And yet, here he was.  A match just a few days round the corner against some bloke called Dax Staley.  He didn’t even know if Dax was an actual name. Was it a nickname? Isn’t ‘Dax’ something you do to your buddies to embarrass them?  Times sure had changed, and Jake sure hadn’t moved with those times.

He flicked through the information and realised that he needed to cut a promo about his first match.  How the hell was he supposed to do that? Clearly he wasn’t needed at the Globe Theater for a few days yet, and even if he was, there wouldn’t be anyone there.  As he continues to look through the info, he notices an email address and a phone number at the bottom that he can contact. Perhaps he can send them something in the way of a promo?  With his brain still working at about half of its capacity, sending them a video of some kind seems like the best solution. Or some sort of solution, anyway.

Standing slowly from the table and taking a short swig from a bottle that is half filled with warm, flat beer, Jake walks over and sits down on the edge of the unmade bed.  He turns his phone on, turns it around to face him, hits the record button and gets down to business.

“So… OWA, it’s, ah, terrific to be here.  No really, it is. I’ve always wanted to come to California and check out the bars and pubs around here.  I mean, just last night I think I spent some time at the ‘Spearmint Rhino’ and… it really wasn’t that good.  The beer tasted as though it has spent some time in an old man’s underpants and the food, well…

Anyway, let me get to the point.  I had a look over the information you sent and it seems that I’ve got a match against… let me see here, what was his name again?”

Jake bends down to pick up the manila folder that is sitting almost out of reach on the floor.

“Tax… Sax… Dax!  Yes, Dax Stanley.  No, wait. Staley. Sorry there pal, the mind goes a bit fuzzy sometimes.  So I took a look at this young buck and it seems as though he’s one of these millennial types.  A ring in his eyebrow, a scowl on his face and clothes that haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine since Ronald Reagan was in power.  The sort of bloke who expects to show up and get what he wants. The sort of fella who thinks that he’ll be a wrestler because he beat up his younger brother when he was 10.  The sort of… man… who believes that his only chance at seeing a bra is to wander around a wrestling ring looking tough.

Well, Fax, you’ve already run out of luck.  Here, et me show you around my hotel room…”

Jake stands and uses his phone to slowly pan around the room.  Beer bottles, empty cigarette packets, dirty clothes and every takeaway box you could imagine litter the room.  After a few moments, Jake turns the phone back on himself and, for the first time during the whole interview, smiles.  It’s awkward, it’s unnatural, but it’s a smile nonetheless.

“Jax, the reason you’ve run out of luck, is that I’m a man with nothing to lose.  As you can see, I have nothing left. No money, no possessions… nothing. Everything that meant something to me was taken away almost a decade ago, and if you think that you can take anything else from me, then you’re sorely wrong, my friend.  I can’t sink any deeper than I already have, and in a few days time, I begin to claw myself up from the floor and start again. And you’re the unlucky man that is the first person to stand in my way. I will have my redemption, whether you like it, or not.

“So Bax, I can’t wait to see you in a few days time to….”

The phone goes flat.  Jake mutters ‘fuck it’ under his breath and drops the phone down on the floor.  He’ll charge the phone and send the video in later. He wanted to say more, but he feels like his point is made.

Taking one final swig of warm beer, Jake collapses on the bed and begins to snore almost instantly...
Nathan Fiora
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/25/2019, 11:07 pm by Nathan Fiora

Jeff X, a man who deserves a round of applause for his work effort and passion for this business.  Congratulations on your win, man. I’ve seen your work from the bottom of the food chain and I bet you feel really good about where you are now.  You’ve proved yourself to the Kingdom roster and management by winning the Keys to the Kingdom. I saw the happiness on people’s faces when you were giving your hoorah speech!  While I haven’t been around for a while, I do believe you deserve this moment and am proud of what you’ve accomplished and will accomplish. That’s what I would say if you didn’t make a very unwise decision; attacking me and what I’ve done in this business.  Who are you to say anything that you’ve said? You just started your career and believe you can make all the big shots; your ego has grown a million times larger since you won those keys, my friend. It doesn’t surprise me that you’re so eager to defend your newly won toy because rather than thinking about timing you just want to make it further than you’re meant to right now.  That’s why you’re going to lose to me; you’re moving too far too quickly and underestimating your opponents. You should just lay back a bit kid and go into whatever you can; you can be a cameraman or stick to catering for Final Destination. I’ve held more gold than you will ever see in your entire career. I’m a former hardcore and new breed champion. While you’ve been in OWA for about a year, I’ve been in here and other big companies since 2016, grinding my way to make it to the very top of the food chain.  You’re barely starting the journey while I’m a long way into it. In the few weeks I’ve been around, I’ve brought in a lot of attention to Kingdom; people wanna see what I’m gonna do next. I had one of the best matches this year against Keelan Callihan and I’ve managed to solidify myself quicker than you ever could, Jeff. I can easily prove that by beating you at Kingdom for those keys because that’s your mistake; picking fights with an opponent who’s done it all. This isn’t me underestimating you because I’ve already sung your praises and believe you’ll be a worthy opponent for this matchup.   I don’t think you’ve necessarily learned that there are specific people you shouldn’t get yourself involved with because once you do, you’re done for. I beat Adelmar after I nearly died on Divine Retribution. What did you do last week? Oh, you were acting like some bum, drinking beer and relaxing on a couch, watching me compete when I had no reason to, but I did it due to passion.

So much for you not wasting your time in getting your long “overdue” title opportunity.  If you really wanted a title, you’d be right on your way to your second defense, but you decided to wait this week.  That only tells me that you’re not hungry and worthy enough for this prize in the long run because you’re wasting time.  I’d be already ready for a world title opportunity, inserting myself into the match between Oasis and Aria. However, Keelan decided he needed to be a little baby and begged me for a match, so you were allowed to win the match I would’ve easily been in.  That’s why I asked for the match against you this week, as I was going to ask to be in the keys match, which is interesting since I have a pretty great track record with these kinds of situations. You can brag about winning the keys in a multi-man match, but I did the very same with my Hardcore title and managed to defend it in one-on-one action.   This isn’t my rookie year anymore, where I had an incredible year of learning and striving. Now, I’m a real man, who knows this business and the ring in and out; I want to win decisively and know that you lost due to the beating I gave you and not a bunch of other dudes. So you keep asking why was I given this match? I came to work and for the past few weeks, I’ve been competing in matches, not taking any breaks.  You’re pushing it by saying you’ll win when you’ve yet to have a defense with those keys. What are you gonna say if and when you lose to me? “Oh, I didn’t have the right amount of beer and my steak was off before I had my match”. You’re going to be full of excuses, Mr. X. I can guarantee you that my performance in our match will shock you and leave you in regret about the things you’ve said. There’s a reason Vernon signed me to Kingdom and I’m in OWA in the first place; I’m full of talent and am easily becoming into one of OWA’s main faces.  These EAW accomplishments you don’t care about do matter a bit when you see that every star that left it has made a huge wave in OWA. Scott Oasis, Aria Jaxon, Jacob Senn, CM Nas, Tarah Nova, Keelan Callihan...shall I go on? All of them are decorated competitors, just as I am. They’re all involved in big things currently and have been in OWA for quite some time, yet I haven’t. It’s getting closer to my countdown though, where I’m going to see success similar or possibly even greater than theirs. Are you forgetting they exist to fit your narrative or are you starting to see my point?  You, you’re just starting and that’s why you can only complain about me bragging about my achievements. These accomplishments show what I’m capable of and how much more I can bring now that I have no chains suppressing me. The same happened with EAW and you know what they say about history; it loves to repeat itself, especially when the same ingredients are in place to make a similar recipe. So get used to seeing my face around a lot of kid, keep complaining to your yeehaw lover and get out of my face about if I deserve something or not. When you’ve done this longer than I have, you can do that, but until then, know your place.

Look, you can insult my music all you want; I’m a musician and I have my critics.  I don’t really care about yours since you’re probably listening to Alabama boys singing about marrying their sisters or pets.  Frankly, it’s of no interest to me and I’m sure it’s not of interest to the OWA Universe. Insulting my music to “hurt my feelings” is foolish and every person has their own taste, so it’s cool, man.  I just mind my business but it seems like everyone in this company is rubbed the wrong way by my presence. But the funny thing is you’re putting so much attention my way that you’re proving my point about relevancy.  People know who Nathan Fiora is more than they know of Jeff X; you’re doing great kid but you’re not yet a future candidate for a hall of fame. You’re feeding into the hype machine that is yours truly and there’s a reason for that; I’m worthy of being in this spot.  Jeff, if you didn’t care about me you wouldn’t have said a word or would’ve known this much about me, but I see you. You know quite a bit about me and it’s a bit odd when you’re pretending to not care about my existence when you’ve been paying attention to my every action.  Maybe, just maybe, you actually want to see what the hype is all about. You secretly want to see what I’m capable of in the ring; your beloved Keelan saw something in me so why wouldn’t you see something in me too?

The thing that did anger me is when you started mentioning my sister and the details of her passing.  First, don’t you ever mention Miranda again or I’ll make sure you’re back in whatever redneck indy you came from by next week.  You saw what happened to Keelan and he said it when my patience was at an all-time high. Now I ask you something; did you grow up with your parents?  The comfort of a roof over your head every night? My sister and I survived things that no kids should’ve but she kept me strong. We went through wars of abuse and neglect, yet we both overcame all the odds and became the people we were meant to be.  Miranda was everything to me and the only way I feel like I can respect her is by putting my body on the line every week, aiming for that eventual world title. I won’t question what you’ve gone through, but you won’t see me disrespect your fallen comrades; I’m not stooping down to your level.  You started this whole debacle and you’re gonna want to get out of this Jeff, but you’re simply a fool. My sister wanted me to do this with her for the longest time and guess what? I never wrestled until after she passed, and guess what? I love wrestling with a passion now because of her influence and how one can have an impact on the less fortunate.  Yeah, I’ve been a bum, but I’m also incredibly successful, knowing where I came from. So please, stop acting like you know who I am and never reference my sister ever again. My mental and emotional state is none of your business; if I wasn’t fine, I wouldn’t be here right now speaking to you. If you want to test your luck with mentioning my personal matters, kiss your dream of going to FD altogether because I’ll send you back home with several injuries.  Yeah, I lost against Keelan in a match that could’ve gone to either one of us; he left that match a different man, banged up completely. Just know that I’m going to get my win back but getting the keys would be a nice side investment so I can jump back into where I was before I left for a year.

Jeff, whether you’re ready or not, you’re going to be consumed in flames.  No, it won’t be due to the excessive amounts of Bud Light you drink, it’s going to be the fire I leave in that ring every night.  It’s a fire that only a Fiora can produce with their sheer ability and passion for this business and you’ll feel it. This is for Miranda and her name will come to haunt you when you wake up Wednesday morning knowing that you’ve lost your crown.  You’re going to look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself, realizing that this isn’t a dream. It’s real life and I will be on the road, working my way to a world title match. You may want to try to stop me, but it’ll be too late. I’ll be at Final Destination and by the end of the show, I’ll be holding that world title that’s kept me up days and nights, the one I’ve worked blood, sweat, and tears for.  The announcers and the world will be in shock, but you, you’ll just be frozen. You’ll hear the noise ringing through your head, facing the dark and deep reality that even a beer can’t take away.
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/25/2019, 10:52 pm by Shin-SEKAI
(Camera pans over to a shot of Japanese barbecue searing over a heated pot as Moongoose McQueen sits at a tale with his eyes closed almost as if asleep. The background shows Moongoose in a booth in a crowded restaurant. As the meat sizzles and smoke rises into the air, McQueen opens his eyes  and looks directly at the camera. )
Adelmar Sauer…. Ambassador of the old world style wrestling. Your ambitions are noble, but futile as there is a perfectly good reason that only you practice such a style. It’s outdated, bland, and ineffective, with the only distinct you have to your advantage is your size. 386 lbs, or as you claim, 27 stones. But in this day and age, who comes to the show for the size.
I suppose I need to explain what happened last week. I attacked Hans Olson after our match in a fit of rage, despite telling myself that I did not care for that match and that I wouldn’t take it seriously. After all, Hans doesn’t interest me, he did not intrigue me. His merit, his wrestling ability and honest nature, but I digress. I simply got lost in the moment due to frustrations with my performance at Divine Retribution, and I do mean to say, performance.
I would imagine, Adelmar, that you do not care for that term, performance. Atleast believe it shouldn’t co-exist with wrestling, which I believe you define as a real competition among men. Point being said, I didn’t appreciate Hans trying his best to beat me. He didn’t just simply rob me of a victory. He opted to get an easy and cheap win rather than entertain the thought of pushing me to my limit, which he failed.  You ever know that feeling, Adel. You got this hyped built up, only for it to be taken away before the climax, and in that instance, I snapped. A Roll up. A god damn roll. And sure, perhaps it was wrong for meto get angry at him. Perhaps I should had invited Han here with me tonight to enjoy this feast as an apologize.
But I’d be lying if I had brought him in here and I didn’t toss this pot of hot coal in his face, because deep down, yeah. I’m still frustrated with Divine Retribution, and have yet to find someone proper to take it out on. If I could, I’d take it out on Scott Oasis, but as a man of my word, I will not touch him. Perhaps after Final Destination, but Aria Jaxon has earned that right to challenge him. But then you ask, what am I do to until then? What can a man of my caliber do after being the world title contender? Do I go after another title? Do I aimlessly fight whoever is assigned to face me? Do I just go backstage and pick a fight with whoever I feel deserves to face my wrath? It’s a mystery at the moment, even to me.
The only thing I do know is. I’m starving. I’m hungry. I need to feed. Now I could just grab what I can and just eat and eat. But if you wait just a little bit longer, place it over some heat, wait to add in a few more ingredients,  only then, do you have a satisfying meal. I mean, you’re a big man. Surely you know what I’m talking about. And as bad as it sounds, Adelmar, you lack seasoning. You don’t seem appetizing to me. And you see, I’m a very picky eater. But I know dog food when I look at it, and you’re a steaming pile of it. Cook it as you may, it still taste like shit, and it would be best to avoid it all together. But when you work in OWA, sometimes, shit is all they can give you, and quite frankly, I’m better than that. I’m better than you. I’m not afraid of you. I just know any confrontation I have with you will not satisfy me. I have so reason to shit on what you believe in. Old style wrestling, if I took that from you, what else would you have to offer? Absolutely nothing, and the sad truth is. I’m going into this match with you in the same mindset as I went with Hans.
I’ll admit it. I’m not too thrilled about it. I’m not going to pretend and act like every opponent I face is someone I want to face or I have something to be angry with them. At the end of the day, some people, such as yourself, just don’t mean anything to me at all. You are not my friend. You are not my enemy. You are nobody to me. And sure, maybe I should invite you here to dine with me, and we can change all that. But I rather not waste the time and effort to know what makes Adelmar ticks, when truth is, it doesn’t take much to know and use it against you. You’re not very good at hiding it. If I had to some it up, you probably hate those “god damn millennial wrestlers” who does flips, focus more on fighting than wrestling, and show off in the ring. So in other words, you don’t like me. That’s fine. That’s cool. But the feeling is mutual.
I don’t like 386 lb behemoths who think they can use raw power to get their way. Some of us are not born to be that big, in fact, it’s a gift, a blessing to naturally have the world fear you. But guys like me, we have to work for it. I gotta come up with plans and execute it like an art form, and I’m talking about respect. Adelmar, I know people are impressed with you, but quite frankly, I’m not. Just because you choose to come out announced in stones, and because you big and athletic, it would be stupid to believe that makes you on my level when I’ve faced bigger giants. I’ve faced those that preach the old style and practice it. I’ve done this before, can you blame me for getting sick and tired of being fed the same crap over and over throughout my career? Guy like you, Han, and probably the next guy they have me face, they don’t interest. There is no, what’s the right term that I’m looking for…. Spirit.
That’s right, spirit. The very essence of life and livelihood for which you do not possess. While you focus on making the body bleed, I focus on making the soul bleed, and that essentially is what makes guys like me the future of this industry. My work tells a story, where your so-called revival of your style is already dead in the water before it began. Who is going to follow you, when it’s people saying my name, whether it’s praises or booes, no one is going to know who is Adelmar Sauer is. Maybe you think that by beating me, people will notice you and think I’m going to put on a few pounds, grow a few inches, and learn a bunch of moves where the only thing you really can do when it doesn’t work is to do it again and hit harder like some kind of barbarian. No, Adelmar. What I do… is art. It’s a craft. Much like that of a chef, it is my job to raise expectation and give them a unique and satisfying experience.  But even so, what can I even do with a bland colorless slab of meat such as yourself when there are bigger and more rich cuts out there for me to work with?
But take it as a good thing, Adelmar. After all, I having nothing to want to do with you means a lot of things too. For example, I do not hate you enough to care. I’m not mad at you. If I was, it would be a different story, one that is worthy for me to tell. But I wouldn’t push that button, because as of this moment, I’m making sure whoever I pick to punish, can satisfy my anger, but as each day past, it’s almost like even the smallest thing can trigger me, and I wouldn’t envy that son of a bitch that happens to be in my warpath.
(Moongoose McQueen snaps a chopstick and digs into the meat he had cooking, blowing on it before placing it in his mouth. He puts down the chopstick and takes a sip from his tea. He wipes his mouth with a hankerchef and tosses it on top of the grill, before standing up and flipping the table over, spilling the food and burning charcoal all over the floor. He takes out his wallet and begins to toss money on the floor as a crowd stares. He snaps his finger as members of the Shin-SEKAI from the next booth over rises up and rushes to his side.)
Needs more salt.
(Moongoose signals for his gang to leave. A waiter tries to get involved, only for Moongoose to shove him to the side. Customers look on in shock and awe as Shin-SEKAI makes their leave)
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/25/2019, 9:04 pm by DampshawIIIఒ
Oh, Udy. I'd say I was surprised...but I'm not. I've been in this business for about 5 or 6 years now. A mere pebble in the ocean I know, but that time has allowed me to hear it all. The praise, the accolades. The hatred and insults. And I can honestly say, you are just like everyone else. "Silver spoon"? Being "handed everything"? "Pompous aristocrat"? Did you watch tapes of other people's promos on me and just cherry pick which cliches sounded the most scathing? We've been through this a thousand times. Yes, I was born into immense wealth. Yes, I was privileged in ways no normal man or woman can imagine. And guess what, Udy? I have enough money that if I wanted to, I could buy your entire family and throw them back on the dirty, disgusting streets of whatever backwater village you were birthed into. 

I find it humorous that you brought up the history of England colonizing India as if I'm supposed to feel sorry for that. What do you want, my deepest apologies for "my people's transgressions"? You should feel so lucky. England is the reason you people have clean water, television and food that isn't infested with bugs. Now I know that isn't...."PC" so allow me to change the subject. You say the love of the fight and the love of spilling blood is what drives you. My son, you have no idea what it means to spill blood. You may think you do because you've wrestled in some backyard hole where you and your friends hit each other over the head with steel chairs and bleed, but you don't. You have no real concept of what it's like to hold another man in your hands and feel the hot plasma flow through your fingers, watching the life fade from their eyes, hearing the screaming of their families....You do not understand anything about that. You can play tough guy all you want, but you have never been where I've been. You've never seen the things I have, and you never can, so don't even pretend.

You call me a bully as if we are on the schoolyard. You proved my point. You're no man. You're a sniveling little child and as I previously stated, you are in way over your head. I've made it a point to never just overlook my opponents or brush them off as nothing, and I imagine you'll show me something...for a few minutes anyways. You believe wholeheartedly in yourself that you're the next big thing here in OWA, that everyone needs to stop and take notice of you, and that in itself will carry you. You may carve out a nice niche for yourself here, but not against me. I'm sorry. Whatever "baptism" you think you're going to receive is not going to happen. The only baptism will be me drowning you in your own blood.

Regardless of what you were told or what you may think, I don't make false threats. I don't scream wildly into the night with no one listening. When I say "I am the grass, the wind and the sun", it isn't the ramblings of a madman like everyone thinks. I feel the neurons and synapses of the entire universe flowing through this mortal carriage I am currently inhabiting. I have existed as a fighter since before your ancestors have even breathed, this is just the form you see me in here. I will not falter to you and cower to my mansion. You don't want to know what I have in that place, but in fact...maybe when I'm done with you, I'll take you there to show you. You say I'm crazy? Once you take one look at what I have there, your mind will break.

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."

Come, Udy. Let me take you home.

Jeff X
Re: OWA Promos!
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Let It Die

Askin, North Carolina
Day After Kingdom
March 18, 2019

The scene opens up to the front door of the small, simple house that OWA’s own Jeff X calls home.  After a quick knock by the camera crew, an unfamiliar man in his mid-thirties opens the door.  He looks rough to put it mildly.  His blonde hair is a mess and he looks as if he might vomit at any moment.


The man turns his back to us and walks forward, plopping down on the couch and putting his hands over his face, groaning.  Just then Jeff X emerges from the kitchen, smiling.

“Oh, good.  I was expecting you guys to show up.”

Jeff looks at the man on his couch quizzically.

“Tyler, the fuck’s wrong with you?”

“Twenty years.  I’ve known you twenty damn years and somehow I STILL haven’t learned not to go out with you on St. Patrick’s Day.”

Jeff laughs hysterically for a moment.

“It was St. Patrick’s Day!  We’re SUPPOSED to get shit-faced!”

“I’m not 25 anymore Jeff!!!”

“I don’t know what that has to do with anything.  You drank like a damn girl back then too.  Do me a favor and toss me those keys on the table there, will ya?”

Tyler sits up and grabs the keys from the dining room table.  He holds them up and stares at them, almost in awe.

“Woah...are...are these the Keys to Kingdom that you won?”

“Yes, Tyler.  The Keys to Kingdom come on an old NASCAR lanyard, complete with a bottle opener.  No, you idiot, those are to the Chevy.  Now will you hand ‘em here.  I gotta make a beer run.  And take a fucking shower while I’m out.  You smell like Fiora.”

Tyler tosses the keys to Jeff and groans again as he lays back down.

“How can you even think about more beer right now?  You’re not human.”

Jeff laughs again as he lights up a cigarette and looks at the camera.

“Come on guys.  Let’s let sleeping beauty here get some rest.  We got a lot to discuss anyway.”

Jeff grabs a Bud Light from the fridge before making his way outside.  The camera follows him onto the small front porch as the door shuts behind him, leaving his poor, hungover friend to rest.  Jeff smiles as he cracks the top of his beverage and takes a sip.  He stares out at the woods around him as the sun hangs high in the sky.  It’s an unusually warm day for March and Jeff looks to be in particularly high spirits, just two weeks removed from becoming the inaugural Keys to the Kingdom winner.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling pretty good right now.  And after all, why wouldn’t I be?  We’re just a few short weeks away from Final Destination...the biggest wrestling event of the year...the stage that I have been waiting my entire life to perform on.  You’ve all heard me talk for months now about how I would do anything in my power to earn my place at Final Destination and I have done just that.  Since Clash of Titans, there hasn’t been a single individual in this company that can say they’ve pinned my shoulders to the mat for the count of three.  Week after week, I have come out and delivered on the words that I’ve spoken as I’ve ripped through everybody that they’ve put before me.  And that all culminated at Divine Retribution when I claimed the Keys to the Kingdom.  Now, it’s true that the Keys are not the end game here, but they are a means to getting there.  And as long as I am the holder of the keys, my Final Destination spot is all but assured.  But at the same time, I realize that I can’t get to where I want to be by simply being content as the one who holds the keys.  I need defenses for it to truly mean anything.  It’s why I asked for this match this week.  I don’t feel like wasting anymore time.  I’m not getting any younger and I have many goals that I still wish to achieve in my time here.  Of course, I had assumed that Tressler would have given me a worthy opponent, but at the end of the day, I suppose I’ll just have to settle with beating that mangy-looking hobo, Nathan Fiora.”

Jeff pauses to take a drag from his smoke and another sip of beer.

“There’s so many great men and women in our locker room.  I can think of plenty of them that have earned the right to be the first to challenge me for the keys.  Hans Olsen, Kevin Maverick, Keelan Callihan, Donny Dragon...but yet...they give that opportunity to you, Nate, and quite frankly it vexes me.  I mean, what exactly is it that you’ve done to earn this?  And please don’t start listing any of your mid-card EAW accomplishments from years ago as if that still means anything here today in this company.  I don’t care about that.  I want to know what you’ve done here.  In OWA.  The single greatest wrestling promotion on the planet today.  Beat Adelmar Sauer?  Big deal.  Who hasn’t?  That lumbering idiot has been getting knocked down to size by any and everyone since the moment he showed up here.  Only thing separating you from anyone else is that you had to attack the poor bastard with a guitar before the match even started to get the job done.  I’ll give you credit for one thing though, at least you finally found some good use for that guitar of yours, because I looked up a few of your big ‘hits’ yesterday and, I gotta tell you man...listening to your music was more painful than any wrestling hold that I’ve ever been put in.”

Again, Jeff pauses to take a drink from the bright, blue can.

“Hell, maybe that’s why you decided to come back to wrestling after all.  Finally realize that you weren’t quite cut out for the music industry?  Decided to come back here and give this a go again?  But what you must have forgotten is that you aren’t cut out for wrestling either.  You couldn’t make it the first time around in EAW and you damn sure aren’t going to make it here this time.  Not at my expense.  Because at Divine Retribution, while you were still licking your wounds from the culmination of some petty rivalry from years ago with Keelan Callihan...a losing effort might I add...I was busy defeating five of the most promising and talented young competitors that this brand has to offer to claim these keys for myself.  You see, Nate, you just showed up here pretty recently and have very few matches under your belt...only one of which you’ve actually won.  But I...I have been toiling away here on Kingdom for the better part of the last year...scratching and clawing my way back up the ladder...painting the ring in my blood as well as the blood of my opponents.  And I’ve done it all to be able to stand here today holding the Keys to Kingdom.  By defeating you those Keys turn into a shot at the Spartan’s Championship.  Hell, if I decide to defend them again after you, I’ll have earned myself a shot at the World Title.  Do you seriously think that there is any chance in hell that I’m going to let you take everything that I’ve worked so very hard for away from me?  You are literally all that’s standing in between myself and my long overdue shot at championship gold.”

Jeff’s eyes light up for a moment as if he just had some kind of epiphany.  He smiles and takes another drink as he flicks his cigarette butt out into the yard.

“But I know you desire that same shot at championship gold, don’t you Nathan?  After all, you have more to fight for than just pride.  You’ve vowed to get your hands on the World Championship for the memory of your fallen sister.  And what better way to reach those goals by taking the keys for yourself, successfully defending them a few times, and cashing in for that opportunity.  I get it.  It’s only logical.  And it’s an admiral cause.  But in the end, it’s a fool’s errand that will leave you broken and hurt once again Nate.  I mean...didn’t you vow to defeat Keelan for your sister as well?  How’d that work out?  You think Miranda was looking down with pride as you lied there, a bloody mess, while Keelan’s arm was the one raised in victory?”

Jeff’s smile fades and he takes another drink before continuing, his southern voice growing much more serious and somber.

“The simple answer is no.  No she wasn’t.  Miranda wasn’t looking at anything, because like it or not, Nathan...Miranda is dead.  It’s a tough hard pill to swallow, but your sister is gone and she’s not coming back.  Nothing you do in that wrestling ring is going to change that and trying to do so is going to bring you nothing but pain.  While I sympathize with you over the loss of your sister, it’s not going to give you some kind of an edge over anyone else.  Death is simply a part of life.  We’ve all lost people.  From every single person in that locker room to the every one of the fans that pack these arenas each and every week...all of us have lost people that we cared about.  I’ve dealt with death all of my and friends.  We, as wrestlers, all tend to think that we got to war with each other every time that we step in between those ropes, but I’ve been to actual war Nathan.  I’ve been there in Afghanistan as I had to watch my brothers die all around me, never knowing when my time was next.  It’s a visual and a feeling I’ll never forget and I carry them all with my everywhere I go.  I tried for a long time to use that loss to my advantage in the motivate me, much like you are now, but the simple fact of the matter is that it achieves you nothing.  It doesn’t help you win and it only makes it hurt worse when you lose.  So do us both a favor Nathan and stop trying to do this for her.  Because she can’t see what’s happening nor does she know what your doing.  She’s nothing more than a memory in your mind as well as your heart now.  So instead of fighting for her, do this for you Nathan.  Do it because it’s what you want to do.  For while I have no problem in taking responsibility for the physical pain that you’ll receive this week, I have no desire to place on my conscience the mental anguish you will feel when you inevitably let your sister down once again.”

Jeff finishes his beer and tosses the can into the recycling bin on the other side of the porch.

“You see, I have my own things to fight for and my own goals to accomplish, Nathan.  And I’m not going to let you or the ghost of your sister slow me down.  My sights are firmly set on Final Destination and I’m so close that I can taste it, as if it were just another mouthful of Bud Light.  And if you get in my way, Nathan...then I will make sure that your own personal final the same as your beloved sisters’.  See you Tuesday Nate.”

The camera focuses in on the ice cold blue eyes of the holder of the Keys for a moment before fading out to black.

[Fade To Black]
Donny Dragon
Re: OWA Promos!
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Donny Dragon and James Anderson are standing over a table in the war room, their shit eating grins obnoxious but deserved.
James: Oh, what’s that? What the fuck is that? Are Ground Zero everywhere?
Donny: No, surely not? We can’t possibly be EVERYWHERE! That would be absurd!
James: Well, let’s do a quick checklist, shall we? Kingdom?
Donny: Uhh, Nate’s there, so are we. Check!
James: Odyssey?
Donny: Lieta! Check!
James: Olympus?
Donny: No, no, we’re not on Olympus…wait. That tag match that we broke up the other day…that was at an Olympus show, right?
James: Check! God damn it, we really are everywhere, huh? I mean, we’ve got the tag titles to go after, Nate’s got the Spartan’s, and Lieta could tear Nikita LaShae’s head off without thinking twice! Ground Zero are about to be DRAPED in gold, baby! DRAAAAAPED!!
Donny: What a marvellous reality it is that we inhabit, James. I mean, I couldn’t think of a better person to do it with than you. Dollhouse? Wild Boys? What kind of a world do we live in where the tag division’s represented by Princess Peach, Rosalina, and the Mario Brothers? I mean, has the whole damn world gone crazy?
James: It’s a tragedy, my friend, a real tragedy.
Donny: Speaking of which, you see who my opponent is this week?
James: Well, you DID just pin the current Spartan Champion, so I’d imagine it’s a pretty big match. You got a title shot?
Donny: Nope!
James: Aria Adjacent?
Donny: Nope!
James: Jeff Ecks?
Donny: Nope!
James: Keelan Chechik?
Donny: NOPE!
James: Then who the hell is it?
Donny: Drumroll please.
James: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………..
James: Alex WHAT?!
Donny: I know! The CAW himself! The man, the myth, the legendary answer to a question that nobody has asked, will ask, or will even write down. Alex Scott, a man whose first victory came at the expense of Kevin Maverick, whose LAST loss was at the hands of Layne Kurobane. And as we all know, wrestling math cannot be argued with. I beat Layne, who beat Kevin, who lost to Alex, so I’m better then Ale- wait, uhh, no, that doesn’t check out. Look, it’s needless info, ignore it. Alex Scott is a man who is more than just a boring name, he’s uhh, I hear he’s a good cook!
James: Where did you hear that?
Donny: I didn’t but I don’t wanna hurt the kid’s feelings. I’m gonna be so busy hurting his body that his feelings will be all he has left. Look, we know his track record, this is the third time I’m sharing the ring with the man and I’ve said so much about him that I’m running out. He got his ass beat by me and Hans in that tag match, and he’s the sucker who got pinned at Keys to the Kingdom. You know how hard it is to get pinned in a match like that? It’s a one in six chance! He was the one dude crappy enough that he ended up eating shit and losing, he ruined it for all of us! Keys to the Kingdom was mine, Alex! But you’re such a turd blossom that you lost before I could win! Everybody but Jeff hates you, right now. We all looked on in horror when we realised that the longevity of the match rested on the shoulders of the kid who would be crap. Hell, if you’d never been in there…
James: How DID he get into that match in the first place? He was on like a million-match losing streak.
Donny: Maybe his dad works in catering or something. I did notice a rather large dip in the food quality after I started ragging on this dude. Anyway, point is that had you never been in there and got your ass kicked, Jeff wouldn’t have had the path to easy victory. You were a gift-wrapped conduit to the Keys, you little bastard. And somehow, someway, you’re still stinking up the joint with your presence. I mean, do you honestly, really, in your heart of fucking hearts, believe that you…YOU will be the first person in OWA to pin or submit Donny freaking Dragon? The man who made Scotty Adams tap and embarrass that Aussie abortion to the point he hasn’t shown his face here since? The man who pinned Layne Kurobane and now has a more valid claim to the Spartan Title than the champ himself? The man who just made headlines by showing up on an Olympus-branded supershow to spread the good word of Ground Zero? You’re not even a speed bump on the road to Final Destination, Alex, you’re a bit of roadkill that is just gonna get progressively more hideous as cars continue to run over it. Look! There’s your little roadkill brain, flying off into the distance as it’s crushed under the wheels of a semi! Look at it go! Hooray! God damn it, Alex, when are you gonna take the hint that you don’t belong here? What is it even that you do? You talk about how much you deserve to be here, how hard you’ve worked. Christ! We all deserve to be here, we were signed to contracts! We didn’t just walk into the arena one day and get booked on the card. We all worked hard, this is wrestling! Surely, anybody who’s gone through basic training at a school knows that working hard is a prerequisite for doing this for a living? Are you…James, I don’t think I should say this.
James: Why not?
Donny leans over and whispers to James.
Donny: Is…is it politically incorrect to make fun of people with special needs? I think Alex might be…retard-ted.
James: I mean, it wouldn’t be very NICE, I can assure you of that.
Donny leans away.
Donny: Alex, look, I know that mommy and daddy always told you that you were special as a kid. But umm, they didn’t mean it in the usual way. Like, you were never particularly brilliant at anything, never had the chance of excelling. You see, there’s these things called chromosomes, and when a child is born with an extra one-
Donny: Damn, time to work out already? Time to harden our glutes? Chisel our rock-hard abs some more? But I was just starting to get into my groove making fun of the window licke-
Aria Jaxon
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/25/2019, 1:49 pm by Aria Jaxon

Days like this, matches like this, they’re the ones that cause a less self-assured competitor to crack.

I’ll caution you right from the start not to get too far ahead of yourself, Lars. I’m not looking at you or any other man I’ll face on the home stretch to Final Destination as some larger-than-life task that I don’t know how to deal with. On paper, it might seem like I’ve already done the heavy lifting. The Clash has come and gone, I ran the marathon, and I came away with what mattered the most. I outlasted them all, including you, Lars. But now I’m caught in the in-between period, that chunk of time in between the winning the Clash and the championship match that came along with it. This is what it feels like to be in the crucible. The eyes of the world are upon me now, waiting to see if I’ll make any stutter steps en route to the show of shows. I’ve got a target on my back, as evidenced by the actions of someone like Jon McAdams or the petty vendetta of someone like our pathetic excuse for a General Manager. Everyone wants to make an example outta me. You’re not the first man to look at me and assume that taking my head off my shoulders would be a first-class ticket to bigger and better things. You spelled it out clear as day; you’ve doubled down on the belief that beating me this week would be a bargaining chip you could effortlessly turn into an eventual OWA World Championship match. It’s not the worst idea in the world, can I put this? If I were anyone else, you might be onto something. You’re facing me, though -- a woman who’s been here since day one, and is this close to making her year-long trek to the top of OWA’s ranks truly mean something. I’m not your stepping stone, I’m not someone placed in front of you to teach you a valuable lesson, I’m not a challenge you’ll be able to feel good about overcoming. I’m the winner in this scenario, Lars, and that fact won’t change despite the fact that you’re about to throw your absolute best at me. It’s funny, because for a man who’s won a gold medal and apparently knows what it takes to become the best in your field, you sure have learned a lot about second place finishes in your time in OWA. That’s fine. You took those losses on the chin and kept moving forward, just as you will with this one. It’s all been wonderful practice for something like this.

I’ve had people try to end my career, come into my home, and talk directly to my husband while they’re tryna beat my ass, so don’t give yourself too much credit, Lars. Nothing you’ve said has constituted “crossing the line”. At no point during all of this have I been offended. Confused, maybe, but definitely not offended. What, was saying I’m more than just eye candy supposed to be a compliment? I’ve loooooong since dispelled any belief that might actually be true. I’m a world-class athlete, and while you spent plenty of time kissing my ass and shouting that to high heaven, you spent enough time focusing on trivial bullshit like my looks or how smeared my makeup might be when all of this is over. Shit like that is why I have a hard time believing you when you say I’ve never faced anyone like you. No, I’ve never faced an Olympian, but you chose your most superficial trait as the thing that you believed separated you from any other man I’ve competed against -- and beaten. In a perfect world, the things you’re capable of might have me second-guessing the things I’m saying, but here? What you’re capable of -- as a talented but far from infallible wrestler -- don’t scare me in the slightest. Peel away the Olympic exterior, and beneath it is someone who’s hitting me with the same material that’s been lobbed in my direction for years. It’s part of why I believe I can beat you, Lars -- because I’ve been here before.

I also have the luxury of being able to say I’m too focused to take an L right now. Can you say the same? I’m so far beyond being the woman who let shit in her peripheral take her focus away from the things that mattered. I’m done with the stables and the side quests. My trajectory is forward, straight ahead to Final Destination and the championship I’ll soon have strapped around my waist. You’ve got a million different possibilities running through your head now, tryna weigh the pros and cons of how your career could really take off if you were to manage to beat me. This is just another episode of Kingdom for me, Lars, and you’ve turned it into your Final Destination. I mean a great deal to you, and you’re just another opponent to me. The only thing you should be looking to accomplish here is looking formidable in defeat. And if you still wanna shake hands when all is said and done, I’ll happily do that. After the bell and that little display of sportsmanship, you’ll know deep down that everything I said was true. It won’t be the odds you fail to overcome. It’ll be The Queen.
The Udy
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/25/2019, 7:02 am by The Udy
“The Real Challenge”

“You say you are the owls, the trees, the grass, the wind and the sun? Boy I must say your delusion is as cute as a Pig’s squealing before being slaughtered.”, The Real Alpha scoffs.

But I understand, after being raised with the proverbial silver spoon stuck in your mouth like a parasitic twin and either being handed or purchasing every accomplishment you can boast of, you were thrust into the real world.  That can be jarring and I fully understand that.  You cracked under the pressure, didn’t you? And now you live with a pseudo split personality.  You are at the same time the pompous asshole from the stupid isle. You are also the cracked fucking king who talks to himself.  And finally you are a man child that is so sassy that he tries to insult me by talking about my hair. Really? How much more will you fall? And you speak of intelligence? Irony huh?”

“Your daddy must be disgusted I am sure.  I mean it’s so idiotic that its actually funny Reggie boy!”, Udy laughs.

And you talk about wolves and owls?”, Udy scoffs again, “Man, I am not going to say I am a werewolf or shit because I fully understand the difference between a disease and reality.  But trust me even if the things are not real, there some elements of the unreal dimension that stays back with you, hidden in the deep crevices of the complex structure of human psyche.  Like your inherent stupidity, for me what stayed back is the love of fight, the love to spill blood and the urge for violence.  The fiction of the diseased soul will merge with the fact of the destructive force, man. You see, this week, you will probably end up wishing you had faced a real werewolf because they have vulnerabilities.  You will probably wish you hadn’t faced me because man, I am not going to be stopped by silvers or stakes. Oh no, I will not!”

Udy gets serious.

“I will stand up to you and your pompous bullying ass-face and will kick your skull in.  I will kick your egoistic butt so bad you will end up crawling back to the comfort of your mansion, your tail of failure tucked between your tired legs. And spend the rest of your life as a crack-head talking to yourself and your stupid ancestors, asking what would have happened had you not crossed my path and me???”, Udy smirks a bit.

“Reggie boy, all your silver bullets you so fondly talk about will be of no use other than decorating your fallen body as it’s taken away to Broadmoor because that’s where you belong. I will do you the favor of curing your insanity man.  I will save the world of your stinking presence.  I will save you from yourself”

“You will fall this week at Kingdom and for you it will be the end of your bull crap of a career here.  For me, it will be the beginning and your blood, sweat and bones will baptize me as ‘The Real Alpha’ of OWA! So Reggie I will see you at Kingdom because I am sure your pomp, ego and craziness won’t allow you to run and hide but I am also sure your vile cowardly blood is actually begging you to. Question is whether you listen to your ego or your fear?”

“The ultimate reality is your end man because even if you run, I will hunt you down. You say I lack killer instinct? What if I say I am the instinct man?  What if I say I am the life and death? For I am the day and night, light and darkness, the sea and the sand and I AM YOUR END”, Udy looks straight at the camera as it slowly fades out.
Hans Olsen
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What Mongoose McQueen did after our match was pathetic. This guy is a veteran in this business and yet he can’t accepted a lose to An Olympic Gold Medalist? What a pussy. I’m not holding a grudge but would my opponent this week do the same to me? That’s right, I’m talking about you, Aria Jaxon.

I mean you’re a veteran just like him and I wish so bad that you can accepted a lose to An Olympic Gold Medalist. Yes, I’m confident to go into our match Aria. I mean you’ve proven your name here and elsewhere. You won The Clash of Titan match which was really great. Yes, men or women makes no different to me and you’re a household name, Aria. If I can beat you this week, it’ll be a great for me. Hell, I might be the one who challenges you or Scott Oasis next for The OWA World Championship.    

You have to understand, this match really means a lot to me. I’ve proven myself at Amateur Wrestling and it’s the best time for me to do the same in professional wrestling. You’re not an ordinary eye candy, you’re also one of the toughest bitches that this business has ever seen. You’ve beaten the best and the rest but I’m certainly going to bring my A-Game to the ring. Are the odds against me? Yes, I can say that, but make no mistake, Aria, I’m going to beat you.  
I don’t underestimated you by any means. You sacrificed  yourself for all these years and it was worth it. You have numerous accomplishment and accolades under your reign and you have a chance to win The OWA World Championship if you beat Scott Oasis At Final Destination. I wish you the best of luck and I don’t hate the idea of you as The OWA World Champion. You’re one of the best talents in this company and I have countless respect to you.  

Without a shadow of doubt, I’m going to learn something from you in our upcoming match. I mean look at you, you're a natural athlete. But tell you what? I’m always ready to face off against anyone and everyone. Be it an upcoming rookie or a veteran like you. No offence, but I do think it’s a good idea to face you in the ring. Apart from learning something from you, it will be a good idea to try my hardest to beat you. Just like you said, I’m trying to make my name for myself in this company and one of the best ways to do so is beating an established name just like yourself. I mean, it will be hard for me to do so. You are the type who’s always looking something for yourself. But every time I face off against someone like you, I know I can accomplish something for myself. My purpose here is to be on the top just like you are. I believe there was a time when you were in a similar situation like me, Aria. I know you’re looking for a momentum going forward to Final Destination. Especially you’re going to face an Olympic Gold Medalist. I believe you want to win so bad. Therefore, I believe you can understand what I’m feeling right now. I’m going to beat you and if I have to break your ankle which would cost your match at Final Destination, I will certainly do it. 

This could be considering as crossing the lines but you see Aria, every time people said I’m crossing the line, I don’t stop. I never stop. When people say I’m crossing the line, I just go even further. Everytime people say I take things too far, I’ll take my actions even further. I’m crossing the line in order to make a name for myself. I don’t hate you at all, but your makeup will be messed up when you’re going up against The Olympic Gold Medalist. I’m pretty sure this is your first time you’re going to meet an Olympic athlete like me. I know what I’m capable off and I know you’ll find it difficult to beat me.  

In the end, I don’t hate you. I’m paying my respect to you by giving everything I have. I want to see you beating Oasis if it’s go as possible. It’s just unfortunate that I have to win in your expense. It’s nothing personal. In-fact, I’m thinking highly of you. I’ve stated my reason already. If one strategy doesn’t work for me, I will always have something under my sleeves. I know what I’m capable off, including beating you right in the middle of the ring. I don’t know if you take this as an offended thought and I honestly don’t care. In the end it’s just going to be hell on earth for you, Aria. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. I would love to shake your hand before and after the match over if you don’t do what McQueen did. I have no problem if you beat me, Aria, you’re an established name after all. But no one wants to be the second best and I’m going to be the best by beating you.  

Oh, it’s real! It's damn real!
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 3/24/2019, 5:36 pm by DampshawIIIఒ
Excuse me if I sound...ungrateful, but after having a discussion with Mr. Tressler with him assuring me that I will be an important part of Final Destination, I come to find out that I am being put in a match with yet another new person. So again, excuse me if I come off as ungrateful, but that doesn't quite inspire confidence in me, does it? How much have I proven here in the last few months? How many of your idols do I need to defeat until I get what is mine? I'm sure everyone was weepy and nostalgic when Jon McAdams came out last week and announced his retirement. He poured his heart out saying he didn't have what it takes anymore, but he didn't say why. He said based on his last few matches, he doesn't belong, but he didn't say who one of those matches were against. Once again, I am that dark, locked room that you're not allowed to go into. My name seems to not be allowed to be uttered. Why did Jon McAdams retire? Well, losing to a woman could be one thing, but he's hiding the fact that the sheer humiliation he felt after I beat him shook him to his core. What did I say? I said I knew after defeating him, that he had no chance against Aria Jaxon at Divine Retribution. Physically and mentally, his loss against me affected him so badly that not only could he not stand up to Ms. Jaxon, but he could not show his face as a competitor in OWA any longer. The way I see it, the years would not have been kind to him and his body would eventually break down, leaving him a shell of his former self. So, Mr. McAdams, you're welcome. You're welcome that I gave you 10, 20, maybe even 30 more years on your health and on your life.'s nothing.

And speaking of nothing, I have....Udy? People here call me crazy, but this man claims to be part wolf. Not for some symbolic, totemic reasons but he truly believes himself a kind of werewolf like he is straight out of West Saxon tome. People mock me for what they say is me talking to the voices in my head. Of course, they are ignorant. They have no idea who I am. I don't talk to voices in my head like some mental homeless man talking to flies. If they saw the true power I possess, their tiny minds wouldn't be able to handle the sheer gravity of it all. But Udy? He's the loony here. He should have been locked up in Broadmoor, not me. 

But let me humour you, Udy. You say you like to talk in riddles, yes? Well allow me to offer you one. "You are in the woods with owls and wolves. There are 22 eyes and 32 legs. How many owls and wolves are there?" You may think, "That's simple. 5 owls and 5 wolves". Two eyes and legs are your own, correct? Well, you would be right if this was a perfect world. But in these woods, I am the owls. I am the trees. I am the grass, the wind and the sun. There are eyes all around you. Everything you thought you knew, all the reason and logic you thought you possessed are gone. Vanished. Whisked away in the wind that I am. You are in my world now. I have all the silver bullets in my disposal and you are just a scared, whimpering pup. 

I suppose in that regard I should thank Mr. Tressler. Perhaps I was too hasty with my anger towards him.  I can see now what this is. This is an offering. This is Tressler saying, "Here you go, my boy. Fresh meat on your plate." We can keep on the lycan analogies all night, but I believe that's what it is now. So...O.K. Tressler. But I'm still waiting on that phone call. I know you have people to answer to and that you can't announce the Final Destination card due to sponsors and advertisement reasons, but this is me you're talking to. I'm a very patient man....until I'm not. Understand? Now there have been times, and I admit it was a tad presumptuous of me, where I'd tell my opponent not to bother showing up. Not to come into that ring because of what was going to befall them once the bell rang. Presumptuous because I foolishly presumed that those specific individuals were intelligent enough to heed my warnings. So for you, Udy, I'm not going to bother. Not with that stupid mop on your head that you call a haircut . Not with your little puzzles. I don't have to falsely presume you're intelligent. I can see just by looking at you that you're not. You're another young, hungry rookie looking to make a name for yourself at my expense. But this isn't going ro be a repeat of me losing my debut match against Jon McAdams only to come back and avenge my first loss. You're not going to have a long, illustrious career. You're not going to rectify your loss down the road. This is a fighting ring and like dog you are, when you're exposed for lacking that killer instinct needed to make it, I'm going to put you down. With malice and without mercy. And reality.
The Udy
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OWA Live event (Friday 22nd March, 2019)
The Real Alpha arrives

‘A match between two local competitors just came to an end. As both Zik Mahoney and Big Luke were recuperating, “Game of Thrones-Main Title Theme” by Ramin Djawadi begins in a unique Lyre rendition. 

“The Real Alpha” Udy walks out slowly and kneels down to one knee.  He lets out a howl and stands up. 
The theme picks up pace as Tabla and Flute is added to the mix…

Udy slowly walks out in his street clothes (a jacket and a khaki trouser).  He eyes a still sitting Zik at ring side and taunts him.  He climbs into the ring and heads quickly to the diagonal Turn Buckle and climbs it. 

Udy puts one feet on the top TB and starts playing the crowd while removing his jacket.

He climbs down and throws the jacket outside and quickly turns around and runs.

Udy hits the “De Förbannelsen” on Big Luke who was just standing in awe, destroying him and bursting him open.  Luke rolls out of the ring slowly.

The Demon Wolf then stands up nonchalantly and asks for a microphone.’
“Reggie Boy! I am sure you were called Reggie boy before and I bet your pompous ass didn’t like it.”Udy smirks.

“You see Reggie, you may be ‘The Reginald Dampshaw the third’ in your own little world but let me give you a little cocktail of truth.  From 1858 to 1947, for 100 years your countrymen looted my country, India. The wealth that your rotten family boasts is not yours pal.  Just like your accomplishments are just as fake as the crab cakes made of fish.  Your kind always looks for validation via wealth and you use snobbishness to make yourself feel elevated above all.  But the reality is Reggie, you like an embodiment of every Brit out there, you are just looking for recognition.  Boy, you don’t even have a name.  You are just living off the name and vile accomplishments of your forefathers.  You are so pathetic that your pathetic family cringed at you and didn’t bother naming you.  Instead they wished and oh how they wished, you would turn out to be all right. By giving you the family name, they wanted to right the wrong but you just made what was already rotten shit even worse”, The Udy scoffs and smiles.

“You turned out just like history would have it my boy.  You turned out to be as much a perfect conniving cowardly bastard as your rotten ass blood would let you be.  But you came up short of pleasing and making your daddy proud!  Didn’t you?”, a smirk plays across The Real Alpha’s face and he plays the crowd again.

The camera zooms in at Udy’s face.

“Tell me Reggie, did your daddy hit you with his royal cane? Did he spit venom at you for being such a weasel?  Did he curse you and kick you out and asked you to prove yourself? Is that the reason Reggie why you cracked? Under the immense pressure to be successful when in truth, you were bred to be an useless good for nothing piece of horse shit?”, Udy laughs and spreads his arms and falls to his knees.

“You are a black sheep that was born in a country full of parasites Reggie! You and your kind always suck the blood out of the world just like your presence sucks the life and energy out of a place. Your pomp of calling yourself the King, albeit a cracked one, actually forebodes your fate.  Come this Kingdom, your false kingship will be over as I crack your skull in.  Your pomp will drain out as your rotten blood pours out.  However, I will give the devil his due man.  You are ruthless and sometimes do bring on a fight but ask your ancestors about 1947.  You were kicked out of a place you don’t belong.  And soon I will obliterate your short and stupid legacy from annals of OWA just like we did in ‘47 when your countrymen ran away with their tails between their legs!  History will repeat itself on the holy ground we call the OWA ring.”, The Demon Wolf rises to his feet again.

“Reggie boy, the truth is you are nothing but a parasitic sheep.  You are living oxymoron man.  So, enjoy your meager success at OWA till it lasts because come next week, you will be seating on your ass licking your wounds as “The Real Alpha”, as “The Demon Wolf”, as Udy begins his journey.”,  Udy smirks and plays the crowd again.

“The world will witness the end of the false King and will usher in the era of “The Real Alpha”.  So Reginald Dampshaw The Third,  The Demon Wolf asks you ‘Are you ready for the end?’”Udy smiles with slightly manic expression before dropping the mike.
GoT Theme song hits.

He climbs out of the ring talking trash with the crowd who are divided in their cheers and boos. 

As he nears the entrance, Udy turns around and spreads his arms wide and points the ring and mouths the words “every alpha will be replaced” before leaving.
Lieta Collins
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Odyssey #1

I lost at Pluto’s Gate. Things didn’t go as planned for me.

(Lieta is shown taking a seat, she doesn’t seem happy at all. Probably in a worse mood than usual. She takes off her aviator shades before speaking.)

Must feel amazing for all of you, right? The little girl and waste of a roster space getting the win over me. Let’s be honest here, I got beaten. Do you know how that feels? It feels horrible, it pisses me quite off. Here I thought my mood couldn’t get any worst but you people wanted to do this interview, you better be happy that I have any bit of self-control. So let me guess what you want me to talk about. You all want to me to talk about my opponent Ronnie Osborne, sure let’s talk. Let’s talk about how I’m gonna be putting my foot down and asserting my dominance till victory. Welcome to Odyssey, Ronnie. You can join this hype train of the biggest brand in wrestling. Congrats on getting your career on this big track to success but it seems you’ve already run into a wall. You’ve got the honor and chance to fight me, “The Monarch”.

You get the opportunity and the chance to fight me in the place where I rule over this roster, in the ring. I heard what you said about me, a monarch complex right? Sounds about right when it comes to me and why should have one. I’m the first legitimate star this place brought over from the world of MMA. When you look at the rest of this and then you look at me, you see a clear cut difference. These are the girls they hire for entertaining people, each one of them could be some little girl’s hero for all I care but me. I’m here for the big fight, see three things make me tick, the personal enjoyment of beating others that aren’t on my level, the big fight feel and the paycheck I can get from it. Call it greed or whatever you want to call it but my big house says otherwise. The money that makes the world go round, it’s just what is needed for survival.

If this is a Monarch Complex then I enjoy every bit of it. People like me might be the worst kinds in this world but I stop caring about people’s opinions died quite a long time ago, Ronnie. You can’t be one to deny that I simply stopped.

See I’m still ticked off from my loss at Pluto’s Gate and they’re gonna put you in the ring with me, I feel kind of bad but mercy isn’t something I offer. Ground Zero doesn’t have time to show mercy and let people get away with anything. We take our prisoners with no remorse at all. Time to go back those roots, never let up and keep attacking till they’re down forever.

It sucks, you really seem like an okay person. I’m just in a horrible mood and need something to beat down on Saturday.

(OOC: I know it's past the deadline but I wanted to get this in. Sorry to my opponent and writers.)
Diantha Moreau
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And so I traveled all the way to the Gates of Hell....and returned with nothing to show for it. Moral victories mean nothing to me. I gave Azumi Goto everything that I could have mustered, yet somehow the "Ace" had fate intervene on my behalf. One split second of pain that I couldn't withstand, one buckled knee saved her from Galactica and the end of her championship reign. It is what it is, I suppose. 

I did, however, expose what I know and what Erica knew: all the talk of her hiding this "Beast" of hers, her true nature, was a farce. 

Final Destination is a destination I had no road map to...until it was revealed that I would be wrestling Rochelle for entry into a match that could soothe some of the aches and pains that I feel right now. There is nothing more that I would want than another opportunity to face Azumi or that disgusting human being she will be wrestling at Final Destination. And I will have it. I don't know you Rochelle, not the slightest little bit. All I know is that you are standing in the way of something I have been working towards my entire wrestling life: a World Championship. 

I don't care about how much the fans love you. I don't care how much you love being in OWA. I don't care what little momentum you generated by winning your match on the Preshow of the same show where I pushed the Women's World Champion to her limits. To me, you are just an ant on the sidewalk that I have to step on to make my way towards another opportunity to show the world what I can do. 

A lot of you think my moment in the sun is over now that Pluto's Gate has come and gone. You are wrong, dead wrong.

I'll show you all just how wrong by destroying this so-called wrestler and then cutting down whoever I have to so I can take what belongs to me: The OWA Women's World Championship.
Persephone Bane
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Post on 3/22/2019, 7:51 pm by Persephone Bane
"Please, just let me go..." Soft cries could be heard falling from plush lips. The camera hadn't picked up the view just yet, but you could easily make out that voice. That voice that belonged to one Savannah Sunshine. "I don't know what you people want from me... I've done nothing wrong! I can't-- I can't do this anymore. Everything hurts, please make it stop!" She sobbed, something that sounded gurgled and restrained. The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard pacing around the room, the man not paying her any mind until she vomited thick, tar-like substance onto the concrete floor. The camera finally picking up the view as he used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe at his wife’s face. Her face was sunken in almost, dark circles around her eyes and cheeks seemingly hollow.

“She doesn’t give up easily… Does she?” Dark purple eyes glanced into dark hazel eyes and Axl shook his head. “Afraid not, my love. It’s both an admirable and annoying trait she has always had. But, we have ways of silencing her. Are you hungry?” He stands now, holding a hand out to the woman who was seated on the concrete floor. She slowly stands, holding onto his hand as if he anchored her. “Starving, I haven’t been able to eat in four days because of that godforsaken woman..” She pouts and he leads her out of the dark room into the dimly lit hallway until they reach another room.

Axl reaches with his free hand to flip on the lights and tied up and bound on a chair in the center of the room is a man from Savannah Sunshine’s past. The very man who shaped and molded her into a professional wrestler. The man who had been there every step of the way and then some. The man who was almost like an older brother to her. Jaxon Ravenclaw struggled in the chair, even in spite of the injuries he clearly had. For a moment, a flash of confusion and worry came over Persephone’s face. But, it was quickly wiped away as she took a few steps towards him.

“Can I play with him?” She grinned cheekily, fingers dragging across the males bare chest and going lower and lower until she stopped just above the waistband of his jeans. “Ah, ah, ah… We’ve work to do, beloved. We don’t have time to play with our food, so let’s make this quick?” The two nod at one another and you can clearly hear the loud cries and screams from the man in the chair as blood splatters over the lens of the camera. The scene shifting into a new one minutes later. The cries and screams echoing for a few moments until Persephone and Axl come into view again.

“Pluto’s Gate didn’t exactly go in… our favor. But, that isn’t going to stop us from burning this entire place to the ground.” Persephone paces around what appears to be a graveyard. Black dress stopping a few inches above her knees as she twirls a dead rose in her hands. “There is one goal and one goal only for us, we don’t care for gold. We don’t care for shiny objects. We don’t even care if we win or lose. As long as we're causing chaos and inflicting as much pain as possible to our opponents. Eventually, we will be the only one left alongside our husband and together?”

She glances in Axl’s direction, smiling fondly. “Together, we will stand in the ruins of this wretched place and mold it into our vision.” She lets out a low laugh, dropping the dead flower into the pile of other dead flowers on freshly dug dirt. There is a fresh headstone at the top of the grave, but the name is unreadable and Persephone sits atop the headstone with one leg crossed over the other. She remains composed, silent for a few moments and you can hear the sound of owls in the background.

“But, we won’t worry about the past any longer. We’ll focus on the here and now instead. This week, we come to face none other than Eris. A woman we once faced in our old life. We--” She pauses abruptly, letting out a hard laugh as she shakes her head. “Savannah failed to carry out the plan. Failed to pick up the win over this wretched woman, but we won’t make that same mistake. We won’t allow ourselves to fail so miserably. We won’t allow ourselves to be seen as weak.”

She shakes her head, tugging at her hair a bit as she licks over two-toned lips. Top lip black, bottom lip a bloody red color. She’s seemingly lost in her own thoughts as she stares straight ahead, but she suddenly burps and spits out what one could only assume is bits of bone. “Excuse us..” She giggles almost child-like as she covers her mouth with one of her hands. “As we were saying, we are not Savannah Sunshine. We are not to be taken lightly and we will have our vengeance and pick up the victory in this match one way or another.”

Persephone shifts, sliding off of the headstone as she dusts herself off a bit. She inhales a small breath, gaze drifting back towards the camera. “We watched as you failed to defeat Natalie Cage just under one week ago. We watched as you struggled to find any piece of semblance of darkness and unleash it upon your opposition. We watched as you became as weak as you truly are and we were entertained.” She laughs, covering her mouth with one hand before her expression suddenly grows dark and cold.

“We do not expect you to make this easy on us. But, we do not expect to walk out of this empty-handed either. No matter what we have to do to ensure that you are left all alone staring up at the lights or possibly unconscious, we will make sure we are the one walking out victorious in the end. We won’t waste our breath on you too much, quite frankly… You aren’t worth out time. But, you’ll soon learn as everyone else has learned, that Savannah Sunshine is dead! Dead… Dead… Dead! No light lives inside of this vessel any longer, only darkness and the pure need to spill blood fills us to the very core.”
Fingers brush dark locks from her face, she grows silent for a moment and glances towards the headstone with a dark chuckle. “Here lies Savannah Sunshine… Mother… Friend… Pathetic excuse of a woman…” She cackles wickedly before lighting a match and dropping it down onto the dead roses that seemingly flicker and crackle under the weight of the fire that grows. 

“Just as Savannah Sunshine fell… Eris will do the same very, very soon…” The flames flicker in her dark eyes and the scene soon fades to black as Axl walks over towards Persephone’s side and wraps an arm around her waist holding her close. The scene soon fading to pure darkness and only the sound of the crackling fire can be heard in the background.
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