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 OWA UPDATE 4/20/18

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Posts : 144
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PostSubject: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:38 am

I'm sorry I have to say this, but recently the Council found out some disturbing information about Kingdom writer Scott Oasis.  Oasis had acquired some nude pictures of a woman called Britt, posting them on public forums without her consent.  When talking to Oasis, he owned up to his actions and tried to apologize.  Personally, I was absolutely disgusted when I found out about this grown man's actions.  OWA does NOT approve of this kind of behavior and we will not be allowing these sexual deviants in our community.  By unanimous decision from The Council, Scott Oasis will be fired immediately and we will be contacting the local authorities to take care of this.  Hopefully, he will end up behind bars with the Booty Warrior himself, FLEECE JOHNSON- alright, obviously this was a joke.  

In all seriousness, I'm here to tell you guys about some updates made on our main Wix website.  In order to protect those who are still in EAW, we have set the Kingdom, News Center and Roster pages to members only. In order to be a member, you will have to make a Wix account and wait for approval by us.  In order to make this process a lot faster, you can @ one of us on our Discord chat and we'll get to it right away.

We want to make this OWA experience the best for everyone here, so we are willing to go above and beyond for our members and their freedom to be in any community they desire.  If you have any comments/concerns, please contact me personally.  

Have a good night/morning/afternoon, Alphas and Goddesses!

1x Pokemon Champ (Beat Azumi)

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Keelan Callihan

Keelan Callihan

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Age : 21
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:41 am

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
CM Nas

CM Nas

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PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:44 am

You can have an alliance with weebs, but you can't post nude photos online? SMH.



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PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:45 am

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Clinton Stone

Clinton Stone

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PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:46 am

Oasis is some trash, always knew he was a thirsty fuck.

Britt got a FINE ass tho.
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Aria Jaxon

Aria Jaxon

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Age : 24
Location : Best Coast.

PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:51 am

I never liked that clown Oasis anyway, bye.

"It's not my fault, my responsibility, nor my burden that my existence causes you 
to feel insecure, inferior, intimidated, or threatened."
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Lieta Collins

Lieta Collins

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PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:53 am


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Candice Blair

Candice Blair

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Location : Tokyo ---> Philly

PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   4/21/2018, 1:28 pm

Told you all Oasis was basura.
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PostSubject: Re: OWA UPDATE 4/20/18   

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OWA UPDATE 4/20/18
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