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 OWA Promos!

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Nate Cage

Nate Cage

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OWA Promos! - Page 13 Empty
PostOWA Promos!

Here is where you can post your work for upcoming matches on weekly shows or major events, or just put up a piece for character development. Before you get started here are the rules of the page!

-There is a TWO promo limit for our regular weekly shows and THREE for our major events!

-If everyone involved in a match would like to extend or shorten the promo limit due to personal circumstances or preference, you have two days at the start of the new promo week to confirm with a member of the writing team the agreed upon limit for your match, if not it will remain the standard limit set for weeklies and major shows.

-NO DOUBLE POSTING! If your opponent has not responded there is no need to follow up with extra responses.

-The page is not a place to make challenges or try to book matches!

-Do not break kayfabe! Remember that everything is entirely storyline based and there is no reason to either take things personally, or make it personal for someone else.

-Have fun! Enjoy writing your work and feel free to hit up the chat for feedback!
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OWA Promos! :: Comments

Dulce Torres
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/30/2019, 10:32 pm by Dulce Torres
To say that I’m shocked that I regained the Goddesses Championship, I would be lying. Sure, the feeling of having this championship without me left me almost empty, but I believed that Nikita LaShae would have somehow prevailed at Final Destination. I thought I would somehow elevate myself to the OWA Women’s World Championship picture. I thought Nikita would prove that her victory over me at Pluto’s Gate wasn’t a fluke, but Nikita proved it may have just been there. Nikita probably feels bad for herself about the outcome in this match. Pluto’s Gate was the event, where the stars aligned with her, but it seems like the fell back out of place at our last event. Perhaps, the pressure of being champion got the best of her? Maybe, she felt overwhelmed by the sold out arena of fans looking at her every move? Or she was there to serve her purpose — to have her brief moment before I snatch my championship back and be OWA’s first two-time Goddesses Champion. If Nikita wants her rematch, which she is entitled to, I will be more than happy to give her a shot. Just like I stated when I was champion for the first time, I will fight any challenger. I’ll even pick the challengers I want to face. I’m not intimidated of any woman or any force, which stands in front of me.

Especially, Natalie Cage.

You’re right, Natalie. My title isn’t a world championship. My title is the secondary championship on Odyssey. For you to say that this championship isn’t an important championship, it is almost a slap to my face. Since October, I have busted my ass on making sure that I elevated this championship to heights other women will be dying to reach for years to come. If I can recall, you tried to take this championship off of me in my first defense and you failed at that. If you would have won the title off of me, would you still be calling it a secondary championship? Would you still be calling it a championship no one cares about? Would you be offended if someone called that championship not as important as the three world championships? I’m just curious since it was such a huge statement for a woman with a few loose screws in her head. Like I stated before, I went into the Goddesses Championship match at Final Destination with the idea that Nikita could pull this off and prove to everyone that she wasn’t a fluke champion. I was low-key rooting for her to retain and the thought that she didn’t show everyone what she was capable of at Pluto’s Gate at Final Destination, it was disappointing to me. I went into that match believing that I would try my shot at regaining the championship. As much as I tried to have confidence that I would prevail in this match, I had my doubts going into this match. I thought by the start of season two, I would announce my aspirations of becoming Women’s Champion. I thought I would throw my name out there as a potential contender for whoever walked out of Final Destination with the title. I mean, what’s stopping me now? This Goddesses Championship is not stopping me at all. If there comes the time and place to face you with your title on the line, I’ll accept it in a heartbeat. You said that this title on my shoulder is the workhorse title. Dulce Torres is the workhorse that every Alpha wishes to be. Is she second best on Odyssey? I may be the secondary champion of the brand, but don’t think for a second that I second best when it comes to you, Natalie? I’ve had your number before. Sure, you can defend yourself and state that I haven’t faced this side of you. I haven’t faced the woman, who outlasted nineteen other women at Clash of the Goddesses or the woman who dethroned Azumi Goto at Final Destination. But, you know what? I’m excited to face her. I’m excited to face the “star of the show” or whatever you want to hype yourself up to be. But, you’re not facing that Dulce either. Along with the significance of the Goddesses Championship, I have grown to be one of the most significant women on Odyssey. 

Will you admit that, Natalie?

I have grown comfortable of having this championship on my shoulder, but my ass is going to be way more comfortable when it takes your spot on the throne. When will that happen though? Who knows, but it should be interesting if you’re even in that spot by the time I add my name to the list of contenders for Viola to consider when looking for an opponent like yourself. You look at this match is the perfect scenario for you to get that one victory over me. I mean, isn’t that the only blemish in your career so far? You haven’t been able to defeat me? You were able to get through the Nate Cage saga, you were able to defeat Roni De Vil and Diantha Moreau just by yourself and you managed to defeat Eris. By defeating me, there is nothing holding you back. Not a single blemish in your career and that’s the problem I have with all of this. We need these setbacks to make us stronger. We need these setbacks to finesse and become better versions of ourselves. By looking at this championship, it is the last thing that has the word “goddess” in OWA. But, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Not with me still as the champion. You can change the name or whatever, but this is still my championship and at some point this season, Odyssey will be my show. But for now, you can have your fun at the top of the mountain, but be prepared for someone to knock you down from it.
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/30/2019, 7:41 pm by DampshawIIIఒ
And just like was over. The clouds parted. The darkness subsided and the sun, oh the sun. It shone brighter than I've ever seen it shine. Everything coalesced into a beautiful, breathing, living being that I could touch. It held me in it's arms and cradled me. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. It caressing me as I watched all of the other competitors being purified. I saw all their faces smiling, tears rolling down. They knew. We all knew in that beautiful, glorious second that The New Dawn had finally begun.

And like the prophecy foretold, things are indeed changing. Things in OWA are getting shaken up. Apparently there is this draft coming up where the men and women from Kingdom, Olympus and Odyssey can move around like chess pieces on a board. People could go to new places. Tag teams could be split up. Champions could switch shows. Everyone is on edge to find out where they'll be on the 3rd...but not me. Do you really think I worry about such things? Do you think I can be contained by mere mortal plains? If I wanted, I could show up on Olympus and slap Tarah Nova in her little stupid face and take her World Heavyweight Championship. Or I could stay on Kingdom and make out better than Scott Oasis did and actually get the job done with Aria Jaxon. I could even go to Odyssey and kill all of those little girls on that pathetic brand if I wanted to. Anything I want, I will do. My will be done. Because you see, everything is different now. When The Time Lizard speaks, the words come true.

But the draft isn't enough of a spectacle so the "powers that be". They want to see the best and brightest of the brand's athletes. You would think OWA would learn that I don't play well with others but I see this 8 man tag as a chance to purify others. Men who I've yet to meet and men I've done battle with before all get a chance to be changed. Former champions, current champions and future champions all existing in one moment. How exciting...for the others. Because they all have an opportunity to become part of The New Dawn and be a part of something bigger than yourselves. Bigger than the OWA. Be men and kneel to me to truly make something of your lives. Championships are nice but they're fleeting. I had to learn that all my material wealth is just that...material. A gold ring is great but gold becomes corroded. It means nothing on the other side, and I've been to the other side. Many times over. I've seen rivers of sweet wine flow. I've heard the naked harpies sing the most beautiful songs you could hear. They strip you of everything there and allow you to exist bare. Bereft of fear, anger and anything negative. You all have the opportunity to come there with me.

Something that you all must know about me, is that I never forget. I never forget anything. I told Jeff X that I would get him back for beating me a year ago. I remember taking Layne Kurobane to his absolute limit for his Spartan Championship. I never forgot that. And now Jeff is the new Spartan Champion. Where the hell have things gone wrong? Kurobane was the undefeated, once in a lifetime champion who was truly an inspiration to anyone who was a fighter...and he lost to a beer drinking, low IQ redneck. Now, Jeff. I will get you back, but I'm no longer angry at you. I'm above anger. I just think in your current state, you're not a good representative of anything I want to be associated with. But that can be rectified. You can come with me. Put down the alcohol. Put away the dirt trucks and clean yourself up. Your life can be so much better. Even better than being Spartan Champion. 

I remember beating Hans Olsen not one on one, but in the Battle Royale as well. I sent him to be purified but now I stand across the ring from him. I understand. The huge upheaval of his life and the changes he faces since then will be hard to accustom to and hard to understand at first. So he may still be confused and perhaps even a little angry at the changes in his life. That's ok. 

As far as the men I've never faced before in OWA, there's time for you as well. Christopher Sabertooth. We share some ideologies it seems. There was a time you wanted to "save" people from themselves. But, where we differ on that is I'm not saving people, no. I'm changing them for the better. There's a difference. And now, you've gone back to your roots as The Last Real Wrestler and try to suppress this...Havoc you have inside you. There's another difference. There's nothing, positive or negative about myself that I will suppress any longer. I will allow myself to be who I always Was and always Am. If you come with me, you can become one with this demon and truly find peace. I know that's what you want, Chris. 

Carlos Rosso, I didn't forget about you. I didn't forget facing you one on one in Canada years ago. You seem as arrogant as usual. Are you fulfilled in your life, Carlos? Or are you using that arrogance and thug attitude to hide your unhappiness? And, Maggal. You are what you say you are. You are truly magnanimous. And now you're Television Champion, so congratulations. But you represent the millions of dumb, bored, disenfranchised people watching us every week. Does that truly make you feel good to know that? I can help both of you. You just need to follow me. Moongoose....I can't help you. You're too far gone. Stay away from me.

I have to ask you all....Have you ever had that feeling that you've been here before? That deja vu feeling? Doesn't it make you a little anxious? Doesn't it even make you dizzy sometimes? I have that feeling every minute of every day. But don't worry. I actually like it. It's calming for me because I know I've experienced all of this and continue to experience it all over and over again. The first show of The New Dawn Era will be a truly beautiful one and I hope you all are there with me. 
Carlos Rosso
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/30/2019, 4:16 pm by Carlos Rosso
The Fall of the King

The Rise of “The Shooter”?

]The King of Television, well, former King at this rate, is NOT pleased with what happened at the end of his match for the OWA Television Championship as Maggall slid in to grab the win after Carlos had landed three successive Southern Lariats to the monstrous Monolith. An immensely worried Mao rushed to meet him backstage but she wasn’t in time to save two poor interns from being punched in the face and laid out. Without his title and frustrated, the former King addresses the media assembled to hear his words just outside the locker room. Pulling up a chair and sitting down, spitting at the floor.]

You see, I’ve been around a long time. I’ve been in title matches before. I’ve won titles in big events, big venues. I’ve lost em the same way. But...this shit right here? I didn’t lose my title. It was stolen. You see, what you all just saw out there was the wrestling equivalent of socialism: YOU put in all the work, YOU put your body on the line, YOU get ready to reap the benefits, but someone else comes along and takes their “fair share” of the spoils. Like that dickhead Thomas Sowell one said, how much of another man’s work is your “fair share”? Huh? Ya’ll proud of that? That is the kinda television champion the world wants? Some big fatass who even with TWO other 300+ pound men helping him couldn’t pin my shoulders to the mat? Some fatass who mocked me before the match and then stole my belt in broad daylight?


You see, I’m the one who put in the work, brought this belt to a GLOBAL stage. And if I don’t get shipped off to some other show when this stupid draft happens, I’m coming for that belt again. And I’m gonna close Fatty’s mouth for him. That shit is not gonna fly. I don’t have to tell you all what happened, you just saw it. I. Got. Robbed. But that’s cool. Everybody gets they proper karma in the end. Maggyl gonna get his. I don’t care if it’s at the draft show, if it’s two weeks from now, a month from now, next year at Final Destination II, He’s gonna pay what he owe.

But… know, he’s not the only one. You see, being a long-time veteran in this game, I notice a lot of shit before other people on the roster do. Like some 60 year old at a retail job can tell you when something is about to go down 3 months before anyone else in the building knows, like that. I remember the good ole days, the CWF days, the LEGION days, the early days of that other fed they don’t want me to talk about. I remember when TALENT and what you know in the ring mattered, not WHO you knew OUTSIDE of it. People want to sit around and pretend that this is some kind of meritocracy, that there’s no glass ceiling.

I see the game already. Some of the same motherfuckers who was chirping in one place about the same guys winning all the time, the same people getting opportunities, the same people getting promoted over and over and over…..they doing the same shit. History repeating itself right in front of their goddamn faces but they don’t see it because THEY DOING IT.

I tried to be the good guy. I tried to be the good soldier and just watch the place flourish and grow. I could have come in and asserted myself to be a world championship contender, politick and all that other bullshit to get ahead...but I started at the bottom, just like I did everywhere else. I shook off some bullshit with Phantom Troupe and the Unchained and some early losses, and I won the OWA Television Championship and I MADE IT THE MAIN EVENT OF THIS FUCKING SHOW.

But you see the same people get they ass kissed over and over again.

That’s cool. When the new season starts, I’m not taking no backseat to anybody. I’m not going to ask for permission, ONLY for forgiveness for the atrocities I visit upon all these people yall gas up, praising them for mediocrity while I give you motherfuckers gold and you ignore it. I’m coming for everyone. And the next time you all see me after a Final Destination, wherever it is next year, I’m gonna be holding some hardware much prettier and much heavier than the belt that ogre looking motherfucka holding right now.

Okay, so I just got word that I’m in some Eight man tag match for the Draft Show on Kingdom this week. I don’t give a fuck about this match. I really don’t give a fuck about anybody in it either. And I REALLY don’t want to team up with these bitches you all have me working with this week. Moongoose McQueen a fraud and underachieving failure. Reginald is just some dude trying to be scary that really can’t wrestle for shit. And Maggall, we all know you a thief. You wanted to make a cute little joke at my expense, huh? That’s cool. I can be the good soldier for this match, but once that shit is over….you better watch your broad ass back. You got something that don’t belong to you. I know it, you know it, the wrestling world knows it. No matter how many cute ass interviews you set up with that fake ass Nancy Grace, no matter how much you try to jack MY swag, you know you just a copy of me. You not real. And you never gonna be real.

You go look at all the champions who lost at Final Destination. You saw how we all lost, right? You think I’m scared to fight anybody in this company based on that? Of all the champions that fell, I didn’t even much fall. My shit got STOLEN. I should still be standing here with the OWA Television Championship and if they leave me on Olympus you can guarantee I’m gonna get that shit back again. But right now, this company needs a reality check. They need a hard hitter, a boss, a shooter, to get everybody back in line and make them realize they ain't as cool and great as they think they are.

Jeff. You did that when you won the Spartans Championship. But now, you about to enter a zone that I don’t think you or anybody else wants any part of: my zone. You see, that ring, it doesn’t care if you from Sparta, Carthage, Athens or anywhere else. It’s MY home. I run it. You went through hell to get that title and I have no real beef with you...hell, you shared some beer with me at Final Destination. But once the bell rings, you gonna realize you in there with a real big dog now, not these fake ass little dogs you been running with since I left Kingdom.

SPEAKING OF FAKE LITTLE DOGS, Hey Layne. I hear so much about how great you are, how you are this wrestling superstar and future World Champion, blah blah blah. I don’t see nothing special. All I see is GI Styles but 2 inches shorter, half the charisma, and ¼ of the skills. You don’t scare me. And all the shit that you talk to these other people that have them scared won’t have me scared. Go run my film back. Ask all your friends about who this is. This is no joke. This is no game. And I can’t wait to introduce you to the Strongest Arm in the World…..and see the look on your face right before I decapitate your ass.

Sabertooth, I been looking forward to seeing you again. You got off a little easy the last time we met, yeah. This time, not so much. Because I am HUNGRY, I am ANGRY, and I am ready to end anybody standing across from me. You included. I saw you talking down to my little sister before Final Destination, like she’s some scrub. She’s not anywhere near my level, but that’s blood man. I talk shit about her all the time, but you not gonna disrespect blood.

Fuck that knockoff Starr Stan on yall squad too. I don’t have time for him.

Season Two is gonna be the time of the Shooter. This place needs some high maintenance, and I’m the one to do it. It’s high time I go back to playing with the gloves off. If you thought what I was doing before was “dirty” or “unfair” or “evil”....wait until you see what’s about to happen next. Just you fuckin’ wait.
Natalie Cage
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/30/2019, 1:42 pm by Natalie Cage
Natalie Cage
The Champ is Here
Natalie Cage and Azumi Goto walk through the curtain after their epic battle at Final Destination. They are welcomed to a standing ovation. Natalie falls to her knees and clutches her newly won belt tightly, as Azumi shares a knowing look with her.
Azumi: This is your house now. Don’t let me down.
Natalie nods and makes her way to her feet. After sharing a hug with Viola DeMarco and Aria Jaxon, she walks past Dulce Torres, who won the Goddesses Title just the night before. They have a brief staredown, before the exhausted Natalie thinks better of it and makes her way to the locker room.
Natalie: Not today.
It’s a few days later, Natalie is sitting at the desk in the office of her bar, responding to fan mail. Viola is standing behind her, an arm on her shoulder.
Viola: I love how you respond to all this by hand. You really hate technology, huh?
Natalie: You know I like to keep my hands busy…
Viola: Oh, of course. You know, I had an idea.
Natalie: If you’re about to propose, I might vomit.
Viola: Ha! Oh no, this is about business. We’ve got the big Kingdom draft show coming up and we need a big-time Odyssey match to kick off Season 2.
Natalie: I’ll defend my title against anyone, anywhere. You know that.
Viola: I was thinking something a little more…historic. Maybe a Champion vs. Champion match?
Natalie drops her pen and looks up at Viola.
Natalie: You want me to fight Jeff X?
Viola: You’ve always got a snarky answer to everything, haven’t you? No, I was thinking you have a rematch with Dulce. Odyssey’s brand leaders showing everyone why we’re the most exciting show in wrestling!
Natalie: Me vs. Dulce 2, eh? You know what? I like it. Book it.
Viola: Already have.
Viola leans in and kisses Natalie on the cheek, before walking out. Natalie goes back to responding to fan mail as we fade out and come back in on the present day. Natalie is at her desk, feet up and the OWA Women’s World Title over her shoulder.
Natalie: To use an old cliché, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Plenty changed at Final Destination. Every champ lost their crown. But there was one notable exception to the theme of new top dogs being coronated. Dulce Torres, the woman who has become synonymous with the Goddesses Title. You held that thing for what felt like forever, and after a mere month without it, you had the gold back around your waist at the biggest show of the year. Nikita LaShae’s star burned so brightly, but you didn’t let that bother you, did you? Oh no, the raw potential of Odyssey’s biggest breakout star didn’t scare the standard bearer. Dulce Torres is back on top, at least on top of her own mountain.
You did it, #Dulce2Reigns is now a thing. The first ever two-time champ in OWA history. A round of applause for the trail blazer!
Natalie mockingly claps.
No. No, no, no, no, no. You are not the story of Final Destination. Despite your unique accolade, nobody is particularly concerned with you winning the second-place trophy yet again. As pretty and as prestigious as your title is, it’s not a world championship, is it? It’s not one of the three most important titles in the company. And with all due respect to Nikita and everyone else in that multi-woman match, none of them were on the level of Azumi Goto. Azumi was a fucking world beater. We all agreed that she was the best of the best. I straight up said it before we clashed, nobody could hang with her when it came to pure in-ring ability. And yet, who is sitting at their desk with the belt slung across her shoulder? It ain’t Azumi. Right now, she’s sitting in her office in Japan with nothing but trophies and reminders of past accolades surrounding her. I came in and demonstrated that I am more than just potential. I am more than a future investment; I am the present of this industry. The proof rests right here with me, a physical representation of just who runs this place.
Dulce, you reclaimed something that you were comfortable with getting. But you never took that next step. Usually, when a long reigning champion drops their little workhorse title, they make the jump to world title glory. But it wasn’t to be. You had your shot at the Clash and I stopped you. You’ve had to watch as a woman in her rookie year with no prior championship success has jumped ahead of you in the line and pried the top prize for herself. The name “Dulce Torres” has always been associated with the second-best. The second-highest in the pecking order. You’ve never been the man, have you? You’ve never converted your lengthy run into being on top. And now, now you get your shot. It’s the biggest episode of Kingdom of the year, the draft show. Odyssey have to represent, and Viola’s booked the biggest match that she could. Of course, there is another layer to all of this, it’s a rematch…a rematch of a contest that I lost.
I made a point of my third title opportunity being the one I had to win. Because as much as losing my first one stung, the second was all the more gut wrenching. I’ll put my hands up and admit that I wasn’t ready for that first title shot, I had no business challenging for this in my third match. But when I faced you? I knew I could win. I knew that I was capable of putting an end to your reign before it had truly got going. But we were robbed of a fair contest due to forces that neither of us could control. I don’t blame you for Diantha and Roni involving themselves in our business. I don’t blame you for capitalising and being the first woman who ever pinned me. But what has eaten away it me this whole time is that I was confident in my abilities to put you down. I’d got the better of you at every turn before that match. I did everything right and had my momentum cut out from underneath me.
So, I went back the drawing board, I reassessed my situation. I wasn’t content with the lot I’d been given. I took out the women of Wolvesden single-fucking-handedly. And the moment they were out of my way? I went on a run that has already gone down in history. First ever Clash of the Goddesses winner, check. First ever winner of the OWA Women’s World Championship at Final Destination, check. And now, the first ever Odyssey Champion vs. Champion match. You know what isn’t gonna happen this time? Outside bullshit standing between me and what I want. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that once I set my mind to something, there is NOTHING that can stop me. 19 other woman couldn’t do it. Azumi Goto couldn’t do it. Do you think I’m worried about a woman I had soundly beat before the ghosts of my past came back to haunt me?
I’m not making excuses; I’m simply laying out the facts. You faced a version of me that was still learning on the go. You faced a Natalie Cage who was yet to put together all the tools and create the legacy that the world is witnessing right now. And you STILL got your arse kicked. Because when I step into that ring, it doesn’t matter if you’re better than me on paper, I will always find a way to outclass you. Ask Azumi, ask Eris, ask the former champ herself, Roxy, and how she needed four other people to keep me down. Ask Diantha, whose loss to me was so crushing that she sunk into a hole she’s yet to crawl out of.
Dulce, you’re no longer facing a rookie with a chip on her shoulder, you’re facing the star of the show. Everything you’ve accrued in your time here hasn’t been enough to propel you to the top. And I’m feeling good, real good. You know how much I live for the big time. The spotlight is something I cope VERY well with. I know how to play this game and get my way. I told the world that Goddesses should be called Alphas, and I got that. And now…now it falls to me to destroy the last remnant of the Goddesses era. I’m an Alpha, and as long as you proudly carry a championship that bears the Goddesses branding, you’re in direct contention with what I’ve set out to do. 

I don’t dislike you, Dulce, never have. I say a lot of harsh things and talk a lot of shit, but I will always respect those who work hard and do it the right way. Fact of the matter is that you’ve peaked far too early. You hit your ceiling with that belt and that’s why you’ve wound up with it once more. I moved on and nabbed greatness. I knocked off Odyssey’s gold standard to become the new basis on which this division is built. The target on my back is a big one, and I’m always looking over my shoulder. You’ve been given the unfortunate distinction of the first one who falls in the Natalie Cage incumbency. That’s the closest you’ll be getting to this belt for quite some time.
You’re at the exact same point you were the last time we faced off. I’ve soared and become something greater. You’re gonna be punching up at a giant whose only concern is defending their territory. And while giants can be slain, my pride isn’t gonna let the one loss that truly pissed me off repeat itself. What you have to consider now is picking out another upstart to take out for your next title defence. Once I’ve got you in the rear view mirror, I’ll be keeping my eye out for real competition. Ta ta for now.
Natalie looks at her belt and back to the camera, before cracking a smug smile as we fade to black.
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Post on 4/30/2019, 1:25 am by Maggall
(Hard Piano by Pusha T and Rick Ross plays)
Short Tributes to Television
Episode: 1
Edition: Nancy Grace
Voice of Maggall in the shadows: Some people talk about being king of TV. Some claim to love this championship. But ain’t none of them must see TV, ain’t none of them the whole fucking show. See I don’t respect OWA’s past champions, roster, nor legends. Don’t care if it’s Jacob, Jon McAdams, some host like Jaywalker, Carlos, whoever, I don’t respect em. But I do respect TV. And just like Marlo’s name was his name, my title is my title! So I rep this shit. So starting today, and as long as I’m champion, every time I’m going to be on TV, I’ll be showing love to TV history with my series, Short Tributes to Television.
And if you think I only picked this first show because I love the song Hard Piano, and Rick Ross said he’d debate his case vs a Nancy Grace, shut the fuck up and just enjoy some magic motherfucker!
(The video begins with a young lady with a pearl necklace and an angry looking look on her face in a studio. She’s supposed to be parodying Nancy Grace, but you know Maggall, of course she’s much younger and hotter.)
Blancy Face: Back to Blancy Face, and the subject for today is the decaying influence professional wrestling has on the society at large. Tonight I speak with one of these purveyors of violence and irresponsibility, he is what they call a “champion” in wrestling land. Standing by is the professional wrestler known as Maggall.
(The screen splits to show Maggall on one view and Blanchy on the other.)
Blancy Face: Welcome Maggall, and before we get started I’d like to first make sure you answer to these people if you put in the extra due diligence to ask Nancy Grace if you could do this little video before you had me come on here with a show?
Maggall: Hell nah! Be it for a tribute, parody, or whatever for wrestling video, why would I need to ask for permission? Fuck outta here!
Blancy Face: Now I would ask you not to swear on my show, thank you. Now you may think you’re Three Chains, but I once cross examined a lady known as Melinda Eubank, and less than 24 hours later her cute little non compliant ass committed suicide. So don’t mess with me Maggall, you don’t want it! What we all want is for you to fess up to what you wrestlers have done to the global culture of the world!
Maggall: What we’ve done?
Blancy Face: The corruption of the youth! Let me show the types of things that you do.
(The video shows Maggall’s rampage throughout Olympus since his arrival. Tossing people around, hitting the Marra Driver on Carlos, overall beat downs on people including his confrontation with Nolan.)
Blancy Face: And now let me show you videos of kids, KIDS MAGGALL, doing acts of violence.
(Video is shown of teens beating up on smaller kids barely in their preteens, some hitting wrestling moves and applying wrestling holds.)
Blancy Face: Are you okay with what you see?
Maggall: Since the dawn of time, bigger and stronger individuals have always imposed themselves on the meek. They didn’t need professional wrestling for that.
Blancy Face: But you augment the problem. How are parents and teachers meant to show that it isn’t right for the older bigger kids to bully the smaller ones, if the media they consume glorifies the problem? You can’t have it be shown that one sided beat downs are within the acceptable range of showcases in life. How are mere men like Jeff X, Sabertooth, Layne, and Hans meant to fight on even grounds with a leviathan?  
Maggall: The fact of the matter is that they can’t! And that’s not my problem! If they don’t want to step into the ring, they ain’t gotta!
Blancy Face: Oh that’s real mature! I must say these are far cries of the days where Gareth was a culturally enriching champion! Such a moral man!
Maggall: Moral man? You do know that guy walks around having people call him “Legit Dangerous”, right? Not that I take people, who have to tell people they’re dangerous, seriously.
Blancy Face: But the slippery slope all started with Carlos, that’s when TV champions in OWA changed culture, and you’re even worse than he is! Again with parody consent, did you even ask Carlos if you could use his likeness in your entrance at Final Destination?
(Maggall laughs at this.)
Blancy Face: Oh it’s funny? What about the relations with your other tag partners for your night at the OWA draft? You have a partner that I’m told is a “time lizard”, what is that? What does it mean?
Maggall: I don’t care about that, and I don’t care about them. All they need to do is show up and not hold me back. I had to try rallying the remnants of the Phantom Troupe last season, and it was a total waste of my time. I don’t rally people anymore, I do my thing, I crush, and I destroy.
Blancy Face: And what is magnanimous about that?
Maggall: I allow them to be in my spotlight during their destruction. Nobody would know about Mothra if it wasn’t put in Godzilla’s movie.
See these people in the ring with me at the draft? Most of them are season one champions, season one hyped future stars, and season one beloved underground names that broke into the industry. Here’s the thing about season ones, season ones are the pilots for future greats, they are the low budget productions that need to thrive through character, dialogue, and intrigue. I ain’t none of that, I’m not a story and I’m not some bit player. I sure as hell don’t like talking! It’s season two and onward when the special effects really start coming in, when you can really hire some big names, and put people in awe at what they see! That’s me! I move like people think a big man like me shouldn’t, I hurt people with brutality like stay at home moms use to say shouldn’t be allowed on TV, and I have all eyes on me. Season one was just the hatching of the dragon eggs like the hit show Game of Thrones, from now on in the season that is, and the seasons to come, you’ll be seeing breathed fire, dragon scales, and beasts flying through the air! Most of my opponents are no longer what are necessary or effective to the big new audience. Sabertooth is just the guy who didn’t have the fortitude to defend this championship when I debuted and beat his ass in the middle of the ring. Sabertooth began the Final Destination for that belt, he the one that set into motion that the inevitable would become more devasting and surreal because OWA cheated death, cheated giving up the belt to me! Layne’s such a start up member of a cast of characters, the fodder that dies to make everyone’s heart strings be pulled. Layne’s a master of none, but good at a lot, and tries hard for his dead mentor! Whatever Judeau, it’s time for the eclipse, and you’re just a sacrifice for the tone shift of the OWA series! Hans is just Layne with more college and Olympic acclaim, neither of these mat technicians can do shit to me! Not in my weight class! Can’t suplex me, I’ll punch you in the face. Can’t get me on the mat, try to get on my back and I’ll just stand up with you on me lifted the skies like you are as weightless as your impact on season two!
And then there’s Jeff X, the only name that matters with me in season two, the Spartan champion!! I don’t see Sparta anywhere in OWA. Blancy, you see any Spartans?
Blancy Face: No, I have no idea why you even dressed up like one at Final Destination.
Maggall: I just did that to mess with Carlos. That’s the thing about tv, which I do see, some bored producer thinks about it and damn right there it is, some spartan tv show is made. Just like some bored person came up with the Spartan championship and we got a lineage of people thinking they all that. You’re allowed on tv, but never forget you operate on the platform my championship represents, Jeff! You just a show for show, someone OWA can put on display and be done with when you’ve sold what you’ve needed to. I got the whole catalog, I am a collection of shows for people of all shapes, sizes, and denominations. You change the channel and all you see is still me! I am animation, because I am the unreal athlete that brings your imaginations to life. I am the horror because I break more bodies than you’ll find on Dexter or American Horror Story. I am the documentary, because my tale of championships, body of work, and legend are becoming well documented!
Blancy Face: Well that’s all the time we have for you today, on Blancy Face.
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/26/2019, 8:03 am by Derelict
"For many this world can be a happy, happy, place."

[The camera flickers the image of a busy inner city sidewalk moving in slow motion]

"They're allowed to follow their hearts, expand their minds, and feed their souls."

[The camera zooms in close on the business suit wearing masses hustling and bustling adjacent to one another]

"They fill their coffers, they buy that dream home, they have a dream wife, and live a dream life."

[The sight of a man sitting slumped over on the sidewalk amidst the shuffling feet, looking haggard and weather beaten, and wrapped in a soiled American flag comes into focus]

"They've never been sick.  They've never questioned their reality.  They've never felt pain.  They've never lost anything, at least, not anything of any importance."

[He slowly lifts his head.  His calloused face and blank stare meet the camera's gaze]

"Their bellies have never ached with hunger.  Their vacations up state have never been preceded by a cramped bus ride stacked on top of a pile of stinking humanity.  Their spa treatments didn't include a delousing."

[The figure looks down somberly as any remaining light in his eyes fades away]

"I think that's a pity.  I think that's a disservice to their lifestyle.  In order to appreciate the American dream...and I mean really appreciate it, you have to wake up! and realize that it's all an illusion that can be taken from you at any moment."

[Suddenly and without warning, the homeless man kips up to his feet and charges into the crowd in slow motion]

"Maybe I can give that to them.  Maybe I can make them...'appreciate' what they have by taking it away.  I've begged for change loooong enough.  Maybe it's time I start inciting it?"

[The camera speed snaps back to stock standard motion just as the Derelict double clotheslines a pack of businessmen just as the camera cuts to black as a tired, raspy, world weary chuckle echos through the void]

"Heh heh heh..."

The Derelict Is Coming To Omega Wrestling Alliance
The Udy
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Dog walks out of the door and takes a seat beside an empty rocking chair.

A few seconds later, Udy walks into the frame and sits down on…

“So the stage is set for the grand spectacle of Final Destination. The warriors are ready.  OWA’s own gladiators will put on a show for the ages and it’s really great to be part of it all.”,  Udy smiles to himself.

“But with all due respect to only those who deserve it, “The Real Alpha” has no other option other than prove that your attempts will be futile.”

“Mr. Olsen and Alex, I look forward to fight you guys fair and square.  I am sure Olsen will bring on a fight and I will be more than happy to return the favor.  And Alex Scott, bring it on kid.  Let’s see how good you really are.”,  The Demon Wolf says and smiles again.

“My favorite pal Reggie boy is whole another story though.  His delusion and wanna-be creepy talks are at best cute and at worse meaningless.  You want an ideal OWA where you get everything handed to you? Guess what R-dog? There’s “The Real Alpha” on your way.  And to be fair, the evolutionary fact is “The Alpha always wins”, Udy smirks a bit and takes a sip of beer.

“He and few other people were running their mouth that I have been silent. Yes I have been.  You see guys, fear and death approaches silently. They don’t announce on a boom box and say I am here, do they? Unlike you masquerading your innate fear of the approaching doom under the falsity of fake machismo and bravery by talking big, I was just listening and taking notes.  I know the competition will be soaring.  Each and everyone of you will want to win the battle royal.  But trust me you won’t.  The only real fight I expect are from Olsen and Scotty boy.  I would also expect a last ditch effort from the old has been Jake Keeton who I would gladly put out of misery.  The old man does still throw punches and that’s commendable though. Rest of you are a bunch of wasted space.”

“On hindsight, I also look forward to RD3 bringing on his A-game because there’s no fun in beating someone who doesn’t bite…..yes..bite”, Udy suddenly becomes very serious as Dog starts barking and howling.

“At Final Destination, you will feel the bite folks.  The fangs of reality will sink into the fake flesh of arrogance and mediocrity and hypocrisy.  I will break the shackles and usher in “The Demon Wolf”.  The blood will flow and the world will be cleansed. “,  Udy suddenly stands and the camera shakes violently for a bit.


As the camera steadies and focuses, “The Demon Wolf” rises to his feet.  He now has a demonic face paint and red  glowing eyes.  He also has some kind of wolf fur and head covering his shoulders, back and head….
Christopher Sabertooth
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Final Stand

Phoenix, Arizona

The scene begins at CrossFit Magne as Chris is caught working out. He catches a glimpse of the camera as he finally comes to a halt, trying to catch his breath. After a couple of seconds, Sabertooth walks towards his gym bag and takes out a towel, wiping away his sweat.

“Final Destination is right around the corner and everybody is making sure to bring their A-Game when it’s finally time. There has been some developments since the last time you saw me. Yes, I have been working my ass off, to make sure I am at the top of my game. Because anything less than that just wouldn’t be fair, on such an auspicious occasion. What has changed you might ask? Well, the apparently silent type, Diantha Moreau had a lot to say. Gareth Cason expanded upon his beliefs on why he should win at Final Destination. And Nathan Fiora came through with some heat! I have to say, I am impressed by all of them. I am impressed because of the parallels that can be drawn amongst all the competitors in this matchup. It’s like the story writes itself! A lot of our career have mirrored each others. Persephone Bane is having her own Havoc moment but we haven’t heard a lot from her. Though, I’d imagine she prefers action more than words. Something Mongoose McQueen cannot claim because of all the shit he has to say.” Said Chris as he throws his towel back into the bag.

“Mongoose brought to everyone’s notice about my recent failures. Yes, I know that I haven’t been going easy on myself. But if I did do that, I might end up going complacent and completely losing my passion for this business. You need to have a competitive spirit to succeed in wrestling because at the end of the day, only one competitor wins. Mongoose had a grueling matchup with the OWA World Champion, Scott Oasis, who barely managed to walk away from the antics that Mr. Goose pulled out. Mongoose McQueen has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and I am looking forward to what he pulls out of the bag at a stage like Final Destination in a match like this. Mongoose straight up motivated me to bring my A-Game or not show up at all, completely writing me off from his list of potential winners. Though, I’d beg to differ. I believe that the odds are firmly in my favor because of my unmatched resiliency and an art form that I like to call, Professional Wrestling. Something I’d say I am better than most if not everybody this company has to offer. Sure, the mental stability can play a factor… But let’s be real. Each and every one of them are a fucking lunatic! I mean, Mongoose could throw a fucking flashbang in the ring to get the job done? Or was that Revy. Either way, it’s mad! Persephone is straight up kookoo. Diantha Moreau clearly has family issues with her obsession to outperform her brother Carlos Rosso.” Said Chris with a surprised look.

“And what did Nathan Fiora say about his motivations? Oh yeah, he talked about his sister and how he is doing it for her. Trust me Nathan, I know what you mean when you speak about losing somebody that really matter to you. O’Shea was pretty much my brother and he died for my sins. He died because he wanted to save me from the well that I got stuck in. He gave me the ladder and he pulled me out but sadly it was not meant to be. I blamed myself for over eight years. EIGHT YEARS! And what did I get from it? I lost my mind and my own identity in the hopes of not waking up as myself to forget that I AM THE REASON MY BEST FRIEND… MY BROTHER IS DEAD. And you tell me that I do not understand what it feels like? It’s a spit on my face when I hear things like that. Mongoose, who is clearly not honorable enough, to bring up my dead friend and use it for his own personal gains. It’s absolutely DISGUSTING! Nathan Fiora, you wanted the spark… You wanted the real Sabertooth and you’re getting all of it. While I respect your drive and I hope that you can make your sister proud one day. But Final Destination is not that day. It is not the final stop to your journey or mine. It is just the beginning and I plan to show the world that Christopher Sabertooth is not the BROKEN MESS they think I am. “ Said Chris as he takes out a bottle of protein shake. He guzzles is down before continuing.

“And Gareth? Gareth is such a hypocrite. Yes, I praised him for his abilities and I don’t regret it. To him, it’s just about that one loss. But it’s a lot more than that. Like I said earlier, our careers have been closely knit together and time after time, the two of us come face to face. Our journey were interwoven ever since I stepped foot in this company. You were part of the Ultimate X Match that defined the hype for Christopher Sabertooth. But nobody really remembers that. And that’s because you were a NOBODY. The TV title made you what you are and I still commend you for all that you accomplished ever since. But don’t forget that you may have the momentum behind you. But I will always be better than you. I will always be one step ahead of you and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can brag about your victories over the likes of CM Nas and Tarah Nova. But you’re not in the Main Event of Final Destination are you? At the end of the day, we are all on the same boat. We all have the same dream and we all NEED this. So, don’t stand on a pedestal claiming to better than the rest. You’re no different than any of us. And that’s the ONLY thing LEGIT about your claims.” Said Chris as he keeps the sipper down. He has a determined look on his face as he continues.

“Mongoose McQueen… You don’t want people calling out your name. But when the likes of Scott Oasis and Aria Jaxon call you out, you turn your back on them. You claim to be a former World Champion. And honestly, we saw your grit in your match against Scott. But it wasn’t enough was it? The reason why we’re at each other's throats the way we are is because we know deep down that we are one in the same. Our insecurities are amplified when we see it through a different perspective. Which is why I say that Final Destination will be a night to remember. I know what I need to do to walk out the winner and you best believe that it’ll be the best version of Christopher Sabertooth.” Said Chris as he picks up his bag and starts walking towards the exit.
Diantha Moreau
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/19/2019, 11:59 pm by Diantha Moreau
Nathan, I can hear you loud and clear. Maybe if you stopped talking for a little while, you would have heard me speak. You’re right, I have been quiet this week. I don’t have the same resume as my dear older brother, who ironically despite being past his prime has achieved more than you by winning a championship and being on the cusp of another successful defense. I am infintely resentful of him and hope that he burns in the firey depths of hell, but in some ways there is still some kind of love, some kind of bond that I have for him.

You are right, I do have issues, but none that can be solved by going to a therapist. You seem to have issues with remembering basic facts. I qualified for this match, just as anyone else did. Someone was put in my way, I moved them out of the way, and here we are. I deserve to be in this match just as much as anyone else, and contrary to your belief, there is no one else that Odyssey was going to send. The Dollhouse? They are too busy chasing the Tag Championships. Nikita LeShae? She has a title defense. Azumi and Natalie have a main event level match that I will be watching closely. I am the best representative that my show has to offer, and I will be happy to educate you if you have not been paying attention the last few months. I’m not some no-name that was stuck on preshow after preshow after preshow and left out of almost all the big OWA events in favor of the same old hasbeens like yourself that have been on big wrestling shows for years now.

I don’t have the “big name” that pops eyes when they are looking down a match card, but just look at my skills in the ring and you will see a woman who is coming into her own. I’m certainly not scared of you or anyone else on the roster. Why, do you think just because I didn’t sit down and post random messages on Instagram or Snapchat with you all week that I can’t wrestle? You think you sitting around pretending to be Johnny Cash makes you some unique artist? Behave.

I am unaccomplished. I need more accolades to my name, yes. But I am not inferior. I’m not inferior to Carlos, I’m not inferior to Moongoose, I’m not inferior to anyone! I stand as equals with all of you right now. I am not satisfied with that though. Equality doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m not some starry-eyed feminist just happy to be there with the boys. I have to stand SUPERIOR to you all. You may not know this, Fiora, but people like Goto, Cage, Jaxon….they are far beyond you. Not just in my priority scale, but just in wrestling quality. You are bigger and physically stronger, but they are all far more gifted than you….and I’ve beaten two of them already. Not even scratching the surface of what I can truly become.

And I don’t need anyone’s help to get to that spot. You people think that I FOLLOW my brother. I HATE HIM! I HATE THAT PEOPLE GIVE HIM CHANCE AFTER CHANCE AFTER CHANCE! I don’t need a big brother, Moongoose. I just need for you to die. I just need for you to suffer. I just need for you to stay out of my way. I don’t follow my brother, I simply look to surpass him. I want to end his legacy because people like YOU and Fiora and Sabertooth failed. You couldn’t retire a hapless drug addict.

I will.
But my business is with you lot first. And I won’t need any relatives, any sage advice to finish this job. I will stand on my own as I always dreamed I would…..

And I will devour all of your dreams.
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/19/2019, 11:54 pm by Shin-SEKAI

So it would appear that people here still don’t know why I, Moongoose McQueen am in this match? Some might think it was fate. Some might say it was luck? Some might even go as far to believe I’m simply there to lose because having a guy like Moongoose McQueen in the match and beating him is how you add legitimacy to any match. For years, my name, my brand has carried matches, shows, promotions. Don’t forget, OWA didn’t choose me, I chose to join OWA. And I didn’t win any qualification matches to get here or asked to be in this match. I simply put myself in there, and you’d have to be a fool to believe I would throw myself into a match to lose and create future stars.

And even if that was the case, who here is worthy of sacrificing my legacy for? Persephone Bane? Diantha? Nathan Fiora? Gareth, Chris? Even if my loss could put over all 5 of them at the same time, it would be a waste. Because not a single one is worthy to even step in my presences. Not a single one deserves to walk the ground I walk on or breath the air I breath. They are mere insects that I know, deep down, that I can squash. And that is I why I put myself into this match? This isn’t like the lottery, where you buy a ticket and astronomically hope that you will win. No, My victory here is certain, and the prize, makes my plan closer to a reality. It’s truly a win-win situation for me, as not only will I get this opportunity, but I get to do exactly what you all wanted and expected these people to do to me.

You wanted to watch them make a fool of Moongoose McQueen, but by defeating these 5 individuals, I’ll make a fool out of them and every single person that truly believes they are the future of this business. I spit on the vision that OWA has for their future. I didn’t just simply breeze my way into this match because they want me in this match. I know deep down, people don’t believe I have what it takes, that perhaps I am past my peak and my prime. That perhaps I don’t have anymore to offer, but here I am, agreeing to participate in a dangerous match, when the truth is, I really don’t have too.  All these people talk about last chances, but winning the Ascension to the Heavens is simply one of many chances for which I can claim a world title. But yet, I want to win this. I don’t need it. But I want to, simply because I know I can.

Nathan Fiora, who are you kidding here? Perhaps you forgot that prior to Finnegan Wakefield beating me, I had his numbers on multiple occasion. And you are here telling duck tales like when I lost the title, I simply couldn’t beat him, when the reality of the situation is, Fiora, you were beating Finn for a title that I no longer wanted. Sure, I can give you credit for treating every fuckin’ title like it’s the most important title in the world, but in the end, it was still a 3rd tier title that you can compare to some fictional title belt for some fictional tournament involving some fictional pocket monsters, and not a world championship title. This isn’t fate that we would cross path again. You simply happened to be in the right place at the right time, and Kingdom needed the rep, and if I had to be perfectly honest, Layne Kurobane would be a better rep than you, but man once again has his hands tied for a belt, that I’m sure you will eventually aim for your level. Because Fiora, I’m not like you, I don’t look at every opportunity I get and take it, no matter how small the prize really is. I’m sophisticated and I can pick my battles, and I know when something is worth it or not, and you, Fiora aren’t even in my considerations of threats to either myself or OWA. In my goal to make this company better, Fiora, you are nothing, perhaps eventually, a good musical break between matches to recap until someone gets sick of your clown ass and comes out and beat your ass for some easy brownie points. But that is beneath me, and I’m sure when I’m at the top of the ladder and you’re down there, and I win, you’ll be use to the view by then. You will never be on my level, and if we do encounter once another again in the future, consider that destiny telling you pay the piper. And that sound that I you will make, when I silence you, will be the sweetest note you’ve ever made.

As for Diantha, to be fair, even Carlos Rosso isn’t fit to carry the Rosso name. He isn’t as mighty as you think he is, and truly, it’s sad to imagine someone like you would look up to someone so weak. When you ask anyone around here what they think of Carlos Rosso, they will tell you the same thing. He’s mad, he’s crazy, and a real piece of shit. I know this from experience. He and I fought, and in case you also didn’t know, I won. So take my word for it, Diantha. You ain’t missing anything in your pathetic attempt to be or better than your brother. He might be a champion now, but he doesn’t get a single shred of respect anywhere he goes. It’s a shame, because I too have a sister. She might me one of my right hands now, but she never chose to follow in my footsteps, rather she chose her own path by rejecting me, and while I’m proud of who she has become, it’s just a shame that we wasted so much time apart. But I suppose hate for one’s older sibling has made her who see is today, and if anything, you can learn a lot more from than from Carlos Rosso. After all, the McQueen name isn’t exclusive to blood. I welcome people into my family. To be an honorary McQueen holds more prestige than any other name. Don’t let the fact you were born into it be your chain. Don’t be so stupid as to doom yourself because of your brother. After all, if your reason to win this match is to prove you can be better than your brother, then dear, it certainly doesn’t take a lot to do that. I can almost assure you that most if not almost all people here are better than Carlos Rosso. You follow a faulty man, when you are in a presence of a god like deity. If you wanted an Oni-chan so badly, I’m sure we can work something out. I’m sure if you truly wanted a world title shot so badly, I can help you make that happen on Odyssey. I can provide you the best solder there is, my sweet little sister, Revy. After all, people say how far she went to carry Persephone Bane back then. I’m sure someone with your talent and drive, Revy can take you to place. She can be the one that busts Goto’s knee cap and secure you the win. And all this is possible, if i win the Ascension to the Heavens match and you submit and follow me instead of Carlos. Betray your bloodline, and I will take you to heights Carlos Rosso can’t even dream of or comprehend. Or continue to set yourself to be a failure and continue the great Rosso legacy. Either way, it doesn’t affect what I will become.

And now Chris wants to play the game. Poker, a game where the only real skill is deception, and the truth is, Chris, you ain’t good at it. After all it’s not hard to tell once’s tell. Everyone is just so emotional, that it’s often beyond our control, and we’ve already covered just how much you let your emotions hinder you. But you see, guys like me, Gareth, we have no tell. We are an open book, and as you said, I can and will say anything to get into your mind, including talking about your dare friend, what was it? “O’Shay?” O’Shey? Cute that you think saying my name wrong would get some reaction from me, but you are the only person that use that against me, and you certainly won’t be the last one ever. Once again, not as special as you think, if you think what is gonna hurt me with the past is talking about how amazing I was, when all signs points is how much more you have to do to catch up to me? It’s unfortunately for you that this will be our first real encounter. It’s a shame that you don’t have the time to know what I can do, and by the time you do know, it will be too late. I’ve already driven that blade inside you, cut you open and dragged out your entrails and laid them out for the world to see. Perhaps it would be fitting that your end is met by someone that is better than you. After all, is that not the dream, to have the claim that you beat the best in the business, yet you are so desperate, you are fighting for the prize that lets you bide your time and wait for the perfect time to cash it in. But with someone like you, even I’m not sure you know when you are truly ready, because sure, you might just use it on a world champ who is unable to fight? But what would that prove? That you are a snake? You would still need to defend that title, and what would happen when you lost that belt then and there? It just goes to show, you were never meant to win that world title, where as for me. I don’t care. I know I’m the best. I don’t need someone to tell me that. You wish you were me. You wish you could look back and still believe that you are the man the move mountains, transcend time and space, and has actual impact. I’m not some guy that lost to CM Nas or Azumi Goto. I am the man the Scott Oasis survived to retain his title. Say what you want, but the name “Moongoose McQueen” carries its own weight, but Chris Sabertooth is just as interchangeable as Gareth Cason. As I said, if I wanted, I can become Chris Sabertooth, and I can make it better and assimilate him into Moongoose McQueen. That is what I can do. What you are looking here, Chris, is the man you want to become, but you will never be. This or any World title will never change that. I am the last, the only, Moongoose McQueen, and that is greater than anything you can ever become.

And Gareth Cason. I didn’t know you were so fund of marine biology. I mean, a Shark beats Paper? Brilliant. But it’s funny when you say that, when we live in a world where sharks are going extinct, but paper is still used in everybody homes, and you might be wondering, how does paper beat a shark. And well, money. Sharks are dying because hunters want their fins to sell, and in a way is paper not one of the most dangerous things of all, as money can do so many things. People will steal, kill for it. People will use it to buy even greater tools, and even papers are wasted and pollute the every oceans Shark swims in. And sure, perhaps I shouldn’t generalize the fact, but yet paper with assigned value talks more than anything else, and in the end, Gareth, I am money. I have connections, I have real value, where it’s not just me simply beating Jacob Senn. My name is right up there with the people you’ve beaten, Tarah Nova, CM Nas, and sure… Stark. Because while you are still in the process of padding yourself up to be a legend, I’ve have already long become one, and everyone knows exactly what my name brings. It’s only your fault for not knowing sooner, and I suppose that is the price for you to pay when I win the Ascension to the Heavens match, and you are still struggling with the thought that you let a man name Moongoose McQueen beat you. When I’m just gonna tell you, you got it all wrong, Gareth. I wanted to beat you. I’m not CM Nas, I don’t tap. I’m not Tarah Nova who would go as far as giving you a second chance. If you beat me, and I cared, you wouldn’t even be where you are, and you can thank the invisible wall that divides our brand, not you. You think I can’t over any wall? You think you are the one that is gonna keep me from fulfilling my destiny? No Gareth, all walls must be broken down in order for expansion. After all, money talks and who am I to deny those that want more of Moongoose McQueen? You can certainly try, but I’ll come back with more papers, more scissors, more rocks. All because you were foolish enough to ignore the person holding the weapon, and Gareth, I have just about every tool I need to defeat you, and the Ascension to the Heavens case will be just one more.

I want to be the first to welcome you to my world. After Final Destination, there will be a new beginning. Shin-SEKAI won’t simply gain access to the heavens, but we will bring it to OWA. I bless you all before this fight, and just as I giveth, I will taketh and condemn you all. This is mine to win, and all you can do is witness it first hand. Truly, you guys have no idea how lucky you are to be a part of MY moment. It will be the first of many for you all the witness. Fiora will plays songs of my triumph. Chris will lament it in his regrets. I will extinguish the Rosso name, and I will exact revenge for the disrespect to my own blood, even if Savannah Sunshine is no more, someone will pay. This is your judgement. This is my world, Prepare to live in it, or die.
Ground Zero
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/19/2019, 11:48 pm by Ground Zero

James and Donny are sitting on their bunks, packing for the long journey. Nate has already left ahead of them, needing to clear his head for taking the Spartan Title.
Donny: Ground Zero was formed to dominate, to take over. This weekend’s just gonna be another W for the only group that matters. Look at this sorry state of a tag division. The last time those belts had any stability whatsoever, you know who the man was that was holding them? Nate goddamn Cage! What kind of a reality would it be where The Wild Boys or…God forbid, The Dollhouse are champs? Do you really wanna live in that reality? That’s a world that is plagued with horrific possibilities, God no. The titles needs holders who know what they’re doing. Who know how to steer a currently rudderless ship to dry land and do something with those titles.
James: We’re in the opposite position to Nate. He’s fighting for a title with prestige, that’s held by a dominant force. We’re trying to claim gold that once had prestige, but lost it long ago. And who are we facing? A pair of brothers who think superkicks are a personality trait, and the Tethered version of the Plastics. Jesus, how did this division even survive before we came along?
Donny: That’s a GREAT question, James, and one that not even the Earth greatest thinkers could possibly answer. It’s cool though, because we get to do something we’re really good at.
James: Play Battleship?
Donny: Well, we can do that after, I guess. But I was referring to beating the crap out of clowns.
James: Oh yeah! We do get to do that, don’t we? And better yet, we’ve got a whole new playground to do it in!
Donny: For whatever reason, Roxy and DiVa get to have this match in their own structure. They can put any kind of fancy name and paint job they want on it, a cage is a cage. I mean, the Dollhouse match is actually tailor made for me and James here. Why? Because we like to hurt people, and now we’re being put in a big ass metal structure in which such behaviour is encouraged. It sounds like a dream, honestly. Weapons hanging from above, thick, steel bars to throw people into. Where exactly is the downside here? Hell, if you just painted the dome green, it’d be a Ground Zero match!
James: And we don’t even have to pin or submit these assholes to win! Can you believe it? Nope, all we have to do is climb out a little hole in the top. Who the hell designed this thing? The guy who made the Death Star? You’re telling me that one of us, not even both of us, has to climb up a glorified jungle gym and pop our head out to be tag champ? Who the hell came up with that idea? Thing 1 or Thing 2? Sorry, I can’t tell those two girls apart, no matter how hard I try.
Donny: I mean, do any of you four even HAVE core strength? You look like the last ab crunch you did was back when Pogs were still a thing. Me and James are up at 5AM every morning to workout and make sure our rock solid abs can deflect bullets. We climb shit EVERY DAY here. You’re just handing us an advantage, you goddamn morons. What next? Are you gonna blindfold yourself? Tie your hands behind your backs? Bring back Aphrodite Marie? Is there anything else you can do to swing this match more in our favour? You’ve not thought this one through, have you guys? I mean, I can tell that you’re not too bright just by looking at you, but this honestly takes the cake.
James: The goal of Final Destination is to make sure Ground Zero are dripping with gold by the time it’s over. That’s all that matters, that’s all we care about. A belt each to usher in our era, to make sure we’re undisputed. But pulling up an ailing tag division by the bootstraps is a task in and of itself. You guys are about to enter a tomb of your own construction. Billy, Jimmy, you stumbled into those titles by beating a team who could barely function, and you’ve done nothing of note since then. Donny pinned, uhh, which one was it?
Donny: The shit one?
James: Donny pinned one of you in a triple threat so we could have this shot, and now, we don’t even have to do that. We just have to climb a damn fence to get what’s coming to us. Jesus, you two don’t have a hope in hell of retaining. You might as well give up the titles now and save yourself the embarrassment of losing on the biggest possible stage. And Dollhouse? You two continue to amuse us, really. I mean, you’re funny because of how utterly lacking in self-awareness you are, but you’re no champions. I get that the standard is low here with who can hold the gold, but you guys? You’re about to let this division slip into the damn dark ages! This is WRESTLING, not selfies and hairspray. You even took a respectable match concept and ruined it by making it pink because…why? Because you like the colour pink? Are the crowd even gonna be able to SEE the ass kicking we hand you two?
Donny: In the pantheon of ill-conceived ideas, it’s certainly up there. It’s fine though, because we only have to deal with these jokers for a couple more days. Because Lord knows that once we have the belts, neither of you are even looking at them. We’ll keep them locked away until someone who actually takes this seriously comes along. Until then, you can both look at what real tag team champs look like. Wild Boys, you can go back to whatever group home you grew up in. Dollhouse, you can just admire your fake belts for the rest of your careers, because you’re never getting your hands on the real ones.
James: Over.
Donny: And out.

Nathan Fiora
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/19/2019, 11:27 pm by Nathan Fiora
We’re back in Arizona, the land of incredibly hot suns and a place I’d consider a home when I was younger.  I’ve had some fantastic matches here but it all will be eclipsed at the Wells Fargo Arena. This is the first time I’ve been at such a big event since 2016 and it feels great that this journey has stopped in a good place.  My first appearance in such an event was in a Battle Royal, losing early on. Now, in 2019, I get to shine against good talents in their biggest event of the year, where the winner could change the entire atmosphere in OWA.  I looked at the scope of this arena, feeling the amount of energy the OWA fans are going to demonstrate tomorrow night. With that thought, it makes me realize that this is the biggest opportunity I’ve received in OWA. Knowing that I want to make sure I seize the moment and defy all odds in order to make history.  That’s enough about me; I’m excited to talk about the vast expanse of opponents I have in this crazy ladder match.

I’m coming for everyone.  My fire consumes all and never discriminates; it holds no mercy for those who don’t recognize the reality that comes from the noise...The Chicago Noise.  Gareth, Persephone, Diantha, Sabertooth, and Moongoose are all stepping up their game to their best tomorrow night, but the key question is: Is it enough to win?  The simple answer is no, so stay tuned as to why they shouldn’t put someone as talented as me in a match like this. All of my opponents are good, no doubt about that, but none of them are GREAT.  What entails greatness? Losing matches and not losing any sort of momentum. Being praised every time you are in the ring. Putting matches of the night even when you’re not at peak form. The greatest of all time swim against the current unfazed, never hesitating to pushing themselves forward, even with they seem to be sinking into the unknown.  Each person here has some of these qualities, but no one has all of them, except for her. Miranda was a great, who put her mind, life, and soul into that squared circle. Her world could’ve been falling apart right in front of her, but she’d tell me about this new move she came up with. She won titles in times where nobody seemed to be there for her, as I was an idiot and was fooling around in parties.  Greatness comes only once in a lifetime and I want to at least try to capture that greatness Miranda displayed whenever she entered the ring. Her spirit lives in me, pushing me to reach that greatness she contained by just being herself. That’s the Fiora Fire, one that will pass on and live inside one’s soul. It currently lives in mine and desires the ultimate reward of greatness; a world title. I can only feed the beast inside by ascending to the heavens and cashing in that opportunity in the future.  That’s held me back in my career; I could always go for and win the TV and or Spartan titles, but that’s not what I want right now. I want a world title in my hands so I can show Miranda what she helped me win at her grave.

Goose, I’m gonna roast you twice in a row because you really don’t value my presence in this match.  I could screw you over and that dumb grin is going to turn into a 9-year-old’s rage when you don’t get your way.  Underestimating your competition is one of the most ridiculous things you could ever do. While I don’t believe anyone else will win, I understand what each person is capable of and how they could be an issue for my mission.  Meanwhile, you’re just emo’ing up and have some high-school budget Joker getup, expecting people to take you seriously. This is why you lose so frequently because you’re not that focused. You wanted to goof around in your match with Oasis and guess what?  You lost. You came here originally as some comedy schtick, expecting it to stick and get you a world title. Guess what happened with that? You took another L. Let me pull up the book and look at all those pages! Your whole career could be posted as the very definition of what a failure looks like in wrestling.  Are you and Persephone the same person? Because you two are changing up your personalities, trying to fix issues that can’t be fixed. Do you want me to be real honest with you? In reality, you both suck and can’t get the job done. Goose, you’re living a lie and can’t accept the fact that you will never hold a world title in your life.  Give up again and watch the -1 people paying attention to what you’re doing...was that too far? No, I don’t think so. Yeah, the gloves have officially gone off and I’m ready to say some of the grimiest things you will ever hear someone say about you, you birthday party clown; cheap, given up on life, and not really that good either. Revy, how about you call me up when this mans is crying again about not getting what he wants again?  Then you’ll actually be around a winner; the man who is going to utterly destroy this roster starting tomorrow night. Don’t consider this a threat because this is a promise that will be written in history. This is the words from Miranda, who told me these exact words every time before she accomplished something great.

Diantha and Persephone, where are you?  Why are you wasting such a tremendous opportunity here?  I’m looking around and it’s just so disappointing that both of you lived up to your expectations this week.  Sapersephone is nowhere to be seen, once again proving why she shouldn’t be in this match-up in the first place.  No wonder this match lacks hunger; they don’t care enough to say something, so don’t be surprised when they don’t win this match...Oh wait, your response was absolutely dreadful, Diantha.  Diantha is a woman who I genuinely don’t care about and don’t understand why she’s in this match. There are way more talented women in the OWA roster that could take both her and Sav’s places.  If you put as much effort in making your last name, you’d actually have a solid match here. It’s obvious to me that you didn’t care to really analyze the opponents and called me some sort of meathead.  The difference between Carlos and I is that I’m not some has-been who is probably losing this weekend. I’m at the prime of my life while Carlos’ seems to have gone by after losing his last world title, what a shame.  That old geezer just needs to retire for good and should take you with him, since you’re obviously going to fail again. I’d recommend you to just tuck your tail and let the adults talk over who’s going to win. You obviously have some insecurity issues, so why do you spend your FD paycheck to get some help.  Do you hate the fact that your brother is more successful than you? Well, snap back to reality little girl; you’re inferior. You haven’t won the same amount of titles as him, are way less relevant than him and will prove your inferiority complex when you lose again. Just take the train with Persephone and talk through whatever you two are going through, and might as well have Goose along too.  You guys need my friend Preacher Jamal, who can give you some therapy for your deep issues. He definitely guided me when life was bad, so here’s his card. He’s over at Olympus so don’t worry about your accessibility to him.

Gareth, it’s nice to see that you’ve replied and now I’m ready to lay out more truths to you.  You pretend like my experience in this area of competition is an afterthought but I’m truly dangerous as well.  Do you not think I’ll try to kill you in the ring with whatever I find around me? I have a lot of versatility with weapons so the ways I can torture you and take you out are plentiful.  Give me congrats now so it won’t the pill of you being wrong won’t be that hard to swallow. Of course, my words influence others; reality speaks to the heart even if you want it to be wrong.  You probably believe what I’m telling you since I do notice your respectful tone in what you’re saying here. I obviously hold a lot of respect for you too, but respect doesn’t win titles and it doesn’t give you success.  However, you’re wrong about that statement of yours. I do believe you have some experience in hardcore matches but the reality of the situation is that I’m the most experienced in this match. I’ve been in several matches that included ladders so I know what I can do with one.  Whenever I look at a ladder, I think of 20 things I could do with it every second. Like you said though, we’ll find out what you’re capable of at Final Destination. Don’t forget, you’re going to get a dose of hardcore when I bash your head in repeatedly. If you really want to win, you’re going to do whatever it takes to win, so that’s why I don’t view you as hardcore.  You used to work with predictability in your fights and I assume you do the same before you face anyone in a regular match. However, you have to remember there are 5 other people who could attack you whenever. I like the randomness because it’s an environment where I absolutely thrive. I am human, but you are too. I will crush you with everything in my power and ensure you don’t win this match.  People are saying you will win and doubt I’ll do anything significant but hey, I love upsetting non-believers. We’re gonna be both be sore but all I know is that you’ll feel the pain of failure once I win.

Sabertooth, do you want to know the reason why I came back to wrestling in the first place?  I came to continue my sister’s legacy by shutting up punks like you. You don’t know what I’m about and it’s very obvious from listening to your response.  Haha, very original; making fun of my music is like a new trend or something. I’ll give you a mic and let you empty out crowds of thousands, because you can’t even compare to my talent.  I’m a multifaceted individual who thinks outside the box; I’m an innovator in a world that needs more variation. However, my love for the wrestling business brought me back and sucked me into what is the Kingdom roster.  Yes, I disappeared for a whole year because I needed a change of scene after being disgraced in front of the entire world. I had some personal issues with the leaders up on top and would use any opportunity to spite and disrespect everything I had done for them.  The firing was the final straw, so I left and made an outlet for me to express my anger and hatred for this cruel world. My voice spoke and sung reality while I had to fight a few legal battles in order to restore faith in my name. OWA did call me when it opened its doors but I didn’t accept the offers.  They really wanted me to be one of the main people on the roster, carrying this company with my wild antics and charismatic mannerisms. I wanted to figure out another passion of mine in music but my sister called my name from the distance. She would’ve been in OWA if she was still around today, putting on matches of the night.  She’d be absolutely enthralled about the idea of competing in front of tens of thousands of people. I would’ve loved to be right there next to her, celebrating her accomplishments as she became one of the GOATs, carrying me around for the ride. However, the reality of that is that she’s not around and it’s my responsibility to keep the dream alive.  You and I both want the same thing, but the better man ends up prevailing at the end of time. Many will view this match and see both of us putting in the performances of our lives, but they will only care about the man who wins. This match can redefine everything that’s going on for you and could open the opportunity of stardom. You can’t have that and I will do everything in my power to prevent you or anyone else from winning.  My unorthodox methods will throw you off and I will show you the fire in my eyes, Chris. You’re going to fear everything in my spirit because it shows no mercy to those who don’t face reality’s kiss. She’ll put you to sleep and end your career for good because I don’t see that you want this enough.

You say you need to win this, Saber, but...the man who wins needs to be me.  It’s been incredibly easy to get back into gear and I only have a few matches back in my belt.  The rust has dusted off and I’m feeling oh so ready to be at my best again. Some may doubt this statement but my colleagues were in a state of shock when they saw me wrestle just last night, asking me how I was able to get back into peak shape.  I’ve been in the gym and wrestling ring every day all day, only taking breaks to eat and rest. I’m a madman, I know, and while my body may be incredibly sore, I feel pretty damn ready to throw myself off ladders. I’m ready to have shattered glass cover my back with blood pouring down every hole in my body.  Are you going to choke up facing the heights Saber? Where will that fire be in you? It’s gonna cool down because no sane man will be willing to sacrifice their own health to gain everything. Well, I’m lying because I could die for all I care if it means that I win that match. Shank me, throw me off the titantron; do whatever you need to do to take me out, but just know that nothing will hold me down.  The Grim Reaper can pull up and I’ll beat him down with this guitar here; hell, I’ll use that staff of his to rearrange that Carlos Rosso-looking fool so he’ll have to bow down to me. Then he’ll see me flying back into my body to take that W, shocking everyone, including death.

Ascending is about keeping your focus on what’s at the end and not looking back.  Arizona is pretty damn bright but that isn’t going to stop me from grabbing the golden ticket to salvation and cashing it on what my career will be remembered with; the very first cash in of the ATTH briefcase.  The sun brings light to all things and I will as well when I continue to expose the darkness of everyone’s realities. These are my last words before you see me come in one of the greatest entrances in OWA history!  Look at the sky; that’ll be your answer. Skies aren’t the limit; eternity is.
Diantha Moreau
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/19/2019, 11:27 pm by Diantha Moreau
[Diantha, in a rare move since the partnership with Erica began, elected to train on her own today. There was no heavy work since she knew how grueling the Ascention to the Heavens match would be. Just enough Cardio to break up a sweat and clear her mind, trying to get past some of the inner turmoil that she had been feeling. Even though Diantha was reviled by the fans and her peers, she desperately sought their approval, their love. It was a surrogate for the family that she never had. Now that Natalie had betrayed her and the Wolvesden had descended into chaos with Ground Zero, she felt more alone than ever even with Erica at her side.]

You know, I don’t understand the wrestling world sometimes. We all step in this ring to entertain people of course, but the primary reason for us being there is to win. I don’t understand the logic of wrestling fans at all. When I was losing all the time, when I was nowhere near title contention...they loved me. Even though the person that I was presenting to them wasn’t necessarily the real me, they loved me. They accepted my faults. When I joined the Wolves, there were so many changes. They HATED me because I believed that I should do and would do anything necessary for victory. The victories came, the title shots came, but their love left me Why?



I gave them everything, just like I gave Natalie and Wolvesden everything, just like I gave my family everything...AND THEY ALL TURNED THEIR BACKS TO ME! The promotion turned its back to me. Everyone who I thought had given a damn had turned away. But you know what? That’s okay by me.

I have a lot of hate in my heart right now. Natalie has the lion’s share of it reserved for her, but Goto definitely resides near the top of the list. These two so-called superstars, these icons, these false Goddesses...I’ve beaten them both. I’ve left them both laying. All I have to do is solidify my grip on the OWA Women’s Championship...and the memories of both of them will fade away forever. That’s the only reason I care about this briefcase. I have wrestled in some pretty brutal matches, but matches like this one annoy me. They don’t rely on skill or endurance to win….they require you to be lucky, cowardly.

Its not a wonder Bane is in it then, no? Does anyone remember her? I’m sure someone does. She’s nothing more than a poor woman’s Natalie Cage, a thin, weak, useless woman pretending to be tough because she can suddenly hear voices that didn’t exist before. Are you Venom or something now? Or are you one of those characters from YuGiOh that had two souls in the body? It doesn’t matter. You’re just a fraud. A worthless, gutless fraud. You couldn’t get the job done as Savannah, you can’t get the job done as Bane...and you never will.

Nathan doesn’t strike me as a coward as much as he does a complete fucking idiot. The more I think about him, the more I hear his music or try to hear him speak, I wonder why so many people think so highly of him. Do they have horrible taste in music? Do they not understand how wrestling works?

And Gareth, why are you confused? What is so confusing about what was said? I said that the old me would fear you and I don’t. I have been Reborn. Blood I’ve spilled, blood I’ve shed...I’ve been baptized in it. Do you think I would stare down an entire faction of the most powerful and insane people in this company and tell them to fuck off if I didn’t have courage? No. I have plenty of it. And very soon, you are going to get a taste of my ability as well. Christopher Sabretooth was kind in a sense when he described me as a world champion in the making. He is somewhat inaccurate however. I’m not some wonderkid with potential. I’m a young woman who was a bit naive at first but now have enough experience in the cold, brutal world of OWA to make it against anyone. I am the one who has come as close as anyone other than Natalie’s own brother to ending her. I pushed a World Champion to her limit, and not just her but names like Aria Jaxon and TyAnna Jupiter before her. Many men fear those women, but I proved that even queens and goddesses could bleed. You are a strong man, a very imposing figure with a style that in another world I would have happily emulated. I was not blessed with your strength, but you were not blessed with my agility. I was not blessed with your merciless skillset, but you were not blessed with my relentlessness. I was not blessed with your size, you were not blessed with my HEART.

I have the heart of a lioness. I have spent my entire year toiling in near obscurity just to get to this point. I was not made a star on my arrival like you or Savannah or Moongoose or Sabretooth. I was regarded as the afterthought, the undercard, nothing.

I have built myself into something.

Moongoose, what was the purpose of insulting my appearance? Did you think making remarks as you did about my sexuality or my looks would hurt my feelings? They did not. They make me laugh. I know that people who resort to such talk usually don’t have much to back up anything that they say. I want you and your family of freaks to understand something: You’re not fighting a proxy war with my brother through me. You are fighting the Lioness. I have been looking for something to sink my teeth into for this match, something to get a little extra motivation for and in some ways you have fit the bill. Of all the people who have spoken, you are the only one that has been as keen as you have to openly insult me. I’m not going to scream at you like my brother would, nor am I going to promise certain doom or declare I’m going to fuck you up. I’m patient. I’m smart. And I’m very good at what I do in the wrestling ring. You are going to have to come face to face with me at some point. I may be a 4/10 in terms of looks to you and your sister, but between those ropes I am a 10/10. My wrestling style is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I would LOVE to send you straight to hell...but I think I’m going to have another fun idea planned for you. What fun it would be for me to tie you up and force you to watch me climb the ladder and retrieve that briefcase. You wouldn’t know how to handle it, just like you don’t know how to handle every single failure in your underachieving career. You are the true ugly one, and don’t you forget it.

All these people, all of these names. All of this time completely wasted. Bane has always been boring, but the men that I’m facing? I expected more. I expected more stimulating conversation than what has been given. Maybe I expected too much of the dumbest men available. Then again, I didn’t work to earn entry into this match to be stimulated by conversation. I entered this match to retrieve the briefcase hanging above the ring, the key that will unlock the steel gates that stand between me and the Women’s World Championship belt. Then, and only then, will my dealing with these morons be worth it.
Diantha Moreau
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[Diantha, in a rare move since the partnership with Erica began, elected to train on her own today. There was no heavy work since she knew how grueling the Ascention to the Heavens match would be. Just enough Cardio to break up a sweat and clear her mind, trying to get past some of the inner turmoil that she had been feeling. Even though Diantha was reviled by the fans and her peers, she desperately sought their approval, their love. It was a surrogate for the family that she never had. Now that Natalie had betrayed her and the Wolvesden had descended into chaos with Ground Zero, she felt more alone than ever even with Erica at her side.]

You know, I don’t understand the wrestling world sometimes. We all step in this ring to entertain people of course, but the primary reason for us being there is to win. I don’t understand the logic of wrestling fans at all. When I was losing all the time, when I was nowhere near title contention...they loved me. Even though the person that I was presenting to them wasn’t necessarily the real me, they loved me. They accepted my faults. When I joined the Wolves, there were so many changes. They HATED me because I believed that I should do and would do anything necessary for victory. The victories came, the title shots came, but their love left me Why?



I gave them everything, just like I gave Natalie and Wolvesden everything, just like I gave my family everything...AND THEY ALL TURNED THEIR BACKS TO ME! The promotion turned its back to me. Everyone who I thought had given a damn had turned away. But you know what? That’s okay by me.

I have a lot of hate in my heart right now. Natalie has the lion’s share of it reserved for her, but Goto definitely resides near the top of the list. These two so-called superstars, these icons, these false Goddesses...I’ve beaten them both. I’ve left them both laying. All I have to do is solidify my grip on the OWA Women’s Championship...and the memories of both of them will fade away forever. That’s the only reason I care about this briefcase. I have wrestled in some pretty brutal matches, but matches like this one annoy me. They don’t rely on skill or endurance to win….they require you to be lucky, cowardly.

Its not a wonder Bane is in it then, no? Does anyone remember her? I’m sure someone does. She’s nothing more than a poor woman’s Natalie Cage, a thin, weak, useless woman pretending to be tough because she can suddenly hear voices that didn’t exist before. Are you Venom or something now? Or are you one of those characters from YuGiOh that had two souls in the body? It doesn’t matter. You’re just a fraud. A worthless, gutless fraud. You couldn’t get the job done as Savannah, you can’t get the job done as Bane...and you never will.

Nathan doesn’t strike me as a coward as much as he does a complete fucking idiot. The more I think about him, the more I hear his music or try to hear him speak, I wonder why so many people think so highly of him. Do they have horrible taste in music? Do they not understand how wrestling works?

And Gareth, why are you confused? What is so confusing about what was said? I said that the old me would fear you and I don’t. I have been Reborn. Blood I’ve spilled, blood I’ve shed...I’ve been baptized in it. Do you think I would stare down an entire faction of the most powerful and insane people in this company and tell them to fuck off if I didn’t have courage? No. I have plenty of it. And very soon, you are going to get a taste of my ability as well. Christopher Sabretooth was kind in a sense when he described me as a world champion in the making. He is somewhat inaccurate however. I’m not some wonderkid with potential. I’m a young woman who was a bit naive at first but now have enough experience in the cold, brutal world of OWA to make it against anyone. I am the one who has come as close as anyone other than Natalie’s own brother to ending her. I pushed a World Champion to her limit, and not just her but names like Aria Jaxon and TyAnna Jupiter before her. Many men fear those women, but I proved that even queens and goddesses could bleed. You are a strong man, a very imposing figure with a style that in another world I would have happily emulated. I was not blessed with your strength, but you were not blessed with my agility. I was not blessed with your merciless skillset, but you were not blessed with my relentlessness. I was not blessed with your size, you were not blessed with my HEART.

I have the heart of a lioness. I have spent my entire year toiling in near obscurity just to get to this point. I was not made a star on my arrival like you or Savannah or Moongoose or Sabretooth. I was regarded as the afterthought, the undercard, nothing.

I have built myself into something.

Moongoose, what was the purpose of insulting my appearance? Did you think making remarks as you did about my sexuality or my looks would hurt my feelings? They did not. They make me laugh. I know that people who resort to such talk usually don’t have much to back up anything that they say. I want you and your family of freaks to understand something: You’re not fighting a proxy war with my brother through me. You are fighting the Lioness. I have been looking for something to sink my teeth into for this match, something to get a little extra motivation for and in some ways you have fit the bill. Of all the people who have spoken, you are the only one that has been as keen as you have to openly insult me. I’m not going to scream at you like my brother would, nor am I going to promise certain doom or declare I’m going to fuck you up. I’m patient. I’m smart. And I’m very good at what I do in the wrestling ring. You are going to have to come face to face with me at some point. I may be a 4/10 in terms of looks to you and your sister, but between those ropes I am a 10/10. My wrestling style is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I would LOVE to send you straight to hell...but I think I’m going to have another fun idea planned for you. What fun it would be for me to tie you up and force you to watch me climb the ladder and retrieve that briefcase. You wouldn’t know how to handle it, just like you don’t know how to handle every single failure in your underachieving career. You are the true ugly one, and don’t you forget it.

All these people, all of these names. All of this time completely wasted. Bane has always been boring, but the men that I’m facing? I expected more. I expected more stimulating conversation than what has been given. Maybe I expected too much of the dumbest men available. Then again, I didn’t work to earn entry into this match to be stimulated by conversation. I entered this match to retrieve the briefcase hanging above the ring, the key that will unlock the steel gates that stand between me and the Women’s World Championship belt. Then, and only then, will my dealing with these morons be worth it.
Jeff X
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Good and Evil

Phoenix, Arizona
April 19,2019

“Jeff!  Come quick!  You have to see Nate Cage’s latest comments!”

The bartender shouts as Jeff walks back into the bar and looks up at the TV screen to see Nate Cage talking about their upcoming Triple Threat match, also involving Layne Kurobane.  Jeff’s eyes narrow as he reaches towards his hip and unbuttons the sheath on his belt. He quickly removes the large bowie knife from the sheath and hurls it directly towards the television.  The tip of the blade connects dead center of the TV and sticks protruding out from the screen as the glass cracks all around it and the whole feed turns to a mixture of static and pure black. The bar falls deathly silent except for the sound of Garth Brooks emanating from the jukebox.  Casually Jeff walks up to the bar and lays a wad of cash down in front of the young girl working.

“Sorry about that.  That should cover the costs and then some.  Do you mind if I get a beer and a shot of Jack?”

The girl nods understandingly as she quickly grabs him a Bud Light and poors the shot in front of him.  Jeff shoots the whiskey down right there before grabbing the bottle and heading towards the corner of the bar where he has a seat alone in the corner booth.  The camera moves in close to him as the rest of the patrons finally start to chatter amongst themselves once again.

“I don’t care what you have to say anymore Nate.  I don’t care what Layne has to say either. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.  That’s all anyone’s been doing. I’m tired of talking. In less than 24 hours we shall finally all step into that ring with one another and the time for talking will be over.  This week has been long and strenuous on us all. It’s the biggest show in the history of our industry and we all have a hell of a lot riding on it. Final Destination will make several people’s careers and we all want to be those select ones.  But the simple fact of the matter is that no matter how badly Cage wants to get his hands on the Spartans matter how badly Layne wants to prove that he can defend that belt against all is I that will emerge from the carnage tomorrow night as the new Spartans Champion.”

Jeff hits the bottle and lights up a Marlboro Red to calm his nerves a bit.

“Honestly you want to know what’s shocked me the most about the buildup to our match tomorrow?  It’s been Layne. I despise and loathe Nate Cage. I already knew I’d get pissed off the moment he appeared on TV and started running his god damn mouth.  That wasn’t a shock to me. Hell...that cunt doesn’t have to say anything at all. Just the sight of Cage is enough to make me see red. It’s always been that way and it always will.  I expected him to get on my nerves. But the real kicker here? It’s Layne that’s actually annoyed me more. Don’t get me wrong. I respect everything that you’ve done as champion, Layne.  I have literally gone out of my way to commend you on a job well done being an admirable champion. But as much respect as I may have for you Layne...I just don’t fucking like you. Everything from your arrogant attitude to your golden demeanor pisses me off.  You’ve done nothing but dish out backhanded compliments towards me for days now. You’re either questioning my motives for this match or deciding that I don’t belong here altogether. You’ve already determined that I don’t pose any real threat. As if my only purpose in being in this match is to help you ensure that Nate Cage doesn’t walk out of Final Destination as champion.  While you’re absolutely correct in assuming that I’m very adamant in making sure Cage doesn’t emerge as the victor...I’m also equally as passionate at ensuring that you don’t have a successful title defense as well. I’ve heard you go on and on about how Nate’s going to react when he hears those thousands of fans clapping and stomping their feet, just hoping that he fails in his quest for gold….but the things is Layne...he’s used to that.  What’s going to happen when those thousands of fans aren’t completely behind you? What’s going to happen when suddenly the crowd is split as to whom they want to see emerge victorious? Or worse yet...what’s going to happen when the vast majority of them are rooting against you? Layne, you have a large following and the people love you. I can appreciate more than anyone the impact that our audience can have on a match. And they do love you Layne.  Because you say and do all the right things. It’s like you were designed in a lab to give speeches to middle schoolers to help keep them off drugs. But believe it or not Layne...there’s a way to gain the fans admiration without having to be some after school special. Make no mistake about it...I’m not a role model. I’ve always been the first to admit it. But I’m real. Every single person that fills that arena looks at me and knows what they’re getting.  They can relate to me because what you see is actually what you get. Did you know I get more requests from fans to have a drink with them than I do autograph requests or picture sessions? It’s because the people don’t just want to see me be victorious in the ring...they want to hang out with me. They want to get to know me because I AM one of them. So when those same people….MY people...when they start booing you are you going to react? My guess is that it’s going to shake you.  It’s going to rattle you to your core and that once impeccable moveset of yours...that flawless’s not going to be so perfect anymore. Face it Layne. You’re out of your element. You’re going to be caught between two prize fighters whom...while we may hate one another...the one thing that we have in common is that we want nothing more than to remove that belt from your possession. And the one advantage you’re relying on? The crowd advantage? just may not belong to you at all.  And if you somehow think that we’re going to form some sort of alliance just because neither of us can stand Cage? You thought wrong champ. I want you to emerge from this defeated and dejected every bit as much as I want Cage too. We’re not friends Layne. We’re not even good acquaintances. I’m going to take a whole hell of a lot of joy in knocking you off of that pedestal that you’ve placed yourself on. I don’t care if the rest of the world views you as Jesus Christ himself, because I’m not a religious man Layne.  I’ve never even claimed to be a good man. And if the world wants to view you as the Messiah himself then so be it...,because I swear on everything that I am going to crucify you in the middle of that ring and leave you hanging there as I walk out with your Spartans Championship.”

Again, Jeff turns the bottle up allowing several large gulps of alcohol to pass down his throat.  Afterwards he takes a quick hit from his cigarette and continues throwing his angry thoughts out on his opponents.

“But of course...if Layne is Jesus then we have to have our own personal version of the devil himself, don’t we?  And that would be none other than Nate Cage. Honestly, at this point I don’t know what’s left to be said between us Nate.  We have so much much resentment towards one another that it’s almost unprecedented. It’s appears to be pretty common knowledge that we hate each other.  And don’t get me wrong Nate...I do in fact hate you. I hate you with every single fiber of my being. I want nothing more than to make you suffer at my own hands. But still….still that hate is peppered with love.  Yes….love. Believe it or not...I love you, Nate Cage. You see, everyone needs that certain someone that pushes them farther and farther. That forces them to be even better than they really are. For some people that’s their spouse.  They come home each day to that lucky lady that wants them to succeed and drives them to do so. For others, it’s their kids. They strive each day to be great so that they can give their children that life that they never had. But for me?  For me, that person is none other than you, Nate Cage. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be in my career without you bud. Every single morning I wake up and think what can I do today that will help me destroy Nate’s hopes and dreams. And every single night when I go to bed I think about what I could have done more that day to help achieve those same goals.  And then I drift off to sleep...and it’s there that I dream. I dream of the look on your face when you realize that everything...all the schemes you’ve made...all of the maniacal tactics you’ve taken...every piece of your soul that you’ve sold to get what you want...that it was all for nothing. I long to see that in real life. I long to see that sorrow and heartbreak in your eyes once you come to.  When you pick your head up off that mat and look up to me standing above you...Brantley Gilbert echoing over the PA system...Spartans Championship raised high above my head. I can’t wait to see that look Nate. And honestly I can’t thank you enough. It’s what drives to me succeed each and every day. Nate...I want you to look me in the eyes when I tell you this.”

Jeff sits up and moonlights reflects off his cold, blue eyes as he stares deeply into the camera.

“I love you for everything that you’ve done for my career...I love you for motivating me like nobody ever has in my life...but there is no way on God’s green Earth that I’m going to let you win tomorrow.  I will literally give my life in the center of that ring to ensure that that doesn’t happen. I know all wrestlers like to talk a big game, but trust me when I tell you that this is no exaggeration. I would rather die than to see you achieve your goals.  And I do not plan on having my life end anytime soon Cage.”

Jeff leans back again as he takes one more hit from his smoke before putting it out in the ashtray on the table before him and then taking another rather large drink from his beverage of choice.

“But even after I win tomorrow...even after I snuff out Layne’s arrogance and crush Cage’s dreams...that’s not going to be the end of it for us, is it Cage?  No, I think not. I feel that as long as either of us exists in this company, neither of us will truly be able rest. We’re no different than the battle between light and dark...neither of us can truly exist without the other.  So while I will forever cherish crushing your dreams tomorrow night...I will know that you’re still there...lurking in the shadows. And I will patiently await the day that we cross each others pass once more. Because this will never truly be over.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all...true’s destined to last forever.”

Again Jeff takes a drink.  He then swirls that last bit of it around in the bottle, staring at it...almost transfixed.

“Final Destination begins tomorrow night.  There are three fantastic World Championship matches that are going to captivate the world.  But despite the fantastic competitors that square off in those matches...and despite the order of the card...we all know that the real main event is us.  The real main event is for the Spartans Championship. The real main event has been in the making for months and months and months. We may not be the biggest faces on the poster nor the most recognizable names in the industry...but this match has been building for a long time and it has grown more and more personal with each and every passing day.  This is the one that matters. This is the one that’s going to determine who is going to dominate the Omega Wrestling Alliance for years to come. But most importantly...this is the battle between good and evil...and it’s going to be won by someone who resides somewhere in the middle. I will see the both of you tomorrow. Cheers boys.”

Jeff downs what remains in his bottle before standing and confidently striding out of the frame.

[Fade to Black]

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Gareth Cason
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Final Destination Promo #2: “A Piece Of Paper To A Shark"

(Word Count: 1,862)

*Gareth sits in front of a ladder, the room he resides in housing complete darkness besides a spotlight on Cason and the ladder itself. Gareth looks at the camera intently*

Gareth: You know, I have prided myself for a very long time on my ability to back up every word that I say on the mic in the ring. It's an important quality to have for a few reasons. Most people won't believe what you have to say if you don't prove yourself in the way that you promise to. Going into this ladder match, I have completed in and won certain no rules matches in OWA. At Hardcore Havoc in May, I competed in an Ultimate X match to crown the inaugural Spartan's Champion. While I failed in capturing that title, I'd say it more than proved my skill in a hardcore environment. But you don't have to look any further than my debut OWA contest when I beat Clinton Stone so bad that he never wrestled a one on one match in the OWA again. Clinton Stone was famous for backyard wrestling and because I knew I could hang on his turf, I mid match requested that the rules be changed to no disqualification. I beat him by referee stoppage. Or maybe we look at my historic run with the Television Title. One of my defenses was an I Quit match against one of the greatest hardcore wrestlers to ever grace the sport, Tarah Nova. I successfully defended my title in that match after a bloody and brutal contest. Many look at my MMA background and ask whether this hardcore sort of environment is really for me. In response to that I do what I always do, hang my hat on my accomplishments. Look at what I've done and use it as an example of what I can do. Apparently, one of my opponents in the Ascension to the Heavens Match things quite differently about things.

*Gareth leans against the ladder behind him for a moment and cracks his neck, sneering at the camera before continuing to speak intensely*

Gareth: Moongoose McQueen. Honestly, the first time I addressed you it was hard to get past your name to start with. But that won't matter in a wrestling contest. You made a few good points Moongoose. Honestly you did, and it does matter to me that you won against Jacob Senn. Really it does. But one victory against Jacob Senn is nothing compared to two victories over Tarah Nova, One victory over CM Nas, a victory over former Spartan's Champion Monolith. A victory over former world championship number one contender Stark. The list can go on and on. If you think wins and losses mean nothing, then… well that just makes no sense. You had to win to qualify for this and so did I. Meaning that whether you won or lost mattered quite a bit. Yes Moongoose a pair of scissors is dangerous. Yes, paper can also be dangerous. But you don't understand that a pair of scissors and paper aren't as dangerous as a lion. If you generalize everything in a certain way, yes, certain things may come out the same. But in a comparison between a piece of paper and a shark, hell I'd take the paper any day. In a way, that is your comparison to me. I am the shark, an accomplished killer just waiting to smell the blood that lies within the water of the OWA. Ready to feed and reach the top of the food chain. You are a mere piece of paper. Able to cut someone possibly if mishandled, but in the end, your only use is utility. You are a role player Moongoose. You are there to help me look good. I refuse to believe that you and i are the favorites because of how easy it is to remove you from that equation. Former champion? No. Actual threat? No. Any things that actually intimidate me about you? Absolutely not. I am not desperate to win this match Moongoose. I am driven to succeed at the level I've worked myself towards. I am determined to achieve success at the highest level of this sport that can be offered. You would know nothing about that as you have self admitted your uncaring attitude toward wins and losses unless you… care about the match? What kind of odd stipulation is that? It sounds kind of like when Bull Connors said that wins and losses in matches don't matter unless the match has some sort of stipulation to it. Hm, I wonder what happened in our encounter after he said that. Oh yes, I submitted him to become the inaugural OWA Television Champion. Weird how that works huh? You tout your lack of guilt or humility. You say that you don't care what you do to people like me. But do you really think I have any of that either? Not having inhibitions is not a selling point Moongoose. In all of the ways you purported to be equal or better than me in any way, somehow this one made the least sense. To say it simply Moongoose. You're running into a brick wall at Final Destination. Its name is Gareth Cason.

*Gareth clears his throat and then stands up straight, no longer leaning on the ladder behind him. He gives a bit of a smile to the camera and his nostrils flare*

Gareth: Christopher Sabertooth… I had much to say about you in my first address on this match. It seems you now have a response for me and what a response it is. You did pin me. You did. In the middle of the ring, for three seconds. Congratulations on your win. I can't take that away from you or make an excuse to justify why I lost. You were the better wrestler than me on that night. And in the tag team match, I did not pin you, you are correct about that as well. But I believe that I can best you. I believe that I am a better wrestler than you and am able to beat you. You had a better night than me, but I can still have a better career than you. I can make a mark on this business like you never did and embark on journeys that you never traveled. Reach plateaus that you were never even able to see on the horizon of your life. Achieve things that you could have only dreamed about Chris. You took one night against me Chris, but I can take years against you, and it starts right here. Just watch out Sabertooth. Those claims that I am the next big thing in OWA aren't false. You are just part of a greater amalgamation of pawns that I will step over to teach one of the biggest heights of my career. My Ascension to The Heavens.

*Gareth gives a small chuckle at that last statement, his smile growing wider as he continues talking*

Gareth: I've never met you in the ring Nathan Fiora. But you seem to know quite a bit about me and in the spirit of gamesmanship, I'll humor you here. You have gotten stitches all over your body huh? I'll have to give out my second congrats of the night to that one. You're so hardcore man. But the fact that you got a bunch of stitches before has nothing to do with you winning unfortunately. Your words to me sort of inspired what I said at the beginning of my address. You complimented me as a fighter but then implied that I can't perform in a hardcore environment. I think I've proven myself in that facet of wrestling and in all others. But if you don't think so, that's truly fine as you can just find out at Final Destination how much more talented I am than you. When you hear Gareth Cason, you don't think of a guy that'd jump off a ladder? That's fucking right because I'm sure as hell hesitant to risk my entire career in one moment. But in all honesty. I'm determined to win this thing, if I have to jump twenty feet off a ladder to win, it's what I will do because it's worth the risk. Fiora, I don't care how random or unpredictable you are in the ring, a man can only do so much. I have met many that claim to be numb to pain. But in the end, you are only human. There is a point where every human breaks. I'll find that point on you and laugh as you scream. Legit Dangerous is not just a nickname, it is something that indicates the many ways I know how to hurt you. I will find the one most optimal. I will break you in half, Fiora.

*Gareth's smile curls his lips fully, turning into that grin he's known for. The smirk that is only known to belong to the inaugural OWA Television Champion*

Gareth: Diantha Moreau had a lot of complimenting to do to me. Very nice of you to call me an all time great in the making. That statement was made all the more confusing when also taking into account that you said I am a man you don't care about. But I'll let that go for a second. My, you were scared of me at one point? Can't say I blame you there as i seem to have that effect on people. In fact, they get so scared that they forget how to make sense when they speak. Now, you say, you are no longer scared. While it is true that you don't have to pin or submit me to capture the briefcase, the likelihood of us not crossing paths among the bodies of this match is very low. Will you be true to your word? Or will you run and hide? Come on lioness, I want to see exactly what you do to your prey. I want to understand why it is that you call yourself that name. Prove it to me.

Gareth: Persephone Bane has yet to say anything about me. But I have taken down darker and tougher than her. The mysterious and strong Monolith. The dark and dangerous Tarah Nova. They have all fallen to Gareth Cason. You will fall the exact same. The exact same as the rest in this match, the exact same as all who have came before you. It is my time to Ascend to the Heavens. I refuse to let anything stop me.

So go right ahead…

Take your shot…

Take your shot at my nickname, my attitude, and what I believe is my destiny.

But don't you dare miss that shot Moongoose.





Because you won't just be in a ring with someone dangerous.

You'll be in the ring with someone…


*Gareth lets out a loud laugh as he leans against the ladder and crosses his arms, this is the last thing the viewer can here before the camera feed fades to black* 
Nate Cage
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[Nate Cage]
[Can You Hear That?]
[The Devil’s Highway]
[April 18, 2019]
[For the third time of asking]
[Nate is sitting in the back of his jeep, speeding up the seemingly never ending road]
Driver, you must go faster. Time is of the essence, and you appear to be wasting mine.
[The jeep speeds up]
Try not to crash, that’d really put a damper on my day. I say that as if my opponents for Final Destination haven’t already tried to do that. It really is quite amusing, this little game that we play. You two are so fixated on destroying me, it’s a jolly old time. I don’t know if I can ever recall two individuals gunning for me on such a level. We have the unstoppable champion on one side and the common champion on the other, such excitement! Layne, the fact I’ve had to endure your meandering rants three times now is exhausting. Hopefully, after my third rebuttal, you’ll get the picture that your voice is like fucking nails on a chalk board.
What can I even say to you? That you’re delusional beyond belief? That you’ve “seen through” the façade of Nate Cage? Good sir, you see nothing. You only continue to reaffirm my belief that you’re simple. Fuck, I think Jeff might be smarter than you at this point. You’ve mastered the art of talking forever yet saying absolutely nothing. It’s quite impressive. You and Jeff just parroting each other because neither of you have ever had an original thought in your lives.
“Oh, Ground Zero? They’re just a fake Wolvesden! Nate just surrounds himself with people he doesn’t care about and would abandon at the drop of a hat!”
Been there, done that, got the fucking t-shirt, lads. Come up with a different angle and then we’ll talk shop. Layne, you’re obsessed with me, almost as obsessed as I am with that title. Keep on flapping your gums about how I lied, cheated and stole my way to this point. Because it doesn’t matter to me. The three of us are all here, are we not? The ends must justify the means, not the other way around. I’ve committed acts that are less than admirable to get here, you’re at least right about that. I stabbed my closest ally in the back, I capitalised on the reputation of Wolvesden for my own gain, I surround myself with people who have my best interests at heart…
So fucking what? You’re telling me that that matters at this point? We can’t turn back the clocks, Layne. I forged my path and turned it into an opportunity. All you’ve done is brag about your sleep inducing title reign. There’s not going to BE a next challenger to forget who I am, Layne. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull? It’s not that I’m playing chess and you’re playing checkers, it’s that you’ve thrown the board on the floor and refuse to play anymore. Every time you open your mouth, it’s another sanctimonious tale of how tough little Layne is, how godly your reign is. Do you not get tired of just…being you? Oh, but well done, you were able to win that belt from Monolith. After your second try. And then where did Monolith go? The man took off and ever since he came back, he’s done sweet fuck all of note. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m just proving your point about the people you beat being lost to the past? No, dickhead, I’m saying that the people you beat were never any good to begin with.
You’re about to step into the ring with a cruel, violent, vindictive man. I’m a man who has destroyed the people I actually love and care for, what do you think I’m going to do to people who have actively made an effort to piss me off? I’ll tell you this, Layne: out there, in that ring, it doesn’t matter to me what you intend on doing. Any thought you can conjure up, any offence you can muster, it will never be enough. Why would you even begin to think that your little brand of flashy flips and kicks would bring down the single most driven man you’ve ever encountered? Your problem is that everyone you’ve faced wasn’t focused on the right thing. They allowed themselves to be bamboozled by your nonsense chatter and became so obsessed with beating you, specifically. They lost sight of what their goal was in the first place. Not me. It doesn’t matter if it’s Scotty Adams, Monolith, Layne Kurobane, Jeff X, fucking Dampshaw, whoever holds the title is simply a target for Nate Cage.
Oh, but I’m putting my REPUTATION on the line with this match, am I? Well, didn’t you also say that I don’t have much of a reputation? That I’m a leech who relied on the reputations of others? Well, which one is it Layne? Am I laying it all on the line or do I have nothing to lose? Make your fucking mind up. It’s as if you yourself have got lost in your little word salad and are having trouble climbing your way out. The only one in this match with anything on the line is you, and that’s precisely why you’re fucked. Because you know that that title you hold changes the men who hold it. What happened to the first two people to have that thing? They couldn’t handle life without it. They disappeared into the ether without a trace. And then, when they came back, claiming to be refreshed and ready to renew their careers…they faltered. Monolith is eating pin after pin on Olympus. And Scotty? He had one match back, tapped out to Donny and bolted.
That’s you, Layne, that’s what’s going to happen. You like to think of what becomes of me when I can’t get the job done, eh? That’s adorable. Because history is not on your side, little man. History shows that when a Spartan falls, he becomes a ghost. It’s you who’s afraid, you who’s running from what is creeping up on you. Once I take that hardware from you and actually become the first Spartan Champion with a fucking backbone, you will fade to ash like the false warriors before you. The name Layne Kurobane will be another name checked off a list. I’ve proven that I can deal with a loss, can you say the same? I lost to CASPIAN on Kingdom and went on to have the greatest OWA tag title reign ever. I lost to Scott Oasis and went on to dominate the God of War tournament. I lost to Bull Connors and I haven’t lost since. But you? Layne, my friend, the cracks are already beginning to show. Ever since Scott Oasis destroyed you at Clash, I’ve seen the fragile skin under the exposed armour. You’ve become an erratic, self loathing mess. Donny didn’t need me to beat you, I just wanted a front row seat to see it happen myself. When. WHEN you lose this weekend. The result will be a sad affair. The end of Layne Kurobane as we know him. Goodbye and good luck with whatever path you take afterwards, because I don’t see you showing your face on Kingdom for some time.
I suppose that brings me to the one thing that Jeff’s been right about for once, the guarantee of a new champion. Jeff knows, I know, we all know that the endless reign is about to conclude. But who will be the man who comes out of the other side with the spoils? The man who prides himself on being ordinary? Or the man who specialises in embarrassing said ordinary man? Jeff, how much longer must we do this dance? You’re constantly out of time, two steps behind, desperately trying to catch up as I take the lead. It’s hard for me to even know what to say to you, because it was everything Layne said. Yes, I took the remnants of the inferior Wolvesden and actually turned it into something worth fighting for. It’s easy for an outsider to look at things and believe that Wolvesden was this well-oiled machine, the world at its fingertips.
Truth is that I knew Kenny Drake was insane early on. But I stuck with him because I do believe that deep down, I did care for him in a strange way. He genuinely believed in me when not a lot of people did, and I can’t act like that didn’t happen. But Wolvesden outlived its usefulness, so I gutted it. It now exists as a symbol, a monument to bad ideas taken too far. People only feared us because they didn’t understand what the fuck we wanted or who the fuck we were. Kenny’s religious ramblings confused and bewildered, but he was never a frightening individual. Tarah Nova proved that. Scott Oasis proved that. Everyone eventually chops Kenny down to size and figures that he’s a bullshit artist. I was one of many to send Kenny to the chopping block, and I’d do it again.
Oh, but Ground Zero is SUCH a failure, isn’t it, Jeff? That’s why, after only three months of existence, we’re about to take home three belts in one weekend. It took Wolvesden two and a half YEARS before it got its first sniff of gold. You know why? BECAUSE OF ME. Kenny drake has been in this business for 17 fucking years. SEVENTEEN YEARS. You know how many titles he’d captured before I came along? FUCKING ZERO! Yet, a mere month after I showed Kenny just what the fuck he was doing wrong, we had gold around our waists. That’s no fucking coincidence, Jeff. I did in one month what Kenny failed to do in over a decade and a half. I elevated Wolvesden to heights it had never seen before. You say I’m not a leader, that I’m nothing more than a puppet, who do you think was pulling the strings when Wolvesden went on its run of dominance, Jeff? When I got here, Wovesden was a group of fucking clowns, a bunch of grown men playing dress-up, leaving animal heads in people’s locker rooms and telling ghost stories around the campfire. I mobilised them, actually made them worth something. Every step of the way, I gave Kenny direction. For the first time in his miserable life, he had direction, he had somebody who actually knew how to utilise his strengths.
But then, he started to go off the fucking deep end. I realised that he was beyond saving. Who got pinned to lose us the tag titles? Kenny. In fact, every match we lost as a team, Kenny was the one who took the fall. You can look that one up if you like, because it’s true. If we ever faltered, if we ever failed to find victory, it was always Kenny fucking Drake that was the root cause. Kenny was the weak link in Wolvesden, the proof is in the fucking pudding, Jeff. I didn’t cut him loose in an act of self-sabotage, I did it as an act of self-preservation. He was losing his mind to insanity and the failures were mounting. He lost us the tag team titles. He lost in his mad odyssey to breaking Tarah Nova. When he came out in the Clash, I knew that his days were numbered. I elected to eliminate him from that match and from my life. Funny how Wolvesden only started to dominate after I came in…and they fell when I left. Wolvesden is nothing without me, everything they’re feared for, the very reputation they have in OWA, the very reason you talk about them in the way that you do…it’s all Nate Cage. Nobody fears Kenny Drake, there's fuck all to fear. They fear me and the sense of uncertainty I bring. They fear my ability to take an ailing force and make it worth a damn. I cut the head off the serpent that I nurtured, and in its place grew something stronger. Ground Zero is everything that worked about my vision for Wolvesden without a lunatic trying to destroy it all.
No group that is in title contention after a few months is a failure. No group that consistently garners the most heated reactions from audiences around the globe is a failure. When we enter that arena, the people are on their feet, hurling their hatred at us. Layne seems to think that that bothers me, like that will throw me off in this match. When the fuck has booing ever thrown me off? I simply see it as the chorus of my arrival. It adds an extra oomph to my theme music, I think. Ground Zero might be a failure to you, Jeff, because you can never admit to yourself when something’s just plain better than you are. Donny Dragon hasn’t been pinned or submitted at all since coming to Kingdom. James Anderson’s not even had a match yet and he’s already vying for a title – something nobody else in this company can say – and me? I’m the Devil of OWA, Jeff. I’m despised, vilified and detested. And it drives me to continue, it tells me that I’m doing something right. As long as they care about me, how can they forget me? That’s the fatal logic in Layne’s argument, right there. Week after week, the noises only become louder, so loud that I can hardly hear myself think. The last time you heard something that intense, Jeff, your hometown was being destroyed by Mother Nature.
It’s cute that you think you’re the hero of this tale. I suppose by default you are. Problem is that the hero doesn’t always win. And why you’ve been selected as the champion of the people, I’ll never know. You embody all the worst aspects of people, and I enjoy picking away at you until you’re nothing more than an angry little ball of fury, powered only by your own blind rage. There will be no loud cheer in Phoenix. There will be no feelgood moment of tens of thousands of people throwing up the stupid fucking X symbol. There will be a broken commoner, lying in a heap, holding his head and letting it sink in what he’s done: allowed Satan himself to take the one thing that kept him going. You say you’re constantly improving, that you’re not the man you were six months ago. There’s an old saying in the UK that goes you can’t polish a turd. It’s crass, vulgar, and to the point. Jeff, no matter how much you improve, it’s only ever measured against a scale that I dictate. I know what you’re capable of, and it isn’t enough to keep me down. Righteous Rules made me realise that in this life, I’ve been reckless with my body. I never went into that match with the intention of winning, I just wanted to see you broken. Though it cost me my own body to do that, I ultimately got what I wanted.
And one more thing, do you really want to know why I call myself the Red Right Hand? It’s not because I’m here to do the bidding of other men. It’s quite simple, really: Kenny Drake saw himself as God, so God sent the Devil to remind him he is mortal.
[Nate lets out a sinister smile and puts his head back, watching the road unwind before him]

Jake Keeton
Re: OWA Promos!
Post on 4/19/2019, 11:01 pm by Jake Keeton
As he took a small sip from the cracked glass that housed what tasted like a cheap imitation of vodka with two ice cubes that had seen better days, Jake had to admit that he was impressed.  No, he wasn’t impressed by how cheap the vodka was, or how the strip club made everything look so dark and bright at the same time. He also all that impressed by the patrons who frequented this dive; they were either in their 50’s or 60s and trying to latch on to their glory days where they could rope in a woman with a half decent face, or a bunch of young fellas on a bucks day or sporting trip who did everything they could to get as drunk as possible in the shortest amount of time, while also flirting between the line of decent behaviour and getting their ass thrown out on the street.

No, Jake was impressed by the fact that the women in this establishment had seemed to have gotten… worse.  It was Harmony last week, gyrating and dancing to a 90s song that reflected the last time she was good looking.  This week it was Trinity, and Jake could only look away as she tried to get his attention, and his money. Even from a distance he could see the stretch marks on her stomach, and the strands of grey hair that fell down in front of her face.  It was clear that she had given birth to a few kids along the way, and Jake could feel nothing but sympathy for her. Why had she ended up here? Why couldn’t she find another way to provide for her family? Surely there was something better out there?

As Jake took another sip from the glass of vodka, he pulls out his phone from his pocket.  It lights up and tells him that he has 23% battery left. He spent the morning watching a few promos from OWA and hadn’t been more bored in his life.  In fact, he had been so bored that he had decided to head downstairs at his hotel and do some laundry. He’d never chosen to do that in his life, and probably wouldn’t ever again.  But Olsen, Dampshaw, Udy… where had OWA found these guys? He had seen some of the matches put on by the talent at the top of the card and had been surprised at their ability. Hell, he had even been surprised at the now missing Dax Staley, who had given him a good run for his money only a few weeks ago but had now fallen off the face of the planet.  But the other guys? Meh.

Taking a quick glance over his shoulder to check security weren’t watching him, and were instead trying to chat up a few of the dancers, he hits record on his phone and turns it to face the dancing Trinity.

“Gentlemen… do you see this woman dancing here?  Her name is Trinity. Look at her right now… smiling, dancing.  But do you see through it? Do you see through the smile? There is pain written all over her face.  As the punters here throw a few dollars on to the stage, it gives her but a moment of joy. Look, there, as one old guy places a five dollar note on the stage and her smile lifts for a second.  But then the pain returns. She thinks that she hides it well, hides the pain that she feels.”

“Let me zoom in for a moment… see those stretch marks?  See the sagging breasts? That’s a woman who has had children and seen the world.  Why has she ended up here, of all places? Why isn’t she at home tonight, caring for her children, raising them up to make this world a better place?  No, instead she is here, looking for any money she can get her hands on, and selling her body as if it meant nothing. But there, can you see it? The pain, the agony, the desperation.  You can see it, can’t you?

At this point Jake sneaks a quick sip of his drink and turns the camera around to face him.

“And what is the point of subjecting Trinity to a review such as this?  Well, gentlemen, it is because I see through all of you. I saw the promos earlier.  They forced me to go and clean my shirts earlier today, so I thank you for that. But your promos stank, reeked of desperation.  Of hurt, of pain, of agony. I know that you’ve all been backstage for my two matches so far this year, and I know you’ve been watching me from a distance.  Deep down, in your gut, you all know that you can’t beat me. You can wave around worthless gold medals, use as many swear words as you like, compare yourselves to animals or gods or worthless hobos from the street.  You can spit and snort and yell and scream. But it’s all for nothing. It’s nothing but bravado, an act to cover up how you really feel. You’re like Trinity here - you’re scared. You don’t really know what’s going to happen next.  Like Trinity, you fear the unknown.”

“You see, Trinity would fear tomorrow.  What happens if the owner pulls her aside, tells her that her time is up and that they have no more use for her?  How does she provide for her family then? Can a woman of her age, her health, find a job elsewhere? And that is the reality for the other nine men in this Battle Royal.  When I win this thing, what happens next for you? Are you forever consigned to the undercard, to battle it out with other has beens for the rest of your career? Or will OWA give you a light tap on the shoulder to tell you that you aren’t good enough, that your spot in the company is to be taken by somebody else?  That is the reality for each and every one of you, and I don’t blame you for being scared. It’s written on all of your faces. It’s there in the wobble in your voice when you speak my name.”

Jake then finishes the last of his drink and uses his index finger to point at himself.

“But know this - whatever happens on the weekend, one thing is for certain.  You’ll be flat on your back, lying on a dark mat on the outside of the ring, staring up at the lights.  You’ll then cast your glance a little further to see me, still inside that ring, smiling down on you. I might have been in the wilderness for a while, but Jake Keeton is back.  This might be the end of the first season for the OWA, but the beginning of the second season will be all about Jake Keeton. My redemption. My return. And for you? It’ll be just about survival and whether or not you can last and succeed as a wrestler in OWA.  Your chances are slim, at best. And that’s because of me.”

Jake then hits the stop button on his phone and sends it off to the OWA ownership.

Glancing around, he gets the attention of the waitress that served him last time.  She grimaces slightly before sauntering over to his table.

“Well, well, well.  If it isn’t Jake ‘I like to leave right after it’s done’ Keeton.  I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Firstly” Jake begins “that little nickname you have for me, it kind of sums up my wrestling career.  You know, get in, win the match, get the hell out. Why hang around? And secondly, I’m back here because the drinks here are the cheapest in the city, and I’m not exactly flush with cash.”

“Oh, trust me, I know that already.  You do recall taking me out on a date to McDonalds only a few nights ago?”

Jake raises his hands in mock surprise.

“Who wouldn’t say no to a Big Mac?  Plus I got us a great table right next to the window.”

“Yes, that was great.  We got to watch the young kid chunder his cheeseburger all over the sidewalk.”

“Swings and roundabouts, Jane.  Let’s be honest here - it was one of the biggest spews you’re ever likely to see.  And if we weren’t sitting at that window, we would have missed it, yeah? I bet you’ve told all the staff here about it.”

Jane laughs out loud.  “Told everyone? I told everyone you took me out for a Big Mac, shagged me, and then did a runner.”

“I can’t deny any of that, but I bet it was the best shag you’ve had in months.  They don’t call me ‘Tripod’ Keeton for nothing.”

“True, but they should also change your name to “The Flash” with the speed in which you left me that night.”

“Hey, hey” Jake responds, in a tone that is dripping in sarcasm.  “I had to get to the gym to work out for the Battle Royal in a few days time!”

“At 2am?”

“That’s not my fault.  Fred keeps weird times and he won’t let me use his bloody wrestling ring at normal hours.  Plus I’ve been banned from most of the gyms around here as well…”

“Did you use their facilities, not pay and do a runner, Jake?”  Jane says with a smile.

“Nah, I mostly just punched a few patrons and smashed a few other people in the face with a couple of weights.  I’m not myself during the day.”

“Clearly.  Now, you gonna order a drink?”

“Of course.  I’ll have another whiskey.  And hey, if you’re not doing anything this weekend, why don’t you come down and watch me in action?”

“Why the hell would I want to do that?  Jane replies as she takes Jake’s money, turns and walks away to the bar.

“Because” Jake says under his breath “you’re about to witness the redemption of Jake Keeton.”
Diantha Moreau
Re: OWA Promos!
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Claiming of a Birthright

For years and years, people ignored you. For the better part of a year, the wrestling world ignored your skill and talent. Some would pretend to love you and cultivate your talent for their own twisted ends. I will do no such thing. When you fought Azumi, I saw every bit of your skill and every bit of your determination. Your spirit never gave way...only your body.

Even though Azumi still holds the title in her soiled hands and your most hated enemy holds the coveted spot of top contender, you have an even greater opportunity ahead, I’m sure of it. When the time comes, you will crush them both. What the wrestling world has seen so far my friend is only the foundation. The time to claim what you so richly deserve is coming.

[Diantha is sitting alone in the locker room, just moments after her defeat at the hands of Azumi Goto at Pluto’s Gate. She has not said a word to anyone, including Erica. Everything is silent around her in the room, so quiet in fact she can hear Azumi thank the fans as they prepare to leave. She can hear the music playing. All she can do is stare blankly off into space, exhausted and stunned by what happened.]

Erica: Your knee gave out. Everything was going how we had planned.

[Erica is out of the facepaint and gothic dress that she had worn earlier, now just in a green shirt and jeans. Diantha is still too stunned to speak even as her mentor takes a seat next to her.]

Erica: In a way, watching you fight….I was able to live through you. Did you know that in my entire career I never had a singles match for a championship? When you fought the way you fought tonight, it inspires me to not give up on my dream to return to the ring. Even if it's nearly impossible, even for the slightest have a moment like you had tonight would make it worth it.

[Diantha remains silent, but she’s not without emotion. Her breathing has picked up considerably her eyes have an indescribable rage in them, almost to the point of tears.]

Erica: You win, you lose. Hell sometimes you even draw. That’s a wrestler’s life. You chose it. You have two options: Let this loss eat away at you and keep you from reaching the heights that we both know that you can reach. Or you take this loss, learn from it, and use all of the resentment and frustration that is building up for something purposeful. You chose the latter when you lost to Azumi once before. Do it again.

[Diantha nods her head before getting up from the bench, albeit with a slight limp, to get showered and dressed. No press come to see her afterwards. No fans come looking for her autograph.]

At Pluto’s Gate, I was just one injured knee tweaking for a moment away from dropping Azumi Goto onto her head and claiming the Women’s World Championship. How many of you out there know what it is like to reach for something that you’ve been working for your entire life to fail in the end? It’s not a pleasant experience. And it’s an experience that I don’t ever plan on going through ever again. When the time comes, I’m going to get my revenge on Goto, not just for myself but for my mentor Erica. It’s Goto’s fault that she’s turned to the dark side. It’s Goto’s fault that she can’t wrestle anymore. It’s Goto’s fault that she will never get her proper due as an athlete. That injustice will be undone one day….

For now though, I have another proposition to deal with altogether. The Ascension to the Heavens ladder match. I don’t care about any of the people involved, but they all seem to care a lot about me. Christopher Sabretooth is among them. Before I was put in this match, I barely had an idea of who the man was. I don’t know about his history and I don’t really care about the past that he had with my brother. He insults me by saying that he will knock me back to Odyssey. Fine. You may knock me back there, but I’m going to make sure you pick up plenty of bumps and bruises along the way. I am not a Rosso...not yet. Maybe you don’t know this, but I’m estranged from most of my family because of this choice I made to be involved in wrestling. My WHOLE FAMILY turned their back to me because they thought I would disgrace the family business...while my joke of a big brother ran around getting drunk and high, cavorted with whores, FAILED IN MATCHES LIKE THIS ONE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN….but still no reprimand. He was the “Child of God” to them, the Golden Goose that would make money and keep the family legacy going. I was told I would be better suited to marry a wrestler than actually become one…

Day by day, I have proven them wrong. I starved, I struggled, but in less than a year’s time I worked myself from not even being booked on television into being one of the most feared and respected women in not just OWA, but the entire world. I don’t have my brother’s natural ability. I don’t have your accolades, Christopher, I don’t have anything but these two fists, these two feet, and the wisdom of one of the most innovative minds in the history of the sport to guide me. You may send me back to Odyssey, but if you’re not careful I may send you to hell first. You don’t know anything about me to attempt to speak for me, so just keep quiet., you’re Bane now. You’re dark and evil and have lots of personalities guiding you now, right? To me that’s rubbish. I don’t care how many personalities you have, what demons you have inside of you, nothing that you can say or do can frighten me. I have seen the absolute worst that the professional wrestling world has to offer. And even though The Wolvesden treated me wrongly, even though to my dying day I will HATE Natalie Cage….training with her prepared me for moments like this. Ladders? Multiple opponents? Dangerous working environment? It’s all par for the course when you have gone through what I have to just get to this point. Like I told you during our little chit chat a few weeks ago, I will be the representative of our brand to pull this off...because I’m the only one capable of doing so.

Gareth, the man who is Legit Dangerous. A very hard man. A very dangerous man. A man I don’t care about. I mean, he is a very threatening force to deal with in this contest. Admittedly, when I first arrived here, the prospect of facing any man let alone one of his notorious distinction would have frightened me. The timid little kitten would have run and hid. The old Diantha would have been scared of you. The woman that you see standing here now is not afraid. I will not run from you. You are good, perhaps one of the all-time greats in the making. But I don’t have to actually beat you in this match, do I? I don’t have to pin you, I don’t have to make you submit. All I have to do is wait for the perfect opportunity to take anyone and everyone out in order to climb and take a hold of what I desperately want. You’re a former Television Champion and all...but if the quality of the Champion holding it NOW is any indication, maybe you shouldn’t be as feared as I once thought you should have.

Who were the others? Who were the others…...Oh, Nathan Fiora. The guitar man. He didn’t say anything about me. Does he know about me? Does he know who I am? Doesn't’ really matter. He’s just as washed up and pathetic as my brother is and seeing someone with his grotesque, chemically enhanced appearance makes me want to vomit. I see nothing to be gained with his presence here. In our own ways, the people that are involved in this have proved something, have been consistent members of the roster since we arrived...except for him. He is making albums while we have all made war. I won’t lose to someone like him.

There is one other, isn’t there? Moongoose, wasn’t it? You have been a long-standing thorn in my brother’s side, haven't you? You’ve won some against him, he has beaten you. And I don’t give a shit about any of it. I was even called a thot, by you I understand. I hate to reject the advances of your flunkie, but my love belongs to the wrestling ring. I am married to this sport, and the battle scars that I have accrued are my wedding rings. The training that I go through every day just to stand in an OWA ring are my wedding vows. The blood spilt in victory is such a rush, it’s like going on a honeymoon endlessly. I don’t care about you either, but just as you stood in my brother’s way, you now stand in mine. Very soon, the time for name calling and childish antics will be over. And you will have to stand face to face with the Lioness. You may be much bigger than me, but you definitely don’t have as much heart as me.

All of these wrestlers, all of these people...they all bore me. This match bores me, but there are two things that keep me focused, that keep me driving towards the goal. First….my big brother always failed in big “ladder matches” like this, didn’t he? Three times he was in a match very similar to this one years ago….THREE TIMES HE FAILED. The Golden Child failed. He mocks me from afar, saying that I didn’t deserve to be nominated for Match of the year. He completely degrades my intellect when he has shown the mental capacity of a 90 year old with dementia time and time again. He likes to brag about all these big matches but I know a secret….

Did you all know that Carlos Rosso CRIED after he lost out on a match similar to this to Jamie O’Hara? The mighty Carlos Rosso wept in the locker room like a heartbroken child because he was too stupid to reach up and grab a briefcase.

One reason that I want this so badly is to have something I can wave around in his face for all of time: while he struggled for years and years to make his happy ending….all I have to do is take a briefcase and call my own shot. Hell, you could argue that I’ve already done more with my time than he has in his. He never had a singles match for a world title in that other place he came from. I’ve already had one of the greatest OWA matches of all time.

Surpassing my brother and further humiliating him is one reason….everyone should already know the other. I won’t belabor you all with explanation as to what is inside that briefcase that we all will be fighting over, but everyone knows that Azumi Goto won’t be champion for much longer, especially if I claim that briefcase. She may not beat Natalie, but even if she does...her days will be marked. Honestly, I’m not sure who I want to be holding the title more. Satisfying Erica’s blood vengeance would be amazingly gratifying….but could you imagine the look on Natalie’s face if I was to march down to the ring with a golden ticket in hand, her completely vulnerable and unprepared? Can you imagine the scenes of the confetti falling down on me in the ring, triumphant as the new OWA Women’s Champion of the World...while the woman you all love because she calls herself the Alpha Male has to watch?

I want to live in that world.

Then...and only then, I will have the one thing back in my life that I gave up to be in this sport worthwhile to me. You see, my name….It means more to me than time on the road, wins, losses, injuries, money, sex, food….it means EVERYTHING to me. But do you all know that I can’t go by my real name because of legal “issues” that my own family raised? I WAS TOLD THAT I WAS UNFIT TO CARRY THE ROSSO FAMILY NAME! I HAD TO WRESTLE UNDER ANOTHER NAME! Yeah...the thought makes my blood boil. But once this nonsense match is finished and I’ve claimed my rightful place as top contender and successfully cash in and take the World title….I will have my name back. I will have my rightful birthright back. I will have my honor back.
We all are in this match for the same reason...yet different reasons. We all see the opportunity. I’m going to be the one to have it. I have put in the work, not sitting around making fun of someone’s looks or producing horrible music or being GIVEN opportunity after opportunity after opportunity by management that loves to kiss your ass. Everything that I have as a wrestler is because of my own iron will. I have shown how willing I am to put myself to the hazard. I fought the Alpha Male to a near-stalemate. I all but defeated the Women’s World Champion….I LASTED A FUCKING HOUR IN THE MOST GRUELING MATCH TYPE WRESTLING HAS TO OFFER. And just like then, I will outlast all of you. I will outsmart all of you, and I will BEAT all of you.

I am the one who deserves the adoration of the fans, the respect of my peers, and the love my family. Not any of you. And if any of you dare to stand in my way...I will crush you. The Reign of the Iron Lioness is an inevitability.

An inevitability that none of you five can stop. All you can do is move...or be moved.
Wild Boys
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Wild Boys Omega!
Episode 6: The One True Pairing

State Farm Stadium.
Glendale, Arizona.

(Billy and Jimmy Wild are laying down in the middle of a ring - the same ring where they will be fighting to retain their OWA Openweight Tag Team Championship. These very belts are draped over the brothers as their eyes are focused upward, wondering what’s next for them. Noticing a live camera pointed in their direction, both brothers sit-up and gesture for it to zoom in on them.)

Billy Wild: Welcome to the dance ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the greatest show on Earth. The final battle approaches and your sibling protagonists are gearing up for the fight of their lives! In one corner you have those pair of incels - Donny Dragon and James Anderson. In the other you have the spawn of Barbie - Sweet Roxy and DiVa - affectionately known as the Dollhouse. For weeks these two teams have been chasing my brother and I, trying to steal what we’ve worked so hard to keep. They tried anything and everything to claim our birthright! But what those four dolts don’t understand that this is our show! Our anime! Our season finale! We’re the star attraction, the focus of this show. We have a near perfect record in OWA! My brother and I are undefeated in singles competition! In fact Jimmy defeated the cruiserweight champion on his own! We are no longer the mere boys that everyone thinks we are. The Wild Boys are bonafide champions! Pillars of the tag team community! These pair of belts are the biggest prize in two-on-two wrestling! Why? Because we made it that way! Jimmy and I have shown the world what a pair of rugrats like ourselves can do when the chips are down! We have demonstrated how dangerous we are, how far we’re willing to go to put the world on notice! The Dollhouse sit there, lost in their own head! They see and hear nothing but the B.S. they make up because they can’t deal with the reality that Jimmy and I are the most dominant pair. In fact you could say we are…

Jimmy Wild: The One True Pairing

Billy Wild: Before any of you start vomiting, we don’t mean it in that way. I love my brother, but that doesn’t mean I ‘love’ my brother.

Jimmy Wild: No brother lovers over here! A man can love another man if he damn so wishes, as long as they don’t have the same momma and/or poppa.

Billy Wild: Wisely stated my brilliant bro. Jimmy and I are the perfect tag team - not a couple of hipster looking cultist freaks thrown together like Ground Zero. We were born to fight as the perfect unite, we were meant to overcome anything that comes our way as a cohesive unit. The road wasn’t always kind to us. We slept in cars, other people’s apartments, sometimes in YMCAs. Once we got to Japan, we made some cash here and there. We bought a little house back out in Rancho Cucamonga and we make enough to help day with supplies for his business.

Jimmy Wild: We trained with the best of them - particularly Tarah Nova and Stephanie Matsuda. We’re well versed in Lucharesu, innovated by the Mexican-Japanese Sanada family. We’re a world-class act.

Billy Wild: World class!

Jimmy Wild: In fact you could se we’re...elite. 

(Billy and Jimmy wink at the camera.)

Jimmy Wild: Like my brother said, it wasn’t easy for us. We had matches nearly every day when we were in Mexico. We got our heads busted open in England. We got lost in South Africa, fed to India’s largest giant in Delhi, barely walked out with our lives in Australia -

Billy Wild: Brisbane ain’t no joke!

Jimmy Wild: We’ve been through every kind of strive imaginable and yet here we are, princes of our universe! Born to be kings! Fighting for survival! Rules of the OWA tag division! People think we’re pushovers, that somehow we got lucky obtaining these belts. We beat Bull Connors and Tarah freaking Nova! We beat our senpai to get these things! So here we sit - my brother and I - wondering what do the two of you have to bring to the table? What do the two of you have that we don’t? Because from where we’re sitting we don’t see anything that has us worried. For Billy and I it’ll be like business as usual. And to be honest? Business is booming!

Billy Wild: Booming!

Jimmy Wild: Once we defend these titles are Final Destination, we walk into the next story arc with all of the momentum in the world.

Billy Wild: Speaking of momentum, it’s time the Wild Boys star blasting off again. We have a big day this weekend my brother. Remember who’s coming to town.

Jimmy Wild: Oh yeah! Don’t we have to meet them at the hotel!?

Billy Wild: Yeah, bro! Forget about these fools for for now.

(The Wild Boys stand up)

Jimmy Wild: You’re right. If we wanted to fight jokers…

(Billy and Jimmy grin at the camera)

Wild Boys: We would be playing Smash.
Hans Olsen
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It really all starts to feel like a formula. 

First they acknowledge my reputation, then they discard it. Next they exalt their own abilities, even to the point of embellishment.

That just how it seems to unfold for me, Reginald Dampshaw III.

At first you said that you need another technical wrestler like me in your ideal version of OWA and I'm glad you still think that way but now you called me as a broken down Olympian. Please Dampshaw, make up your mind about me personally. You're a great athlete and I do acknowledge the fact that you were the better man that night when we faced off one on one in the ring. The only other time when we met was in The Keys To The Kingdom match which neither of us won that match. And finally we're going to meet again in this Battle Royal match. You right, I do want to avenge my loss that day in this match. I don't need to hold such a grudge because it's a waste of time and not worth of my energy. There's no room for hatred if we want to evolve ourself as not only a human decent being but also as a better wrestler. For example, look what happened to Moongoose McQueen at this very stage. He's a gifted athelete and a seasoned veteran. He has won countless accolades but he hasn't won anything yet in this company. Why? It's because he has turned into a crazy lunatic individual. He lets all the angers to consume him. Not to mentioned, I beat him fair and square as well once. Now Dampshaw, I don't need you to respect me because respect is not given and it is earned. It's fair that you don't respect me yet because I failed to beat you once. I'm going to get your respect at Final Destinations by winning this Battle Royal Match.

As for the rest who has been quiet ever since, then it's good for you guys. You all have to be focused for this match and train as hard as possible just like I do. I know this match means a lot to you all but it means a lot more to me as I'm trying to repeat my Amateur Wrestling story by winning this Battle Royal match.

Oh It's True! It's damn true!
Christopher Sabertooth
Re: OWA Promos!
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The scene begins in a dimly lit room as a silhouette can be seen around a table in the distance. As the camera moves forward, that man is revealed to be Chris as he is seen shuffling around a deck of cards but with nobody around, it seems like an odd thing to do. He deals six hands, including one for himself and places the rest of the deck at the center of the table.

“All the cards have been dealt and slowly the truth will be revealed. The game has now begun and it is clear to see that people are already making moves. So what will it be for Christopher Sabertooth. Will I fold, succumbing to the pressure and all the mind games being played upon by my competitors. Will I succumb to the pressure of living up to my own hype? Or will the string of losses that bothered me so much throw me off my game?” Said Chris as he sneakily peaks the cards he dealt for himself. Without giving away what he has he continues.

“I RAISE the stakes to the next level hoping my opponent call me on it. Is it all a bluff? Is my newfound confidence just a facade that I have put over to startle my opponents? Or is it just a way to fool myself to believe that I am ready? That only time will tell. Final Destination is worth the gamble that I am about to take and I am not afraid to let it be known to my opponents. The past few months, I have not been easy on myself. It’s not just about losing because you can never win it all. That’s how it goes in this business. My match with Jacob Senn was different and it affected me solely because of the prize at hand. Coming so close to realizing my dreams and yet be so far away was not something that was easy to digest at that point. But after my conversation with Rocky and with a bit of retrospect, I came to the realization that I was not being self. So, all of this…. This is to remind everybody who I am. This is to let them know that I am still the ‘future’ of this company and behind this broken mess, as I am sure my opponents will bring that up, is still a man who can out-wrestle ANYBODY in the ring. So, what will my opponents do? Will they match my bet or will they raise it further? The ball is in their court.” Said Chris. He takes three cards out of the deck and puts them face up on the table. King of Diamonds, Ace of Spades, 10 of Hearts.

“Mongoose McQueen. He played the first hand quite well and his response was even better. I won’t lie, a lot of things he said did make sense to me. He brought up the fact that I cannot claim to have the best rookie year when he won his first world title within the first year of a previous company. But the thing is Goose, where is that company now? And how many world championships have you won ever since? If we have to bring past accomplishments from other companies, then my resume isn’t short of championship victories either. What have you accomplished in your time in the OWA? Sure, you haven’t been here for long, but if you are as good as you say you are, then what has been stopping you from being a champion right now? Before you say you never got any opportunities to win these titles, might I add that opportunities are not handed. They are earned. I earned my way into the Omega Heavyweight Championship spot and regardless of the result, I made people believe in Christopher Sabertooth. It wasn’t too far of to imagine myself as the Omega Heavyweight Champion in the future  and I still haven’t given up on it. Mongoose also brought up O’Shea which I am not surprised about. That’s like Mind Games 101. I won’t lie, it used to bother me before…. But what Mongoose said pissed me off. He disrespected O’Shea and that’s a line that should not be crossed. Even though I know why you said it and the purpose has been achieved ” Said Chris as he looks at the cards kept beside him.

“But once again… I don’t blame you. You probably think that I am at a vulnerable place right now and you can exploit this and take me out of the equation completely. But I am not going to let you have the satisfaction of pissing me off. The only difference between Havoc and good ol’ Christopher Sabertooth is in their ideals. Havoc lacks a moral code but trust me, Goose… I don’t need to be Havoc to kick your ass. Your plan of getting on my nerves has backfired, because I am more than motivated to kick your head, right off your shoulders. There are some things you should not talk about and you broke down all those fucking barriers long ago. Mongoose McQueen… I don’t care who you are and what you have achieved so far. I cannot guarantee a victory at Final Destination because of all the different competitors involved, but I fucking promise you that Final Destination will be like a nightmare you won’t want to remember. You have played your cards and have RAISED the stakes even higher. But I call your bluff, Mongoose. You are nothing but a has-been who is desperately trying to climb back up to relevance. You are still a nobody here in the OWA and that isn’t going to change at Final Destination!” Exclaimed Chris as he looks at the adjacent pair of cards.

“Gareth Cason. What a year this man has had! Nobody expected Cason to spring right back up after losing his TV Championship to me at Civil War. But he only got better. Victory after victory, even getting to the final two at Clash of the Titans. Cason has been a force to reckon with… Unless, you happen to be me. While Cason certainly has been impressive over his time in OWA. He has beaten some of the greats this company has to offer. But I hold something over him that he cannot claim. I have pinned Gareth Cason for the three count but he cannot say the same for me. Sure, you can bring up the tag team match up from weeks ago. But Cason, you did not pick up the win for your team. It was Bull Connors. Not only did Connors win the match for you, he did so by pinning Monolith. Not me… And since you’re a sucker for win/loss records, I am sure that really bothers you. You can call my win over you a fluke all you want. A lot others tried to do the same, but you gave them no room for errors. I know, when I beat you, I did tell everybody that I was going to elevate the TV Championship to the next level. Well…. That didn’t exactly pan out the way I had planned. But that doesn’t discredit my achievements, the same way it doesn’t discredit Miltiades for losing it in his second defense. As much as I hate to say it, I know you are the real deal, Gareth. You hit harder than anybody I have ever been in the ring with and with your talent and striking prowess, I automatically push myself above my limits so that I can keep up with you with my wrestling. You bring the best out of me, and you’re right when you say our war isn’t over. This is yet another chapter in our journey to the top of this business and I will prevail yet again, Cason.” Said Chris as he sneaks a look at his cards once again.

“Mongoose raised the stakes and I know you will CALL it. Gareth Cason doesn’t often fail but when he does, he knows what to do to fix it. And that I can respect. And I won’t lie, I will take some inspiration out of that because I know that there’s no point in lamenting about our losses. You lost some and I did too. But Final Destination gives me the chance to right that wrong. I know the cards that I have been dealt and I know what I need to do to walk away with a chance of a lifetime.” Said Chris as he moves over to the next hand in play.

“Nathan Fiora… The SoundCloud Savior! I have to say, I have heard some of your songs and they’re not half bad. Okay, I am lying. They’re terrible but that explains why you’re back to wrestling. As much as it writes itself, I will try not to make fun of your failed music career. But wrestling… That’s a different story altogether. You never lost your passion for this business and I can understand why. Honestly, we are in the same boat. When I had to quit wrestling three years ago, I had no idea if I’d ever come back. Despite it being my only passion in life, I had second thoughts about returning due to the issues surrounding my last run in this business. Nevertheless, I fought my battles… And I won. And when I did, the only thing I could think of was to come back and do what I love to do. But the pressing issue which I made into my goal was to become the TOP Champion in this business. Now, I have had a fair bit of success in OWA and even WWH. But I never felt like I was the TOP Champion and that’s what made me fight all those battles. I pushed myself beyond my limits only so I could come back and fill that gap in my resume. And from what I have seen, that’s exactly why you showed up at Clash of the Titans. That was an important night for the both of us. Your big return and my potential rise to the top of the mountain. Although the night didn’t go as planned, but fate had something else for us. The six of us, with similar dreams, the same passion, all stepping up to the spotlight with a chance to change our careers.” Said Chris as he takes two cards out from the deck and places them. He turns both cards over revealing the King of Hearts and Ace of Hearts. He has another look

“I called you the wildcard last time, because I didn’t know what to expect from you. Having been gone this long, I am sure it’s not that easy to come right back to the place where you left. You don’t see the fire in my eyes, eh? I FUCKING NEED THIS. I want you to underestimate me.. I want you to believe that I am not the Sabertooth who kicked every single door down in his path to reach where he is at. But this isn’t it chief. The fire was always there. I just needed more fuel, that’s all. And these past few months has given me enough fuel to last a lifetime. But you… You have done nothing since stepping foot in OWA. So, I expect that you will be doing a lot more to prove that you deserve this opportunity. But don’t think for a second that you will be walking out of Final Destination with that briefcase. You can play your hand if you want but it won’t be good enough.” Said Chris as he looks penultimate hand in play.

“Diantha Moreau… What do I have to say about a Rosso that isn’t already known to everybody. Carlos, although past his prime, is still one of the biggest names in this business. And of course Diantha has every potential in the world to even surpass her brother. But that’s few years down the line. As for now, Diantha hasn’t really found her stride yet. She had a great showing at Clash of the Titans, but she did not win. If she is anything like Carlos, she’ll be a tough cookie to crack. Having faced and beaten Carlos Rosso before, I think I can honestly say that I am going to kick Diantha’s ass back to Odyssey. I am sure she will be a champion some day. I mean, she has to since that seems to be the Rosso family tradition. I am not taking the Iron Lioness lightly. I know what kind of games she likes to play and I bet that she will try to play her hand very carefully. She did incredibly well against the OWA Women’s Champion, Azumi Goto. So, I know that she is capable. But she hasn’t reached her true potential yet. But I know, she’ll try.  I mean, I can put money on the fact that she will bring up my dead friend, or by deadbeat father, or the losses from the past few months to get into my head. Whether that works or not, is something we will find out at Final Destination.” Said Chris as he reached the final hand in play. This one puts a smile on his face.

“Persephone Bane. Honestly, it’s like staring in the mirror. From the inception of Persephone to her mannerisms. Everything that she does reminds me of Havoc. The ever-happy Savannah Sunshine is no more And out from the ashes, crawled this dark, brooding figure. The only difference between Havoc and Persephone is that despite my losses and failures prior to Havoc, I still had more brand recognition than Savannah ever did. But enough about Savannah Sunshine… We are not dealing with her anymore. I understand Persephone Bane more than most people would. I have been in the exact same position and it isn’t easy. Persephone is in a lot of pain but that’s not something your body is ready to accept when you’re going through this. Your mind plays games with you, making you believe that this is the right thing to do. But from my personal experience, this… Whatever it is, only makes it worse. Somebody as unhinged as Persephone can be a game-changer in matches like these. Everybody else is an easy read, but I cannot get anything from her. What will be her next move? Does she even care about winning or losing? All these questions will be answered, and frankly, I am excited to come face to face with the Demon. Persephone Bane has peaked my interest more than anybody else and I certainly hope that she lives up to the hype. I welcome Persephone Bane with open arms to do her absolute worst, because I am ready.” Said Chris as he looks around to all the hands dealt.

“So, the final bets commence. All the hands have been dealt and everybody has a game-plan. Final Destination means a lot to me. It’s not because of the magnitude of the show. Or because of the 80,000+ fans that’d be joining us on that day. Final Destination is a culmination of over a year of Omega Wrestling Alliance. It is culmination of my journey here in OWA and I am thankful for the cards I have been dealt. But this is the time to take risks. Everything is at stake. Which is why, I GO ALL IN. And if the others can’t keep up, they better fold because I am not going to Final Destination to ‘almost win it’. I am in it for the endgame. There’s a reason why I called it my last shot for a good while, because I feel like if I can’t win this now, then I will have start all over. Because I cannot waste opportunity after opportunity and be happy with being second place. EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE HAS LEAD TO THIS MOMENT. I DON’T WANT TO WIN… I NEED IT! AND I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR IT! ANYTHING! AND WHEN I DO, I WILL PROVE IT TO EVERYBODY, AND ABOVE ALL TO MYSELF, THAT I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. I AM LAST REAL WRESTLER ALIVE AND THAT’S NOT A STATEMENT… THAT’S YOUR REALITY!” Exclaimed Chris as he turned everybody’s hands over. Gareth has a flush draw while Mongoose has a Full House. Every pair could be the winning hand on any other day, but Sabertooth finally turns over his cards to reveal the Ace of Diamonds and Ace of Clubs, securing the Four of a Kind and the win. The camera pans down to all the cards on the table as Sabertooth gets up and leaves the frame as it slowly fades to black.


“It’s getting closer and closer every moment. I know you can feel it. Embrace it and be the God that you are destined to be.”

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Nobi x Hans Olsen
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Wow, wow, wow, Ronnie Osbourne, cool down your jets honey. Why are you so angry to me? It's a fact that I'm beautiful. That's why every men want to be with me and every women want to be like me. Did you just ask me Kimi whoever her name is my Big Sister? Pffttt, if Kimi and I have some parrarrels then it must be because she's just a knock-off version of me. She must be ugly and so are you, Ronnie. Not only am I more beautiful than you are but also I'm more talented than you. I'll prove it to you when I'll throw you out of the ring. Do you really want to get compared with a cartoon character so bad? Well then you are Robin to my Batman. You need someone else to get you some attentions. You have to be with me because I'm just a charismatic and talented individuals. You need me to have these people give you some attentions. Don't worry, I'm a good girl, Ronnie sweetheart, I'm willing to let you to spend some moments with me in that very ring before I kick your ass.

As for others who have been sooooooo quiet then I thought so. Just keep being quiet because you all going to see what I'm gonna do to Ronnie Osbourne personally. Let a Real Woman does her job.
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You simple people bore me. You really do. You bore me but overall, you deeply, deeply disappoint me. You truly don't grasp what's soon to come, do you? We are on the precipice of something world changing. New languages will be spoken. New songs will be sung. And what do you all do? Resort to playground name calling and pedantic, low brow humour. I expected nothing less, but hoped for me. I hoped my words would make people understand the New Dawn. But no. Simple minds breed simple insults. I'm disappointed but it's to be expected. I suppose people fear what they cannot understand. Your minds are so small but they can be moulded. The purification will commence Saturday night and, while I would have liked to have consenting, willing soldiers, but if I have indoctrinate by force, then so be it.

Hans, I'm glad you respect me, though I don't need the respect of a broken down, former Olympian. You and I are cut from the same cloth, yes, but our technical abilities in the ring are where those similiarites end. You can relive the great athletic match we had all you want because I'm sure being in the ring with such an athlete of my caliber made you feel like you were back in the Olympics when you were in your prime, but, and you said it yourself, you lost. You lost and you've been trying to avenge that loss ever since. You say you don't hold a grudge against me and thats precisely the problem. For all intents and purposes, we should get on smashingly but you are far too humble. There is no room for humility in my new society. We must be vigilante. We must know how important our work is. But you will. Even if it takes extra time, you WILL be purified.

Now there's this new man on the scene named Jake Keeton. I use the term "new" loosely as he looks 50 and wrestles like a crippled 60 year old. I have no patience for a stumbling, pilled up drunkard like you. I was told that your loving wife tragically lost her life in a car accident. Truly a horrible loss. But fear not Jake. In my New Dawn, you'll be able to see your wife again...if I allow it. You see, your little stunt with those blow up dolls was disgusting. If that's the kind of man you are, then perhaps..and understand I am merely stating a theory..your wife drove herself into another car to get away from you. But again, if you just accept the purification maybe once you're ready you can see her again.

Now Udy. I am still willing to give you a chance. Regardless of your continuous reliance of being the most annoying, unbearable little twerp, I will be a just and reasonable leader. Why do you resist? What do you fear? Are you afraid your identity will be erased? That your independence will be taken over for obedience? Yes, you will be made to fall in line under my authority, but it is for the greater good. You may become just another soldier, but you will be freed with the thought of the amazing work you will be doing. But in the end, you don't have a choice. I hoped you'd come along without a problem but if I have to eliminate everyone else first just to save you for last, so be it. I'll enjoy myself.

For the other men who have kept silent, I applaud you. Your silence speaks volume. To me, your silence tells me you are quietly accepting your fates. We need warriors and brigadiers, but we also need loyal soldiers to keep the home front safe. Diakos, Rattler, Staley, Laurent and Sauer, you will be the unsung heroes of the New Dawn. The time is coming soon. The past, present and future melting together into one single living, breathing entity. And me at the forefront. The pieces are falling together. Cracked no more. I am Reginald Dampshaw III...BEHOLD THE TIME LIZARD!
Kevin Maverick
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OWA Promos! - Page 13 002_83A3256--5cf1746f22d261084e5143cb90122dea
Kevin Maverick at the OWA Performance Center

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. The greatest trick Allesandro Devione has ever pulled was convincing the world that he’s a credible cruiserweight champion. A champion whose only notable wins was against Nolan Eliwood and yours truly. A champion who was beaten by a Wild Boy on a random Thursday night! This man - excuse me, I meant this savior of the masses thinks that he is the one guide this promotion into a new age! This “messiah” thinks that he deserves to look down upon those he deems unworthy and feels he’s allowed to treat people however he wants! Is this your king ladies and gentlemen!? This this your messiah!? Is this your GOD!?

No, he isn’t.

Let me tell you about the man they call Allesandro. A man who bobs and weaves from challengers backstage, something I’m sure he learned from his daddy. This is a man who fought well and may have gotten lucky against me in our first match and instantly he’s some kind of legendary superstar! Crazy, right? He goes around, yelling about how important he is and how much prestige he brings to that OWA Cruiserweight Championship, but yet when offered to put the pride of his belt and our division on line against Spartan Champion Layne Kurobane, he backs off. You know who took up that mantle? I did. Who wasn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with greats such as Keelan Callihan and Aria Jaxon? The Greatest Showman himself. And on the fateful day the OWA World Champion was pinned by a mere commoner, who was the mere peasant that did the deed? Who was that foolish mongrel, that pitiful dog who took down one of the most dangerous men in this sport!?

Kevin. Freaking. Maverick.

There are no gods in OWA, ladies in gentlemen. Just extremely capable men and women who put their bodies on the line night in and night out. Do not believe false prophets like Devione! He aims to cover the truth of our reunion: I earned my way back to the top. Through trial and tribulation, through victory and defeat I crawled my way to the grandest stage of them all in order to avenge my loss to a man who doesn’t deserve to be champion. The cruiserweight division needs a fighting champion. The division needs someone who lives and breathes the style, someone who knows what it’s like to express what it means to be a cruiserweight. Devione claims he’s taken this growing division to the next level. Just because you say something doesn’t mean that it’s true. Just because you think you’re special doesn’t mean that you are. The thing that connects me to the crowd is hard work. Every day these people go out and bust their collective asses - be it at work or school. Countless hours that turn into days and when check day comes they spend it on seeing people like us. The people make us into who we are, something that people like Allesandro doesn’t get. Everyone wants to tell the common man how to think, how to be, etc. They don’t realize that we were once “common folk”. And there’s nothing wrong with being “common” - in fact there’s no such thing in my opinion. Everyone is special in their own way. We all have dreams, wants, and desires. Pro wrestling is a platform where athletes can inspire the world. In that ring we tell a story about overcoming our demons. We show these people how to overcome adversity. We given them hope that if they can just keep on fighting that one day things will get better. Ever since I joined OWA I’ve visited children’s hospitals, shelters, and the like. I’ve been told by so many people how much my victory over Scott Oasis meant to them. These same people were the ones who encouraged me to confront you that night and demand a rematch. They’re the same people who will be watching and attending Final Destination to see me take what’s rightfully mine. I will usurp the crown from the prince of lies and I shall reign as the people’s cruiserweight champion. This weekend the pauper becomes the prince. You call me a dog, but I take that as a compliment. Dogs are fierce, loyal, and most of all they know how to survive. The canine species are natural hunters and carry themselves with honor and dignity. I rather be a dog than a false prophet any day of the week. It’s ironic considering that one of my trainers, Reznor Bogard is known as the “Lone Wolf”. So I guess you pegged me well Devione. But know and understand this: every dog has its day.

And come Final Destination, I will have mine.

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