(There is a quick burst of static before the following message appears on the screen in white gothic font)

The following message has been paid for by the Dominion

(Another quick burst of static causes the message to disappear as the logo of the Dominion appears on the screen before it fades to a view of both halves of the Mavericks Incorporated, the “Black Savior” Devon Slayton and the “Merchant of Mayhem” Ethan Stryfe, dressed in a pair of very fashionable black business suits with black dress shirts and blood red ties)

“It is official, the Dominion have found their places among those of Olympus and I must say that it feels good to be here because as everyone saw last night on the draft show that our great and bloody work is to finally begin here in OWA.” Devon says in a calm and collected tone, a slight smirk crossing his face for the briefest of moments. “The Doll House firm in their belief that they are queens of the ring while Billy and Jimmy Wild along with Keelan Callahan to form a triangle of terror after screwing over CM Nas.”

Devon stops talking, lets out a deep sigh before looking over at Ethan who gives a little shrug and motions for his partner to continue.

“Even with all of that last night, a question that was brought up was in such a chaotic writhing mass of mayhem, why weren’t myself and Ethan here in the midst of it all? Soaking in our beloved chaos and mayhem as we have been known to do without fail and the answer to that is simple, so simple that any child or currently elected United States president could see it.”

Devon actually allows himself a moment to smile as he says “We actually got paid *NOT* to get involved. When the Doll House hoisted their little pink titles into the air and thinking that they are the queens of our division..we, the Assassins of the Dominion, chose to honor the contract...when the Wild Boys came out and showed dishonor towards Nas and screwed him out of a hard fought victory, we chose to stay put and enjoy ourselves...all because someone in the Omega Wrestling Alliance knows how to work with us and one can appreciate that...but in two weeks, no matter of money will stop what is to come because at the Staples Center in the city of Lost Angels, Baron Samedi’s favorite tag team is going to make their debut for the Omega Wrestling Alliance against Dax Staley and Etienne Laurent. Needless to say that we are going into this match with absolutely no precepts of instant victory...because in our first outing for the OWA, where would the fun be in that?”

Ethan nods in agreement with his young partner, “That is true, Devon. Dax, you might be a former tag team champion somewhere else and we can respect you for that but to be honest where you held a title one time, you’re stepping into the ring with two men that have held gold everywhere we’ve been and that’s not bragging but the honest truth because for every single title that we’ve held, we’ve done so with the strength of our arms and that is something that you’re going to find yourself being introduced to very soon.”

“Now you, Mister Laurent. I can see that you love the high life. Eating in the finest restaurants, enjoying the finest wines from France, criticizing the great statues of da Vinci, listening to the best operatic music from Germany...but how are you as a wrestler, Mister Laurent? We in the Dominion enjoy the finer things in life too but then again we also enjoy the simple things as well such as you can find us enjoying enjoying a Wendy’s Baconiator rather than the special kind of hell one would get for eating fertilized duck eggs.”

“But in the end it doesn’t matter how much of the finer things in life you enjoy, Mister Etienne Laurent, because at Olympus you are into a very dark world in which two very hungry wolves are looking to make their first meal out of you and your partner.” Devon says as he points at the camera. “You see while the two of you have no doubt been here for a short while at least, we have been behaving ourselves, enjoying this brief rest period in our careers…but even we have our limits...”

"I'd say we were more than fair."

Devon nods in agreement with his partner, "Paragons of patience."

Ethan taps one single finger against his chin thoughtfully before regarding the other man. "Job-like in the suppression of our desires."

Devon couldn’t help but chuckle darkly at that comment. "But now"

Ethan cranks his neck as a series of popping noises can be heard as a dark smile splits his bearded face as he says "Now we indulge."

Devon nods once more, “Laurent, Staley. You are henceforth served notice by the Dominion as your time in the light draws closer and closer to it’s bitter end and we, as the Dominion’s assassins, are charged with doing what is needed to terminate the contract on both of your heads.”

“We could say that we don’t enjoy this kind of thing, the whole hurting people thing...but we’d be lying because we enjoy doing what we do in that ring very much, don’t we, Devon?” Ethan asks in a very pointed tone.

The “Black Savior” nods in agreement once again, “So, ladies and gentlemen...come to Olympus and watch the arrival of two titans and witness what makes them the future *ALPHAS* of the OWA tag team division.” Devon says with a firm nod of his head. “And Misters Laurent and Staley, we’ll see you in the city of Lost Angeles.”

(Ethan nods in agreement as he draws the thumb of his left hand across his throat slowly as the screen static jumps to the following message in white Gothic font)

The preceding message was paid for by the Dominion

(The message remains on the screen for a couple of seconds before it static jumps to black)