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 Game Over second half + Commentary Woes

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Finnegan Wakefield

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PostSubject: Game Over second half + Commentary Woes   6/11/2018, 1:55 am

So, as a member of the council I feel it's best I make a thread for this topic. However, I want to make it crystal clear that I am not speaking on behalf of the other members, just speaking as someone who is helping to keep this fed running smoothly.

First and foremost, Game Overs second half will be live on Discord at 6pm EST tomorrow evening. The reason this second half is going live another day is due to the 2-hour delay for the show to go live. This delay was due to matches still being in the works and, in all honesty, we should have postponed the event for tomorrow as a whole. This is not entirely the writer's fault, as Nas himself admitted during the show, this was sloppily handled by the council with handing out matches pretty late and expecting them done in a short amount of time. This was an issue for Hardcore Havoc as well, where matches weren't finished BEFORE we went on air. Because this is the second time this has happened, we are going to make it a point that matches are handed out as soon as possible and finished before the day of the show. If not, the show will be delayed a day for the extra time but will hope it doesn't come to that. For Game Over, however, we kept the show going despite the delay due to promises that the matches would be finished before we needed them. This did include the tag team title match and the Television title match (which was supposed to go second on the show but turned into the third as it needed to be proofread). Because they were rushed they may not have gotten the ideal quality they should have received due to the writers being rushed. Again, we the council take responsibility for that and apologize to anyone unsatisfied with the quality of their match.

Due to the loss of those two hours though, we were also losing peoples undivided attention. Because the show was going later into the night, we were losing people to sleep or other interests and that meant fewer eyes on peoples work. For a big event like Game Over, I wasn't too fond of the idea that the last 3 matches were going to have 5 people watching and 3 of them reacting. After the number of active viewers and reactions went down for the fourth match, it was agreed that we postpone the second half until more people are available, so that the matches could get the proper audience it was intended for. This is not something we'd like to do again, and are hoping that from now on, we can get shows going and finished at a reasonable time while keeping a decent number of eyes on the product. This is only fair for the people who write the matches as well as the people in them.

That brings me to my job as the commentator. I don't do too much on the booking side when it comes to the council, I mostly keep track of the pic bases, the matches we've done and their results, the wikia pages and doing commentary for the live events. As far as I am aware, I am the only person that volunteers to do that job because it is tedious and time-consuming. It requires making sure that the show is going smoothly and with as little hiccups as possible. There is an occasional hiccup (i.e. losing my place in the doc) but other than that it tends to be a pretty easy gig. There are a few things that peeve me though and, absolutely airing my own grievances here, I feel like I should address some of the criticisms I receive while doing that job.

First being the length of the posts. Now, I can't really judge the real length of posts since I have to dual screen both the doc and the discord to do it (which for the last two shows have been from a laptop) but during todays show I have been told to crop the length of these posts and I have refused. The reason why is because I am 99% sure people involved in this, a writing-based hobby, can at the very least read at a 5th-grade level. Another reason being is that the show already tends to drag on for hours and by doing so, it speeds the process along without going too fast for people to read. It's to conserve time and, as mentioned above, keep an active attendance for as long as possible. I've been doing live commentary for shows for the last 8 months and have seen first hand how a slow, multi-hour event can lose audiences and I do this to prevent that from being the case.

The second is on the topic of shitposting during live events. To summarize what I mean, posting pictures and videos instead of reacting to the goings on of the show. This makes my job a lot harder when I have to work around people either intentionally or unintentionally taking attention away from the product to get their jokes in. I hate being the anti-fun police, but it had gotten to the point of being too much over the last two shows and now I am putting my foot down on the matter, and it started with todays show. This was agreed upon by the council after Hardcore Havoc but was never made a rule as we didn't want to be the anti-fun police, but now I am putting it into action. We don't mind posting memes or gifs in spaced out periods as long as they relate to the live shows, however, if it's just being done for the hell of it, the post will be deleted. If it happens to the point where it borderlines shitposting, you'll be kicked from the server and invited back once the show is over. The liveshow chat isn't for your shitpostings during a live show, feel free to do it in general as long as you're also not @ing everybody. This also goes for trying to intentionally annoy me during the show, to which case yes, I will happily use my server powers as I did today to kick someone out of the server until the show is over. The reason I am putting my foot down on this topic is due to how Hardcore Havoc was full of shitposting following the tag team match that took away from the main event due to the tag matches poor choice of placement on the card (which is in by no means a fault to the writer, it served its purpose as a fun match, but leaked in an unwanted reaction for the main event match itself). As the winner of that main event match, I was not happy that the match became more about the match before it and took away what should have been a feel-good moment when I became the OWA World Champion, instead it pissed me off to the point I left the call, rushed the rest of the match and left to vent. I do not wish for similar events to happen to others emotionally invested in their matches, and will be taking measures to ensure that it doesn't.

Again, none of this is meant to come across as having a stick up my ass or complaining, but it is meant to keep the live show experience as fun as possible without taking away from what it is meant to be about; the work put into it. If this doesn't make sense to you or you don't agree with what I have said, you're more than welcome to not attend live events. Otherwise, I hope this has educated people on process we are taking to ensure the liveshow experience gets better from here on out, and we'll be back with Game Over 6pm EST tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: Game Over second half + Commentary Woes   6/11/2018, 2:45 pm

Love you, Finny. I’m sorry. I promise to be better going forward.
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Game Over second half + Commentary Woes
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